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Divine Card Creator 120 How Can You Be So Shameless?!

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This was only for the Swordsman!

Understanding the Sword Intent required a strong mental strength and the bearing of Sword Aura required a strong physique. Hence, both the Swordsman's body and mind had to be extremely powerful!

Besides a profession that majored in mental strength, it was impossible for an ordinary profession to surpass Swordsmen!


Lu Ming came.

As a two-star Card Creator.


Simultaneously, everyone peered at the other Card Creator.

He was Wu Hongfei's companion, a true-blue five-star Card Creator. His card creating standards was also quite good and he was a known five-star Card Creator.

At this moment…

He also had a dazed expression on his face.

He even began to doubt how he had survived over the years.


He could not find the Invisible Restriction on the portal, and yet, Lu Ming could crack it easily. He was suppressed by the Sword Intent and could not advance too far in the snowstorm. Lu Ming had trampled him along the way!

Card Creators…

Were they supposed to be so aggressive?

Was he a fake Card Creator then?

He was lost.

Snow and wind flooded the sky.

Gao Tianlang's eyes were slightly red.

He knew that Lu Yan had a powerful master and she had long adapted to Sword Intent. He also knew how valiant Lu Yan was!


He wanted to come here.

He wanted to attain the Lunar Shadow legacy so that he would have a chance to compete with Lu Yan!


Never did he expect…

Lu Ming was also stronger than him!

Lu Ming was only a Card Creator and had not participated in any legacy. According to initial information gathered, he was pulled along by his sister to widen his horizons… Damn. Widen his horizons?!

A two-star who needed to widen his horizons had a stronger mental strength than them?


There was pent-up frustration in Gao Tianlang's heart.

It turned out that…

It was not only Lu Yan.

I can't even beat Lu Yan's younger brother?

With such thoughts, he almost suffered an emotional breakdown.

Wu Hongfei was still doing fine.

He was the first to crumble emotionally. However, after looking at Gao Tianlang, the genius, and Zhao Yunshan, the nouveau riche, he actually regained his composure.

Look, Lu Ming had also caught up with the two of them. There was nothing to be afraid of!

Anyway, he should not be the one feeling embarrassed.

"This guy…"

Zhao Yunshan squinted his eyes.

Nevertheless, he had been through different environments and knew that there were all kinds of strange things in this world. Hence, he calmed down very quickly and was not the least bothered by this situation. Instead, he focused on moving towards the destination.

Feeling shocked, the Wu Hongfei duo also chased after them quickly.


Sword Intent landed!

Obviously, their bodies had been overstretched.

However, at this moment, no one cared about that anymore. They dashed forward fervently. They could not let Lu Ming arrive at the destination first, because they could not afford to lose that face!

The destination.

Actually, it was not that far away.

Lu Ming ignored them totally.

He was well aware of his own capability.

Five-star willpower?

They had been paranoid.

How did he withstand the Sword Intent?

This was because his mental state was a special product of the confrontation between the black cat and Lunar Shadow Sword Intent. Naturally, it could withstand the Lunar Shadow Sword Intent very well.


Initially, the Sword Intent was still bearable. Further down the path, the Sword Intent in the snowstorm was getting increasingly powerful!


A wave of powerful Sword Intent hit him!

Lu Ming's mind shuddered. His pancake mental state was perforated and a huge hole appeared on it.

A small leak will sink a great ship!

The Lunar Shadow Sword Intent was too sharp. He could not confront it forcefully!

He could only…

He could only use the side!

Lu Ming grew solemn.

The threat of the Sword Intent was growing and his pancake mental state had been perforated. He could only make the pancake stand on its side and fight the Sword Intent with its sharp edge!

It was also very sharp!


It was another confrontation.

A corner of his pancake was crumbled by the Sword Intent.

It was extremely ugly!

"It seems that my mental strength is still too weak."

Lu Ming understood.

Although the confrontation between Lunar Shadow and the black cat was aggressive, the time frame was too short. His pancake mental state had not been trained. Hence, it was not very hard and resilient.


He took a closer look at the side of the pancake that had been crushed.

