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Divine Card Creator 116 If There Is No Legacy, I Will Create My Own

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At the legacy site.



Sword gleams flashed.

Wu Hongfei stepped out of the waterfall, his face filled with joy.

It was very powerful!

This waterfall seemingly possessed some kind of mysterious power that had increased the condensation rate of his Sword Aura by multiple folds! He was able to release greater powers during a fight now!

"I finally became stronger."

Wu Hongfei was elated.

What was the gap between him and those geniuses?

It was this!

The difference in energy level was merely one of the factors that determined how powerful one was!

Sword Embryo, Sword Aura…

Wait a minute.

He would be truly powerful if he could improve in all areas!

This time…

He had gained a lot!

He had already gone through a few trials and was very satisfied. Such training could reduce the gap between him and those people tremendously. The legacy this time…

He might be able to compete for it!

"It's a pity.

There are no resources for Card Creators."

The five-star Card Creator who followed him was a little disappointed.

"It's alright."

Wu Hongfei patted his shoulder. "Don't worry. I won't shortchange you."


The five-star Card Creator sighed.


Gao Tianlang had just stepped out from a place of trial.

After the tempering at the Red Lotus Fire, his Sword Embryo had become stronger!

Each trial in the Lunar Shadow legacy was extremely powerful. After going through a few of them, he had progressed a lot and his combat ability had improved tremendously!

Lu Yan…

Zhao Yunshan…

The gap between us is reducing!

Gao Tianlang had a determined look in his eyes.

Similarly, he did not lack resources.

However, for certain things, it was pointless to have the resources. The only thing that could be mass accumulated with resources was energy level. But what about other things?

One could only rely on cultivation!


He was always slightly lagging behind those top geniuses.

But now…

He had everything!

He, Gao Tianlang, was approaching the five-star peak in all areas!

Of course.

The only regret on this occasion was the absence of resources for his younger sister.

"It's alright."

On the contrary, Gao Xiaoqing was very happy.

The restrictions this time were not too difficult. They only took some time to crack them.

Although her combat ability was weak, she was, after all, an Array Master who possessed a legacy. Hence, it was not too difficult to crack the restrictions.

As for four-star…

She believed that she could attain it soon.

As long as she could help her elder brother improve his ability, participating in the Lunar Shadow legacy was not a wasted effort!

"Don't worry."

Gao Tianlang got up.

A horrifying aura rose from his body.

"I must complete the legacy this time!"

At this moment…

All the Swordsmen had progressed tremendously in their abilities.

They entered the legacy site from different locations and the sequence of taking on the trials was also different. Nevertheless, they seemed to have gone through all the trials.

Sword Embryo, Sword Gall, Sword Heart…

They did not skip any of the areas that should be worked on.


After going through many trials and tribulations, they arrived at the foot of the mountain.

The first one that arrived was Wu Hongfei!

Although he was quite strong, he did not complete some of the trials. Hence, he finished earlier and was the first to arrive.

At the foot of the mountain.

There seemed to be a huge door to the mountain.

"Teleportation Nexus?"

The Card Creator beside him pondered deeply.

At this moment, this was the only road to the top of the mountain. Since Lunar Shadow left behind such a door, most probably, he hoped that they could pass through it.

"To the Swordsman…

Those who lack willpower cannot enter."

—Lunar Shadow

"This is a trial of one's willpower?"

Wu Hongfei felt energized.

Seemingly, they could also improve their willpower.

"Let's go."

He stepped into the portal first.


There was no reaction.


Wu Hongfei scratched his head. Did he step into it in the wrong way?

"Don't tell me we can simply walk through it?"

Wu Hongfei tried to dash through the door directly and head to the top of the mountain.


He was rebounded by a strong force

"It doesn't work."

Wu Hongfei furrowed his brows tightly.

He had to pass through this place. Without the affirmation by Lunar Shadow, seemingly, he would not be able to step into the top of the mountain!

It was just that…

How should he pass through this place?


Lie down?


This test of willpower seemed a little odd.


Wu Hongfei stared at the portal in front of him. He kept having a hunch that something was not quite right. Normally, such portals were very common in legacies. They were used for…

Wait a minute.

Wu Hongfei suddenly discovered the problem.

Where was the door?!

