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At the legacy site.

At the foot of the mountain.

The inheritors appeared.

They learned that the restriction was actually the legendary "Invisible Restriction" and that Wu Hongfei had already gone in. Therefore, they hurried to enter as well.

Of course.

Everyone paid a lot for the toll.

"Lu Ming."

Gao Xiaoqing's expression was perplexed.

Lu Ming was speechless.


Gao Tianlang sneered. "Since he demands it, just give it to him. Don't be afraid. Since all of us don't have any trump cards, we are back to the same starting line. What's there to be afraid of?"


He emptied everything that he had with him.


He did not want his sister to plead with Lu Ming.

"H-here, I will give it to you."

Gao Xiaoqing's eyes were slightly red.

She reached inside her clothes, taking out a precious card that she had been keeping with her and handed it to Lu Ming. This was the card that she insisted on not using despite suffering from serious injuries last time!

Lu Ming thought about it and dared not take it from her. He looked guilty under her gaze.

"You can keep it."

Lu Ming sighed.

What Gao Xiaoqing had with her was worthless to him.

Of course.

He did not stand on ceremony with Gao Tianlang. He took everything and kept them.


The portal was activated and the two of them left. There was a smile on Lu Yan's lips.


Her brother seemed to be normal again.

The collection of the "tolls" went pretty well.

After all, it was up to one's ability whether one could get the legacy. Since they wanted Lu Ming to help them to crack the restriction, it was reasonable that they paid a certain price for it.

Of course.

They were some who were rude and unreasonable.

"I have a better way."

Zhao Yunshan sneered. "I will beat you two and you will have no choice but to crack it for me!"

He felt very confident as he was stronger now.

So what if Lu Yan was stronger than him?

Her ability did not improve in this legacy!

As for him…

His ability had increased by thirty percent!


Lu Yan's brother was a burden to her!

He had Niu Xinghai, the Sorcerer with him. Why should he be afraid of them?! Both of them were five-star cultivators, they would be able to defeat Lu Yan who had a useless brother with her?!

"It makes sense."

Lu Ming nodded. "However, I am very straight forward. If you hit me, I will run away. I won't be wishy-washy. Anyway, we are not competing for the legacy… If you have the guts, you can chase after us."

Lu Ming walked to stand beside Lu Yan.

Zhao Yunshan turned sullen.

He thought hard about it. Indeed, he might not be able to catch up with them!

Lu Yan was more powerful than him. Although she would be slower as she had to bring Lu Ming with her, the most important point was that he had to compete for the legacy. He could not waste time chasing them about in the forest?!

If he did, he would not be able to compete for the legacy.

"Besides, we have these trump cards."

Lu Ming handed the cards and resources that he collected from the other inheritors to Lu Yan. "Do you really think that you can defeat us?"

Zhao Yunshan was speechless.

"Old Niu?"

He looked toward Niu Xinghai.

"Not quite."

Niu Xinghai sighed, putting the worm aside.

Invisible Restriction…

He had no idea where the restriction was!

How was he supposed to crack it?

"Hey brother…"

Lu Ming tried to be patient and explained the situation to him. "Think about it, all the inheritors have gone in and they left their trump cards behind. Don't tell me you are weaker than them?"

"You're right."

Zhao Yunshan understood.

Gao Tianlang and the rest did not have any trump cards. There was nothing to be afraid of?!

As for Lu Yan…

She was not interested in the legacy!

If Lu Yan really chose to inherit the Lunar Shadow legacy, she would be falling out with her Master. Unless she had animosity with him, it was impossible for her to do that.


He should take it that this was their benefit for accompanying them through the legacy.


Zhao Yunshan handed his resources over.


They were the ones who paid Lu Ming to crack the restrictions. Why did they feel like they had been coerced?

This feeling…


It must be a delusion.


The portal was activated.

After Zhao Yunshan and his companion left, Lu Ming began to look through the resources that he left behind.


