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Lights and shadows flashed.

After stepping into the portal, the Lu Ming duo arrived in a brand new world.

The sky was clear and boundless.

This was an ancient forest with endless mountain range in the distance. Farther away, their eyes were greeted by a boundless sea and mysterious sceneries that they had never encountered before.

This place seemed to be an illusion?

However, given Lunar Shadow's level, this seemed real to them regardless of whether it was an illusion or not!

They could not ascertain the authenticity at all!


What surprised Lu Ming was that only Lu Yan and him were around.

Those people…

All of them had disappeared.

"They are not in the vicinity," Lu Yan said softly.

She did not sense their aura.

"Children… You… are finally here… follow the guidance of the Lunar Shadow Card… and find the legacy…" a frail voice whispered into their ears.

Lu Ming glanced at the Lunar Shadow Card in his hands. It was glowing faintly, forming a mysterious arrow which pointed to the deepest part of the forest.

Was the Legacy… there?

Lu Ming squinted his eyes.

Seven inheritors with their respective Lunar Shadow Cards were searching for the legacy in this huge and ancient forest. In that case, whoever that found the legacy first would inherit it?

It was simple and violent.

"It seems that Elder Lunar Shadow is an understanding man."

Lu Yan's expression was indifferent.

She had experienced other Swordsman legacies before. When those elders created their legacy, they loved to fill it with tests of human nature, morals and ethics…

Only heaven knew!

This was a Swordsman legacy and not a trial for inheriting a kingdom!

You don't have a throne for others to inherit!

Swordsman legacy!

You just have to be contented with fulfilling your duty.

"I am beginning to like this old man a little."

Lu Yan's interest was piqued

The Swordsman favored a concise and no-nonsense approach.

This way of the inheriting the Lunar Shadow legacy was simple and straightforward. The rules were out in the open and it was for the participants to earn their luck and compete with their own means.

In that case…

This certainly applied to his sword as well.



If not for the fact that she already had a master, she was tempted to fight for the legacy.


It's a little strange."

Lu Yan paused momentarily. A sword gleam flashed in her hands.


A tall and big tree broke immediately.

"My powers are still present."

Lu Yan felt a little puzzled.

Typically, during the legacy, they would restrict the inheritors' ability for the purpose of better evaluating the latter's capability, especially when they had a companion to assist them!

Based on their information, they would be limited to three-star peak level during the Lunar Shadow legacy!

But now…


She was still at the level of a five-star Swordsman!

"Will it impact us adversely?"

Lu Ming was a little worried.

"They should be the ones worrying."

Lu Yan's expression was calm.

Lu Ming blushed with embarrassment.

"Let's go.

The Land of Legacy…

Chance encounters on this path will end as soon as the inheritor is selected.

Before this happens…

We have to gain as much experience as possible."

Lu Yan led Lu Ming deeper into the woods.

Although they were not competing for the legacy, there were bound to be astonishing chance encounters on the path of the legacy competition. In order to become stronger, they had to embark on this route.


Lu Ming was right on the heels of Lu Yan.

At a certain part of the forest.

"This is strange. My abilities have not been constrained,"

Zhao Yunshan was a little puzzled.

He had participated in seven legacies before and was already very familiar with the legacy process. Logically, there would be constraints in this legacy no matter what.

Three-star peak!

This was the data that they had gathered after analyzing the Lunar Shadow Card.



He was still in his best form.

"Old Niu."

He turned his gaze to the companion beside him.

"My powers are still present too."

A sinister and chilling smile emerged on Niu Xinghai's face. "This legacy is getting more and more interesting. Don't you think so?"


A dark green worm flickered in his hands.

"Its powers are also still present. Hehe."

It seems that the heaven has bestowed you blessings for the legacy this time,"

Niu Xinghai said.

"That's right."

Zhao Yunshan laughed loudly.

His abilities were not constrained during the legacy. Who could stop him then?

Gao Tianlang?

Wu Hongfei?

Or that pitiful guy, Wang Xuan, who was only at three-star peak? Or perhaps… That four-star cultivator who didn't even dare reveal his name?

It was ridiculous!

Among the Swordsmen, only Lu Yan was stronger than him!

Furthermore, she was not participating in the fight!

The legacy this time was simply cut out for him.

Even if Lu Yan could not sort out her thoughts and suddenly wanted to join the fight, he had nothing to fear as Lu Ming would drag her down. She had no chance of winning either!

