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Divine Card Creator 122 Why Is There Such a Thing at the Assessment?!

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At the second mountain.


The waves surged.

Zhao Yunshan was in the lead.

His physique was tough. He had received abundant resources since he was a child and gone through numerous body temperings. Undoubtedly, he would be the first even if he was slightly lacking in talent.

What to do.

He was rich and willful!

He wanted to be the champion this time!

Of course.

This was on the premise that Lu Yan was not participating.

At the thought of this, he turned back and could hardly see the starting point anymore. Oh, Lu Ming was still there and his sister was by his side waiting for him.

Had he given up?


After all, Lu Ming was a two-star Card Creator!

It was only until this moment that he remembered Lu Ming's identity.

Lu Ming swept the first place when they were at the first mountain. Hence, he almost forgot that Lu Ming was just a working professional and his ability was the weakest among them all!

Even Gao Xiaoqing was a three-star peak!

Lu Ming…

was only a two-star!

Furthermore, he had just attained two-star not long ago!

No matter how he looked at it, Lu Ming resembled those novices who had just entered school.

Perhaps intriguing things such as willpower could be sharpened and overtaken by others but physique was something solid and real!


He could tell at one glance!

Given his current strength, naturally, he could tell that Lu Ming's physique was similar to that of ordinary people!

He was very weak… and useless.

He would not be able to change this within a short time.

The foundation was the most important factor in improving one's physical strength. It was necessary to build a solid foundation, through constant training and tempering over a long period of time, to make the body strong and powerful!

Regardless of how abundant one's resources were, they also had to train and improve themselves!

This point…

He could fully understand it.

No matter how many resources his family gave him, he could not finishing absorbing them. He had to train!


A surge of waves appeared.

With a dash, Gao Tianlang chased after him aggressively.


Zhao Yunshan snorted and dashed forward again. He would not give Gao Tianlang any chance.

Although Gao Tianlang's family background was not bad too, his body was obviously weaker. This body tempering assessment was the platform that he, Zhao Yunshan, would use to trample everyone!

He was invincible!

Right then…

Everyone was very diligent.

Of course.

Wu Hongfei had long lagged behind.

There was no choice.

In terms of talent, he could not be compared to Gao Tianlang. In terms of wealth, he could not win Zhao Yunshan. He could only trail behind them while swallowing his blood and trying his best not to fall behind too much.

He was not thinking about the first place anymore.

He was contemplating a very serious problem now — Why was Gao Xiaoqing catching up with him?!


Behind him.

The person charging forward most aggressively was not those Swordsmen but Gao Xiaoqing!

Was this lady mad?!

You're an Array Master and not an Energy Warrior!


He had been tortured by Lu Ming during the first assessment on willpower. Now, he had to be tortured by Gao Xiaoqing during the second assessment on body tempering?

He did not really understand.


I am the Swordsman, not you!

Furthermore, the Array Master should be an auxiliary vocation that creates arrays. Was this profession one of those types that required close combat?


Another surge of waves appeared.

With a splash, Gao Xiaoqing had further reduced the distance between she and Wu Hongfei.

Wu Hongfei gasped and took in a mouthful of water.

It was too terrifying!



Could it be…

He had vaguely heard some rumors that his lady's physique had improved because of some accidents. She had been seriously injured after being trampled twice by the bulls during the latter's violent attacks.


The impact of the bulls seemed to be very similar to that of the waves?

In that case…

Wu Hongfei was contemplating seriously. Should he get some bulls to trample him after he returned to the school…

Perhaps it was really effective?

"The herbs in sister's body have been stimulated."

Gao Tianlang's eyes shone slightly.

He was very clear.

His sister had not absorbed much of the body tempering herbs that her master made her consume. Its greatest effect was only unleashed now when she was tempering her body in the river!

Constant tempering!

Constant unleashing of potential!


His younger sister would be rewarded the most in this assessment!

"I won't fall behind you."

Gao Tianlang refused to turn back anymore.

His goal was to close in on Zhao Yunshan!

He was very clear that Zhao Yunshan had the greatest advantage in this body tempering assessment! But so what? As long as he did not fall behind too much, he would be able to catch up with him during the later stages.

You have your forte and so do I!

Very soon…

I will definitely catch up with you!

As for Lu Ming?

Why did he have to take issue with someone who was not participating in the fight for the legacy!

He had become smarter now.

After being tricked by Zhao Yunshan and Wu Hongfei, he only saw these two as his threats now. He had been adversely affected by these inconsequential factors during the first assessment and as a result, he came third.

He would not let it happen again!


Gao Tianlang dashed forward and no longer glanced behind.

"Do you need my help?'

The elder's heart ached as he looked at Wang Xuan.


Spew blood!


Spew blood!

Wang Xuan did not stop for a single moment.

"No need."

Wang Xuan's gaze was firm. "Even Gao Xiaoqing has dashed to the front. How can I fall behind? Even if I can't win, I want to become stronger with this tempering!"

"Most probably that child has taken some strange herbs."

The elder could naturally decipher that.

Gao Xiaoqing's situation was unique. She was emitting fragrances of herbs as she charged forward. How could that be the same? Wang Xuan was extremely talented but he had started cultivating too late!

"I understand," Wang Xuan said in a deep voice.

He was the slowest among the Swordsmen!

He was already feeling upset that he could only overtake some assistants. In the end, even Gao Xiaoqing overtook him? How could he tolerate that?


He charged further ahead.

He had injures all over the body.

The elder did not stop him this time.


He was suddenly deep in his thoughts.


This demeanor of fervent self-abuse seemed to resemble his father very much?

Was it genetic?