He was very rich!

He knew that Zhao Yunshan was the richest among all of them, but he did not expect that Zhao Yunshan was wealthy to this extent. He had a stack of five-star Energy Cards apart from other resources!

There was one six-star card as well!


He was indeed rich!

This was a better deal than the legacy!


There was a bottle of celestial pills!

Celestial pills were very useful in increasing one's abilities. It could subtly increase the quality of energy. It was one of the very precious three-star supplementary products.

It could improve the quality!

It was very rare!

In a sense, it was the three-star level magical herb!

And this…

There was a whole bottle of pills!

This was too much!

If he was not mistaken, a bottle of celestial pills would cost one hundred thousand yuan on the market!

That was right.

One hundred thousand yuan!

Many people used celestial herbs to surpass the three-star peak level to become four-star!

The energy level of three-star cultivators was stabilized at ten thousand points. If one wanted to become stronger, one could only improve one's energy quality and increase the density of the energy itself!

One had to keep getting stronger.


The limit was broken!

This was the bottleneck that cultivators would face.

For cultivators like Old Jiang and Li Aiguo, they were injured and hence their energy stopped at a certain level. Under normal circumstances, there was no bottleneck from one-star to three-star!

One only needed to work hard to reach three-star!

As for four-star…

It was a brand new stage!

Three-star cultivators had to reach an extreme level of energy density and to achieve the concretion of the core and be able to become a true four-star cultivator!


One had to achieve the concretion of energy in order to become a four-star!

For example—

Lu Ming's Original Card!

Back then, he condensed to create the Original Card and that was how he became a one-star cultivator. For now, he had to achieve the concretion of this card to become a four-star cultivator!

For example—

Lu Yan's Sword Embryo!

A four-star Swordsman did not need to bring any weapons with them. They could call upon their Sword Embryo at any time to battle and the combat ability would increase more than ten times!

This was a four-star!

No matter which stage of the four-star one was in, one's actual ability would increase exponentially!


Right from the start, four-star was considered very special. Even in Qing Ming City, the principal of all the colleges and the presidents of all the associations had to be four-star!

And to become four-star, one had to keep increasing one's energy quality to break through the three-star bottleneck!

Or perhaps…

One could use some help with the celestial pills?

And over here, he had a full bottle of about one hundred pills!


All this was money!

Lu Ming's eyes turned red.

Right then, Lu Yan noticed that there was something useful to her from the resources that Zhao Yunshan handed over. It was not very rare but mainly expensive…

She found it too wasteful to buy it.

To her surprise, Zhao Yunshan had it with him!

"Why would Zhao Yunshan have so many of these?"

Lu Ming found it odd.

He thought that Zhao Yunshan was a five-star.

Why would he need this kind of resource that a three-star peak level used to breakthrough with?

"This is useful to recover one's energy."

Lu Yan remarked.

Lu Ming was confused.

Recover one's energy?

Other people used it to break through, while she used it to recover energy!

In the meantime…

Two more people arrived. They paid the tolls and left. The last to arrive was Wang Xuan.

Just when the six-star Elementalist was deciding if he could make it before Lu Ming and Lu Yan escaped, Wang Xuan had already surrendered all his resources.


The old man was puzzled.

"Just give it to him."

Wang Xuan sighed. "I owe it to him."


The old man cast a long look at Lu Ming, leaving his resources behind.

The atmosphere became odd.

Lu Yan looked from Lu Ming to Wang Xuan, looking wary and displeased. These two children…

Lu Ming was speechless.

Hey, he must be kidding?!

Why did he sound so ambiguous?

But indeed, there was no way he could explain what happened back then. Otherwise, the matter would become even more complicated…

Forget it.

Lu Ming sighed.

He activated the portal for Wang Xuan and his companion to pass.

"Let's go."

Lu Yan cast a meaningful glance at her brother.

"There's nothing between us."