Although it had become squarish, it was stronger now.

"In that case…"

Lu Ming pondered deeply.


He adjusted the position of the pancake and fought with the Lunar Shadow Sword Intent again.

In the same way.

He turned the pancake in countless directions. As the Sword Intent become increasingly powerful, the pancake mental state was also constantly tempered. The size was reducing and its willpower increasing!

It was sharper!

It was more powerful!

It was just that…

Lu Ming frowned.

After his pancake mental state was pressed and shrunk to a certain extent, it could not be tempered anymore. It had stabilized and the diameter was about twelve to thirteen centimeters long.

Earlier on, his mental state had been perforated in the center by the Sword Intent and there was a hole there. Although his mental state was tempering and strengthening continuously, this hole did not close up. Instead, it became rounder and smoother at its edges.


The look of it…

Lu Ming sighed deeply. Damn. Have you seen anyone's mental state look like a disc?!

He had one here!

The size and measurements were identical!


It could be in the same line as him now!

What was the use of this??

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.

The purpose of the Swordsmen sharpening their mental state was to condense it into Sword Intent, so that they could increase the power of their attacks. Was this type of disc-shaped Sword Intent acceptable?

This would not do!

It could not be like this!

Lu Ming glanced at the snowstorm in front of him. Although he was reaching the destination, there was still some distance to go.

There was still a chance!

He was certain.

The moment that he stepped into the destination, there would be an ultrapowerful Sword Intent!

If he could use that surge in Sword Intent for tempering, perhaps his mental state could change. No matter what it became, it was fine as long as it did not stay the same!

Come on!

Lu Ming dashed towards the destination.

At this very moment…

Wu Hongfei and the few of them had already arrived at the end of the snowstorm.

Over here…

A surge of powerful Sword Intent hit them.


Everyone spewed blood.

They could barely endure the Sword Intent, which was suddenly much more powerful.

"Come on!"

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

He had tempered his mental state for so long, all for this moment!


He released his thoughts.

He released his mental state any reservation.


The suspended disc-shaped mental state collided directly with the Lunar Shadow Sword Intent. A horrifying confrontation occurred. Lu Ming could sense his mental state suffering constant damages!


What surprised Lu Ming was that he managed to withstand the Sword Intent!


There was a clash of thoughts.

The disc constantly repaired itself amidst the damages and was tempered continuously. However, there was no change in its shape or appearance. Unbelievably, the uncanny ring-shaped mental state was extremely sturdy!

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.

Something was not right.

At this moment, shouldn't the disc change its shape under the suppression of the ultrapowerful Lunar Shadow Sword Intent?


Lu Ming could not help but take the last step. The snowstorm that filled the sky suddenly disappeared.

He… had passed through the first mountain.


There was pin-drop silence in the world again.

"He passed through it?"

Gao Tianlang and the group glanced at one another, feeling a little sorrowful.

Lu Ming…

Lu Ming was actually the first one!

He was the last to appear but yet, he passed through this snowstorm first?

Although Lu Yan had been by Lu Ming's side and went through the entire walk of snowstorm too, everyone was aware that she was only a foil and was focused on accompanying Lu Ming!

When Lu Ming slowed down, she slowed down.

When Lu Ming sped up, she sped up.

But now…

Lu Ming had passed through the snowstorm, so did she.

There was a stele at the end of the snowstorm. Just as Lu Ming and his sister walked past it, a mysterious picture of a Lunar Shadow Card suddenly appeared on it.


The legacy site was recording the results.

First place: It was the stamp of the Lunar Shadow Card in the hands of the Lu Ming sibling pair!

"How can that be?"

Zhao Yunshan was distraught.

Forget it that Lu Yan had surpassed him. How could they endure the fact that Lu Ming also surpassed them?


I can't even beat Lu Ming. Why am I still competing for the legacy!"

Zhao Yunshan's tone was sorrowful.

He had a despaired look on his face and was totally depressed.

"That's right."

Gao Tianlang and the rest were affected by the same thoughts too.


Was it true that they could not even beat Lu Ming?

This was a Sword Intent assessment!

