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The third mountain.

Many full moons kept appearing in the mountain range.

From the starting point of the third mountain all the way to the middle, the full moon would appear nearer and nearer to the finishing point. It would gradually disappear when it passed the spot.


Was the time set by Lunar Shadow.

When the shadow of the last full moon appeared at the end of the third mountain, perhaps the assessment would end.

By then…

They should see who could master the full moon to the best of their abilities!

"I made it!"

Wu Hongfei was excited.


There was a Sword Aura coming from his hands.

The full moon appeared!

Although his full moon was very huge and it was not as exquisite nor powerful, at the very least the outline was there. He was considered as being successful!

Power: 10%.

As for the remaining 90%, he had to keep practicing.

"Since Lunar Shadow requires it to be a two-star…"

"Then I shall practice it with a two-star energy level."

Wu Hongfei was certain.

He looked at a spot not too far away, Gao Tianlang's full moon looked pretty impressive, its power was about 30%!

He was indeed Gao Tianlang…


He took a look at Zhao Yunshan and he felt more assured.

He was about the same as him. It seemed that the so-called "talents" had to keep practicing and to improve their abilities to be able to understand thoroughly.

Moments later.

Wang Xuan learned how to make the full moon as well.

After a long while, the remaining Swordsmen had learned how to make the full moon as well.



There were many full moons dancing in the sky at the third mountain.


While the Swordsmen were practicing, the people of the auxiliary vocations felt very bored. Since there were no rewards in this assessment, no one was willing to give it a try.

"Lu Ming, can you teach me the Invisible Restriction?"

The five-star Card Creator came up to him.

"I'm afraid I can't."

Lu Ming felt a little embarrassed.

He could not possibly tell him that he was lying to him.

He would definitely be beaten to death.

"I understand."

The five-star Card Creator knew that no one would teach others this kind of restriction. "Well, perhaps you can describe it to me, so that I will know what an Invisible Restriction is when I run across one in the future."


Lu Ming was silent. "An Invisible Restriction is a restriction that cannot be seen?"

The Card Creator was speechless.

I was the one who asked you!

Why did he sound so doubtful? If Lu Ming did not crack it right in front of him, he would have thought that Lu Ming was clueless!

Forget it.

He would not ask anymore.

It seemed that the restriction must be an ancient legacy, therefore one was not even allowed to describe it. It must be it, otherwise, he should have heard of it!

He turned away.

He looked at another person who was squatting by the side. He seemed to be the assistant to a four-star Swordsman. "Hey brother, why don't you seal the full moon?"

"It's useless."

The man smiled.

"But it's free."

The five-star Card Creator was shocked. Why would he shun free stuff?

"I'm not short of money."

The brother gave an honest smile.

The five-star Card Creator was speechless.

This man seemed to be very rich.

That was right.

After all, both of them were four-star and they had the means to join the legacy! It seemed that they must be like Lu Ming who was here to widen their horizons.

It turned out that he and Wu Hongfei were the poorest among them!

Nowadays, it was not easy if someone was not rich!

He looked toward the assessment site. The Swordsmen were still in the midst of practicing.

There were flying moons all over the mountain range.

Other than the full moon of the assessment itself, it was covered with the full moons that were released by the Swordsmen. All of them were crooked. It was funny to look at them.

"Tsk tsk."

"He is indeed the genius of The First Academy. Look, Gao Tianlang's full moon is big and round."

"Wu Hongfei's full moon can't make it. It is long and wide. It is lacking in the beauty and grandeur of the full moon. It is very ugly. People might think that he is selling noodles."

"Ah, Zhao Yunshan is similar."

"It is so embarrassing."

Niu Xinghai and the rest began to comment on the full moons.

They were indeed bored. They must have wished to have some melon seeds and nuts to snack on.

Lu Ming stood by the side, watching the fun.

He became bored after sealing a stack of Full Moon Cards.

This assessment really had nothing to do with him. No one would be willing to work without any reward. He intended to idle around with the few of them and to look forward to the benefits in the next round.

The Swordsmen felt exasperated.

Was there something wrong with them?

It was difficult to understand and comprehend the ability.


This was a competition!

This was the tough fight for the legacy!

They should be competitive!

They should not get along well with each other.

Wu Hongfei had an inexplicable look on his face. He did not provoke them, why did they say that he seemed like he was selling noodles? People who sold noodles would not be able to create a full moon like him.


Wu Hongfei looked around.

He spotted Lu Yan, the only Swordsman among the assistants.

There seemed to be a smile on her face.

Wu Hongfei suddenly had an idea. The Swordsmen were working hard. It was fine that other people were watching the fun by the side, but how could Lu Yan do that as well?


He had to make her join them.

Wu Hongfei wanted to know, between Lu Yan and Gao Tianlang, who was more gifted?

This was very interesting.


Wu Hongfei shouted. "Lu Yan, don't you want to try?"

"No need."

Lu Yan shook her head slightly.

"I know that you are not competing for the legacy."

Wu Hongfei laughed, provoking her. "But it is rare to have this chance. Don't you want to try? Haha, we would love to see the gifted talent of the top Devil King…"

"Is that so?"

There was a shadow of a smile on Lu Yan's face. "Should I give it a try?"


Wu Hongfei was elated.


Haha, I won't allow you to watch by the side!