Shouldn't there be a huge door with lights and shadows in the middle of the portal?

But now…

There was only the door frame!

Where was the door?

"I think the Teleportation Nexus has not been activated," the Card Creator muttered to himself.

"Let me look at it."

He looked left and right but did not discover any restrictions.

"This is strange."

Wu Hongfei felt that this was inexplicable.

Throughout the journey thus far, all the various kinds of trials had been very straightforward. Why did it suddenly become so strange here?

Damn it!

After searching for a while, they could not find anything. Inevitably, they felt a little anxious and impatient.

At this very moment…

Lu Ming and his sister stepped out of the forest.

"You are here too."

Wu Hongfei became more vigilant.

Although Lu Yan was not participating in the legacy… What if?

"Don't worry.

I am not interested in your lousy legacy."

Lu Yan's expression was indifferent.


Wu Hongfei gave two wry laughs.

"What are you looking for?"

At the sight of them walking around curiously and studying the surroundings of the door, Lu Ming was instantly stunned, "It's actually the legendary Invisible Restriction?"


Wu Hongfei's eyes lit up. "What Invisible Restriction?"

"Haven't you heard of it before?"

Lu Ming glanced at them with a strange look in his eyes. "The Invisible Restriction is…"

"Lu Ming!"

Lu Yan suddenly spoke.

"Oh, nothing."

Lu Ming quickly shut up. "I've been saying nonsense. Hehe."

There was a problem!

The Wu Hongfei duo glanced at each other and understood a little.

Sure enough, there were restrictions at this place.


There seemed to be a secret regarding the restriction and they refused to tell them about it.

"Lu Yan."

Wu Hongfei moved closer to her. "That restriction…"

"Everyone will have to rely on their own ability to complete for the legacy."

Lu Yan said indifferently, "Wu Hongfei, have you forgotten what I said? After stepping into the legacy, we are competitors. We don't owe each other anything!"

"I know."

Wu Hongfei felt a little embarrassed. "But you're not participating in the fight for the legacy."


Lu Yan's expression was indifferent.


Our abilities are weaker.

We didn't complete the trials and can only enter the portal earlier to look around. However, if we dawdle here for too long, we won't have an advantage when the rest comes, "Wu Hongfei pleaded.

"Everyone will rely on their own ability," Lu Yan said calmly.


Wu Hongfei felt despair.

He was aware.

Clearly, this was a fight for legacy. It was unreliable to request for help from his competitors. However, he was really tempted.

Think about it…

The trials during the first half of the Lunar Shadow legacy were so powerful. What about the second half? If they could not crack the restriction and were stuck there, he would go crazy!


At this moment, Lu Ming muttered a few words, "The legacy benefits only the Swordsmen. We didn't gain anything by coming here. We can only follow all of you and make wasted trips."

The meaning of this…

Wu Hongfei was suddenly tempted.

"In that case…"

Wu Hongfei gritted his teeth. "I'll give you a five-star Energy Card. How about that?"


Lu Ming's eyes lit up.



He glanced at Lu Yan quietly.

Lu Yan's expression was nonchalant as if she was oblivious to his words.


Lu Ming felt despair.

"Another one?"

Wu Hongfei said carefully. There was no reaction from Lu Yan again.

And right then.

The Card Creator pulled Wu Hongfei to one side and started to mutter something.

He had some thoughts.

Think about it.

Why would an Invisible Restriction appear out of nowhere in the Swordsman legacy?

Could it be that the first half was the Swordsman legacy while there were benefits for the assistants during the second half? It was highly possible! It was just that he had limits to his ability!

Unfortunately, Lu Ming knew…

In normal circumstances, that was not possible, but he was Lu Yan's younger brother. Occasionally, Lu Yan would obtain some books on ancient legacies and it was normal for her to share them with her younger brother.

Since the opportunity was right before them, could they not grasp it?

"The legacy… Do you really a chance of getting it?"

The Card Creator asked.

"Most likely, not anymore."

Wu Hongfei sighed.

Initially, he wanted to come in and see if Lunar Shadow would 'fall in love' with him at first sight. After all, many legacies did not require the inheritor to be the most powerful one…

Judging from the current situation, he no longer had a chance!

"That's right.