The elder was deep in thoughts.

His father's legacy…

"Forget it."

The elder suddenly felt more at ease.

Even if they could not attain Lunar Shadow legacy, they could inherit his father's legacy. Compared to cultivating in secret, this was not a big deal!

They could take it as a practice.

He just did not know if Old Wang would be willing to pass the legacy to this child. It was strange. Why was Old Wang so resistant about his own legacy? Was there some secret?


This was something worth pondering.



The waves engulfed them.

All the cultivators were charging ahead and Zhao Yunshan, who was at the front, had already covered half the river.

At the beginning, some of them were still paying attention to Lu Ming. However, after some time, they were no longer bothered about him after they discovered that Lu Ming was not moving at all.

He had delayed for too long!

It seemed that…

Lu Ming had really given up.


Forget about the willpower assessment. Could Lu Ming fool around in this kind of physique assessment?

The other assistants were merely soaking in the water and advancing in a leisurely manner while tempering their bodies. Even if Lu Ming joined them, it would most probably be the same.


Just as they were diligently charging forward…


The waves beside them diverged and a familiar voice could be heard, "Hello."


Niu Xinghai and the group turned around instantly, only to discover Lu Ming standing by their side and greeting them affectionately.


Lu Ming was here.

He was actually standing… Wait, standing?

Niu Xinghai and the group widened their eyes, only to discover that, along with Lu Ming's appearance, a humongous thing was right on his heels …

That was actually a wooden boat!

Moreover, Lu Ming was standing at the front of it!!!

How could that be possible?

"Wooden boat?!"

Niu Xinghai and the group was dumbstruck.


There was actually such a thing?!

Oh, after taking a closer look, this so-called wooden boat was, in fact, a huge wooden plank. It was probably built from the trees in the second mountain. It was not difficult to do so. There was even a shabby wooden hut built on top of it. It did not look difficult to build too. Wait… This was not the main point?!

The main point was —

How could such an enormous thing possibly defy the currents and travel on the rapid waters?

What 'engine' did it need?

It was basically mission impossible, alright?!

This speed…


Before they could recover from their senses, the wooden boat had already advanced to a distance.

It was advancing against the waves!

The speed was amazing!

Niu Xinghai and the group were splashed with a huge amount of water. They looked afar with dumbstruck expressions. Damn. Was this really a Swordsman assessment?

At this very moment…

The Swordsmen had already traveled past half the river.

Even Wang Xuan, who was the last, had already covered half the distance. He was still working hard, trying to overtake the two four-star cultivators in front of him!

In front of him.

The two four-star cultivators were also charging forward diligently, not wanting to lag behind.

There was no choice.

It was very embarrassing to be overtaken by a three-star cultivator!

Especially since—

Wang Xuan did not take any strange herbs.

And further ahead, Gao Xiaoqing was fervently chasing Wu Hongfei. She believed that she had her chances at overtaking Wu Hongfei as long as she put in more effort.

After all…


A wave almost drowned her.

This wave…

Puzzled, Gao Xiaoqing looked behind.


What was that?!

Rubbing her eyes, she took a closer look and was terrified to discover a wooden boat traveling at lightning speed. It was advancing rapidly on the waters against the waves!

It had overtaken Wang Xuan!

It had overtaken those Swordsmen!

Wait a minute.

Why was there a boat in this place?!

Especially… She saw Lu Ming at the front of the boat!

At this very moment…

Wu Hongfei was rampantly charging forward.

He could feel the difficulty in advancing during the second half of the river. He would have to rest and adapt for a long time after almost every distance covered. The further he moved, the more horrible the waves were!

He had to rest.


Gao Xiaoqing was chasing him too aggressively.

This lady was charging and at the same time, emitting a herb-like fragrance from her body. It was too scary!

Putting aside the physical condition, with the nourishment of the river and the herbs in her body, this lady did not seem to need any rest. It would be so embarrassing if she were to really catch up with him!


Wu Hongfei gritted his teeth.

He must not let an assistant overtake him…


Waves surged and water splashed his face.

Where did the water come from?

Wu Hongfei looked up with an inexplicable expression, only to discover - he was not sure from when - Lu Ming standing by his side and casting him a friendly look.

"It has been tough on you."

Lu Ming nodded slightly and drifted away.


Wu Hongfei's face was hit by another splash of water. He then saw the humongous thing behind Lu Ming clearly.

Why… Why would a boat appear in a Swordsman assessment?!

At the front.

Zhao Yunshan and Gao Tianlang, who had been charging forward, initially did not want to turn back. However, that strange and mysterious sounds of something advancing were too frightening. They could not help but turn back and take a glance. They then saw the most horrifying scene - a huge wooden boat was moving forward at lightning speed!

It was advancing against the waves!

It had overtaken everyone!

It had overtaken the assistants, overtaken the Swordsmen…

In the end…

It rushed to their side.

"It has been tough on you."

Looking at the bleeding wounds on their bodies, Lu Ming nodded slightly before drifting away.

The Zhao Yunshan duo had a 'What the crap!' expressions on their face.

Why was there a boat?

Wait a minute.

Why did this boat have such a strong and powerful engine?


They looked at both sides of the wooden boat.

There seemed to be rows of oars paddling. However, their gaze swept across and landed on Lu Yan, who was at the side of the wooden boat, with her hands in the waters.

Could it be that…

Lu Yan was pushing it?!

She was using her Sword Aura to move this boat?!

Were they mad?!

Everyone was stupefied.

Staring at Lu Ming, who was standing at the foremost part of the wooden boat, Zhao Yunshan and the group fell silent. This child… Did he take his elder sister as a product?!
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