Lu Ming was speechless.

"You don't have to be in a hurry to explain."

Lu Yan looked melancholic.

"Then I won't say anymore."

Lu Ming thought about it. Indeed, there was nothing to explain.

"Does that mean you are admitting to it?"

Lu Yan was shocked.

Lu Ming was speechless.

He felt like giving his sister a punch!



Lu Yan rubbed Lu Ming's hair, saying in a soft voice. "Silly brother, I am just joking. Let's go. If I am not wrong, the real assessment will be in front."


Lu Ming paused for a moment.

"Trials, assessment," Lu Yan said indifferently. "After the trials are finished, one has to go through assessments."


Lu Ming felt a little regretful.

If it was an assessment, it could not be powered down and there was nothing to demolish in the legacy…

It seemed that…

They would really be skiving in this legacy.

At the top of the mountain.

Wu Hongfei was the first to enter.

To his surprise, the mountain peak and barrier that they saw at the foot of the mountain were an endless mountain range when seen from the top of the mountain!

There were seven mountain peaks and one was higher than the other.

At the end of the mountain range.

The legacy was in the highest place.

"Children… You are finally here. This is… The Land of Assessment. After going through seven assessments… The most outstanding person… Will inherit the legacy," Lunar Shadow's voice whispered in their ears.

Seven times?

Wu Hongfei looked at the seven mountains.


One mountain for one assessment.

That was to say, as long as they passed through seven mountains, they would have a chance of getting the legacy?

"I still have a chance!"

Wu Hongfei was elated.

Although his ability was not as strong, perhaps he would meet Lunar Shadow's requirements?


Although most of the legacies would select the strongest inheritor, there were always some old veterans who had odd preferences and would put other elements as a priority!

For example…


Wait a minute, Gao Tianlang seemed to be better?


Wait a minute, Zhao Yunshan seemed to have a stronger foundation.

Wu Hongfei looked grim.



Even though Lu Yan was not participating in the legacy, compared to others, he did not have any advantage at all?!

"Am I such a loser?"

Wu Hongfei felt hopeless.


After careful thought, if he was the Lunar Shadow, he would not pass the legacy to him!

He was too useless!

He had no positive traits!

Forget it.

Let's take one step at a time.

Since he was already here, he should take part in the assessment! What if, he had some other positive traits that he did not know of?

That was right.

For example…

Wu Hongfei thought for a long while and finally found something that was unlike other Swordsmen. Although he was not as powerful, he was older!

Perhaps, Lunar Shadow preferred people who were older?


That was possible!

At the thought of this, Wu Hongfei seemed back to normal.

At this moment, the five-star Card Creator who came with him looked sullen. Where were the promised second half of auxiliary resources?

There was nothing here at all!

They had lost everything!

There was only the inheritor's assessment left at the Peak of Legacy!!!

It was a fraud!

He was certain that if Lunar Shadow was alive, he would definitely kill him!

He was a conman!

If he knew it beforehand, he would not have come!

He would have left right away!


The pale old man was in a daze.

He could sense someone's anger and resentment. His blurred eyes turned clear but became hazy once again.

What were all the shouts about?

Didn't they take all the resources?

They behaved like locusts who flocked here in batches. Thousands of batches of people had come here, and they had taken everything, including the refreshing herbs and even the roots.

Since the trials and assessments could not be destroyed, therefore the legacy could still be maintained in its original state.


They should leave once they were done.

Damn it!

These people would come here every once in a while…

It was so annoying.

It was so tiring.

He felt sleepy.


There was a slight change in the old man's expression.

He could tell that many groups of inheritors had entered the Peak of Legacy. The inheritors this time round seemed different from the previous times.


How were they different?

To the old man who had seen more than several thousand batches of inheritors, the slight difference was something worth taking note of.

After a long time…

He finally understood.



These people were poor.

This batch…

Was the poorest batch of inheritors that he had ever seen…
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