Since we are not keen on the legacy anymore and can't compete for it anyway, what's the use of keeping those resources that we prepared?

We might as well ascend the mountain and take a look.

If there are other trials, you can still improve your ability!

Right?" the Card Creator said in a low voice.

"What you're saying is that…"

Wu Hongfei was tempted.


Anyway, he did not plan to compete for the legacy anymore!

The chances of winning were too low!

The trials in this Lunar Shadow legacy could improve one's abilities greatly. Instead of competing for the legacy which was out of his reach, he would rather grasp the chance to become stronger!

Since that was the case, what was the use of keeping those trump cards!

They would be of no use then!

"Give them all to them!"

Wu Hongfei sorted out his thoughts.


The two of them walked to the front of Lu Yan and threw out all the things that they had prepared for the legacy.

Energy Card…

Defense Card…

All kinds of medicine…

There was even a precious herb that was rarely seen in the market!

These items were extremely pricey!

They were items that Wu Hongfei and this Card Creator took a long time to prepare, almost all the items that they wanted to use for the fight for the legacy!

But now…

They took out everything!


Lu Ming was ecstatic in his heart.

When Wu Hongfei took out these items, a bullet screen (Bullet screen is a new feature on online video sites in China and Japan that allows real-time comments from viewers to fly across the screen like bullets) matching Wu Hongfei's actions formed in his mind — Show hand!


He glanced at Lu Yan.

"Forget it."

Lu Yan waved her hands. "Do as you wish."


Lu Ming put away these items excitedly.

Thereafter, he walked to the front of the portal and fiddled with it for a while. He looked as if he was really busy. Actually, he was just waiting for the time to pass. Five, four, three, two, one!


Lu Ming waved his big hands.


In the middle of the huge door frame, a door suddenly appeared!

"It's open!"

Wu Hongfei was elated.

So, that was the case!

This was the door of willpower!

This was a door that could be entered only after the trial of one's mental strength!

"Invisible Restriction…"

The Card Creator felt extremely guilty.

Look at other people?

A two-star Card Creator could crack this!

He was a five-star Card Creator. Yet, he could only watch and do nothing!

Invisible Restriction?


He took it that he had paid the fees for a lesson. He hoped that Lunar Shadow could really impart some ancient restrictions…

"Let's go."

The two stepped through the door.


A strong and powerful will landed.


The will did not cause them any harm. After the force disappeared, the pair's bodies had been stamped with the Lunar Shadow chop before they disappeared into the portal.


Lu Yan was deep in her thoughts.

A trial of mental strength…

The Lunar Shadow stamp actually had something to do with the time that they had endured the trials!

The longer they endured the trials, the more powerful the Lunar Shadow stamp was and the greater their chances of inheriting the legacy. It seemed that the legacy trial had begun at this moment!

Of course.

All this did not have anything to do with them.

At this moment…

Lu Ming was staring at the 'toll' left behind by Wu Hongfei ecstatically.

Too cool!

These were resources especially prepared by two five-star cultivators!

But now…

They were all his!

With these, he could bring his ability to another level!

So what if there were no resources in the legacy?

He would create them himself!

"How did you do that?"

Lu Yan was curious.


The Invisible Restriction was a bluff. She saw her brother releasing some cards at the restriction. Then, the portal was gone.

"Actually, it's nothing much."

Lu Ming said honestly, "Doesn't the portal need energy? I just cut off its energy."


He had cut off the energy.

The main function of the Meltdown Card was to absorb energy. Hence, Lu Ming cast the Meltdown Card at the portal and cut off the latter's energy directly.

Of course.

A portal of such a level would not be easily affected by Lu Ming.

He only cast ten Meltdown Cards at once and discontinued the energy flow for ten minutes. When the energy in the illusion constantly surging towards the portal, it would resume its normal state afterward.


He just had to wait for the right time!

What if they had not finished negotiating the terms when the time was up?


He would use another ten cards!

It was so simple and rough.

Lu Yan fell silent.

In her impression, she joined this legacy as she was afraid of her younger brother getting bullied. She wanted to give him some training. Now, why did she have the feeling that her younger brother was bullying others?



It must be a delusion.

At this very moment…

An aura appeared at a distance. Lu Ming's eyes shone. "Fat… Oh, wait, someone is here."
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