It was an assessment of a Swordsman's core skill!


Just as they sank into a desolate and lonely atmosphere, a burst of fragrant liquid suddenly seeped out from one tooth in Zhao Yunshan's mouth and entered his body.


His injuries recovered at lightning speed. He actually withstood the Sword Intent and dashed out of the snowstorm.


Another Lunar Shadow stamp appeared on the stele.


Zhao Yunshan had clinched the second place.

Where was his shame?

"This is too much!"

Wu Hongfei flew into a rage. "A genius Swordsman is actually that shameless!"

As he scolded furiously, he took out a card from the sole of his shoe.


Florescent lights shone.

The card was very powerful. He took the chance to sprint and step out of the snowstorm while enduring the Sword Intent.


Another picture appeared on the stele.

Third place: Wu Hongfei.

Gao Tianlang was dumbstruck.

He shuddered!

What kind of people were they?!

Damn it!

He quickly dashed forward. At his last step, he took a few moments to adapt to the Sword Intent before walking out of the snowstorm.

It was just that…

It was too late.

Gao Tianlang's face was ghastly pale.

He suddenly realized that these people were quite different from what he had imagined. These dignified and rich big shots actually hid medicine in between their teeth! And Wu Hongfei…

He had hidden a card under his shoe?

What did this mean?!

He took a closer look at Wu Hongfei. This lad seemed a tad taller than normal. When he first saw him, he had thought that he had gone through second puberty!

Wait a minute!

Gao Tianlang suddenly recalled something. So, he was the only one who obediently passed everything to Lu Ming?


Zhao Yunshan was in a good mood.

Although Lu Yan siblings were first, did it matter?

She did not want the legacy!

Hence, the true champion was him.

Hey hey, after participating in so many legacies, how could he possibly not gain any experience from them?

He had already seen through the so-called legacy tricks and tactics.

His true opponents were the 'most resilient Gao Tianlang' and the 'Young Wang Xuan', he did not even really see Wu Hongfei as a threat.

He was most wary of these two!


He really did not expect that Lu Ming would come out on top.

"It seems that your sister treats you very well."

Zhao Yunshan sighed.

With such ease, Lu Ming must have been through Sword Intent tempering before.

To let a profession, which did not need its mental strength, temper it with Sword Intent in order to improve its weak defense ability, only a 'Younger Brother Demon Supporter' like Lu Yan could do that!

Lu Ming was speechless.

What did his strong mental strength have anything to do with his sister?!


He did not want the first place, okay?!

The legacy was of no use to him. Why would he fight for the first place? He just wanted to change the shape of his mental state!

But he had failed!


Lu Ming was a little troubled.

How was his mental state going to face others in the future?


Zhao Yunshan pursed his lips.

To hell with it.

This guy was more pretentious than him!

So what if he had clinched the first place… What were those sighs and moans…

Gao Tianlang and the rest looked on with ugly expressions. They did not wish to say a word.


At this very moment…


A gust of wind flew past.

Amidst the snowstorm, a clear path actually appeared.

Over there…

No wind, no snow and no Sword Intent!

That should be the path that Lunar Shadow had left behind for the assistants. Gao Xiaoqing, Wang Xuan and the remaining people also stepped out of the snowstorm.

They had already tried their best earlier.

There was no point in staying behind. Instead of wasting time here, they might as well prepare for the second assessment!

Everyone walked past the mountain top.

Meeting their eyes was the scenery of the second mountain.

The scenery on the second mountain was very beautiful. It was densely covered by trees and plants. It was an aesthetically pleasing forest with an artistic feel. However, just as they passed the top of the mountain…

This was…

Everyone's pupils suddenly constricted as they looked at the scene before them in disbelief.


An earth-shattering sound engulfed them.

Rapid flowing streams plummeted from afar and rushed all the way to the bottom of their feet, aggressively hitting the foot of the mountain. Loud booming noises could be heard.

One could vaguely feel the top of the mountain shaking.

What lightning speed!

Such rapid flow!

The second assessment, body tempering.

They needed to defy the direction of the currents and ascend to the top of the third mountain!
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