He wondered how long she would take…


Lu Yan joined in.


A cold light flashed.

Her Sword Aura seemed like the full moon. The Sword Aura in her hands shot into the air and created five full moons, they intertwined with each other, turning into a perfect arc, crashing into the mountain peak.


There was a deafening sound.

The whole world was silent.

Even Gao Tianlang and the rest who were working hard stopped suddenly.

This was…

There was a look of shock on Lu Ming's face.

She was indeed his sister!

Those were the Olympic rings!


They were of different levels.

While they were still learning how to draw a circle, Lu Yan had already created the Olympic rings, interlocking with each other, sending shocks through them!

Weren't they afraid?

Wu Hongfei was dumbfounded.


Five rings…

He looked at his full moon and felt despondent.


He knew that Lu Yan was gifted, but he never expected that she would be so talented. They were of different levels!

Damn it!

He felt like slapping himself. Why did he shoot his mouth off?

The rest looked sullen..

Apart from Wu Hongfei, Gao Tianlang almost had a mental breakdown. All of them looked at Wu Hongfei in anger.


Why must he provoke her?

Was that fun?

Was he satisfied?

She was after all the Devil King of The First Academy! He must thank his lucky stars that she did not make trouble for him. Why did he provoke her?

He must be asking for trouble!

He should be cultivating swordsmanship. He should not be cheap and cause trouble for himself!


The world was quiet now.

The Swordsmen were practicing quietly.


There were obviously fewer dancing full moons in the sky. The Swordsmen only released their full moons in front of themselves, making it turn briefly before canceling it quickly.

They were worried that if they left them in the sky for too long and were seen by others…

It would be embarrassing.


Lu Yan thought about it.

She should try to salvage the situation.

"Don't underestimate yourself."

Lu Yan was frank. "I have already learned the way to control the aura, that's why I am skilled at it. This is the first time that you have tried this out, it is very good to be able to reach this level."


It was fine if she kept her silence. Now that she tried to reassure them, all of them turned sullen.



While they rejoiced over learning the way to control the aura, she had "already" mastered it? She must be very far ahead of them!

Although they knew that Lu Yan was trying to comfort them, they felt nothing but being hurt by her words!


Niu Xinghai burst into laughter.

He was gloating.

Served them right for being cocky!

He was in a merry mood at the sight of the expressions on the so-called talents' faces. Even Gao Xiaoqing could not help but laugh secretly. It had been a long time since her brother behaved in this manner.

He looked foolish.

"She is indeed my elder sister."

What else could Lu Ming say?

It seemed that his sister was really here just to accompany him!

Very soon…

The full moon had reached the finishing point.


Right then…

All the full moons disappeared instantly.

Was the time up?

Everyone grew solemn.

They walked to the finishing point of the third mountain. As expected, the familiar stele appeared at that location. It was just that there was no picture on it yet.

It was blank!

"Use the full moon… to attack the stele…"

"The person who makes the largest impact will rank first!"

Lunar Shadow's voice whispered in their ears.



Everyone finally understood.

"I will do it."

Gao Tianlang was the first to stand out from the crowd.


Moon-like Sword Aura.

The full moon made a perfect trajectory, smashing hard on the stele.


Gao Tianlang's Lunar Shadow picture flashed, data appeared on the back. Comprehension level: 110%!

Everyone was stunned.


Wait a minute…

Why would the power be higher than 100 percent?!

"I have made some modifications to the most ordinary operation method of the Sword Aura. I have increased my thoughts."

Gao Tianlang sounded indifferent.


Everyone was astonished.

It turned out that…

Apart from Lu Yan, Gao Tianlang was very gifted as well!

It was…


Zhao Yunshan and the rest went forward as well.

Zhao Yunshan, 90%.

Wu Hongfei, 80%.

Wang Xuan, 100%.

Everyone had released their full moons.

These Swordsmen were indeed talented. Even the two four-star Swordsmen were between 80% and 90%!

How long had it been?

Everyone was indeed a genius!


There was no ranking on the stele.

The data flashed and disappeared instantly.

"Is it waiting for Lu Yan and her brother?"

Niu Xinghai asked.


Everyone came to realize the truth.

Although Lu Yan would not participate in the legacy, since she was already at the third mountain, it seemed that Lunar Shadow required them to take the test.

"You shall do it."

Lu Yan gestured to her brother.

The Lunar Shadow Card was with Lu Ming, perhaps he had to do it in order to be effective.


Lu Ming nodded slightly.

Gao Tianlang and the rest were unhappy.

They knew that Lu Yan was very strong. But she should not give this task to her brother. Why did she delegate this task to Lu Ming who was a Card Creator? Was she looking down on them?!

"It is so frustrating."

Wu Hongfei muttered to himself. He was very unhappy.

And right then.

Lu Ming stepped forward.

He had intended to create a simple full moon and to throw it toward the stele. After all, after making a stack of Full Moon Cards, given his energy level, he was able to reach 60 to 70%.


He came to his senses when he heard Wu Hongfei muttering to himself.

Wait a minute.

They seemed to have misunderstood his sister.


Although Lu Yan did not care, Lu Ming did not want his sister to be misunderstood. He looked at everyone and an idea came to his mind.

He had to apologize to the Swordsmen. They must not be sad.


Because they would be in agony soon…
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