In terms of combined strength, his team was certainly the best!

Niu Xinghai was not a Card Creator but a mysterious and rare Sorcerer!

A five-star Sorcerer!

He was very powerful!

"Old Niu, we really have to fight for it this time,"

Zhao Yunshan muttered to himself.

He would not give up this time!

"Go ahead and fight for it."

Niu Xinghai grinned hideously. "I have long waited for this. However, that guy called Gao Tianlang, we have to teach him a lesson if we meet him!"


Zhao Yunshan agreed.

That guy was a good-for-nothing!

He had a younger sister who would drag him down too. Yet, he still wanted to participate in the fight for the legacy?


Most probably, he had not expected that the legacy did not constrain their abilities this time either!


In the forest.

Gao Xiaoqing felt unsettled too. "Brother, I am dragging you down."

She felt a little vexed.

Something was not right.

The limit for the legacy this time should be three-star peak!

"It's okay."

Gao Tianlang shook his head.

He did not expect the Lunar Shadow legacy to not impose any constraints on their abilities!

What was he thinking?

They could bring along someone to assist them but their powers were not constrained?

If that was really the case, any seven-star and above superpower could come. Would the site of legacy be able to endure that? It would have long collapsed!

Or perhaps…

It was because they had yet not entered the area with constraints?

"Don't worry."

Besides Zhao Yunshan, we don't need to bother about the rest of them," Gao Tianlang said in a deep voice.

The few of them from The First Academy were all five-star. Zhao Yunshan was also five-star. Wang Xuan was three-star and the other two were only four-star!

Without any constrains in ability, they were the ones who would be most adversely impacted!

As for the assistant…

The assistant could only provide an aid of twenty percent!

Although his younger sister was a little weak, he could make up for that twenty percent. In that case, his only opponent would be Zhao Yunshan!

"Come on!

Let me see how wealthy you are!"

Gao Tianlang's murderous intent was obvious.

At this very moment…

"It should be this way…"

Wang Xuan was moving forward seriously following the Lunar Shadow instructions.


As he was only at three-star peak, he naturally could not sense the so-called constraints. However, the elderly man beside him could sense an abnomaly and he was ecstatic!


The energy of the elder vibrated.

A horrifying aura materialized. It was extremely terrifying.


His powers were not constrained!

"Third uncle."

Wang Xuan was dumbfounded.

"Silly child."

The elderly man smiled and said, "It seems that even Lunar Shadow is taking good care of you."

There were no constraints!

To him, this was already the greatest advantage!

He was invincible!

How many restrictions were there in Lunar Shadow legacy?

Card Restriction: forty percent!

Element restriction: thirty percent!

Plants Restriction: twenty percent!

Independent Restriction: ten percent!

This was the ratio from their initial studies.

They had considered looking for those Card Creators but felt that they were unreliable. Hence, they chose him, this senior, to step into the legacy to help Wang Xuan!


He was an Elementalist!

If the ability was constrained at three-star peak, he would not be able to unleash much of his powers. He could only crack more restrictions based on his experience and fulfill the responsibilities of a qualified assistant.


There were actually no constraints here!

How frightening could a six-star Elementalist be at this place?

He could turn the tides!


Wasn't this what Lunar Shadow longed for?

"Let's go. Child. The legacy this time is destined for you."


The two figures disappeared into the depths of the forest.

"Damn it! Is Elder Lunar Shadow mad?"

Wu Hongfei turned green instantly.


Among everyone, he was the most average one. He did not possess a strange background or various kinds of magical trump cards!

Hence, he dared not be rash.

His companion was also a mere five-star Card Creator!

This was the safest way!

If it was under normal circumstances, he would have some hopes of succeeding. However, when he discovered that there was no constraint in powers, his mood turned sour!

What did this mean?

Was this a competition in background?

Did Elder Lunar Shadow's brains become damaged when he was gravely injured?!

Must be freaking kidding me?!

If he had known that this was the case, he might as well have sold this chance!

"What should we do?"

His companion was very worried too.

They were both five-star cultivators. However, even so, there were several grades to the level!

For example…

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, peak and Lu Yan.

"It seems like we have to go all out."

Wu Hongfei gritted his teeth.

He had paid too high a price and he could not give up now!

At most…

There was a flash of danger in Wu Hongfei's eyes.

"Let's go!"


A team of inheritors appeared.


Different from the rest, they did not seem the slightest bit surprised.

They appeared silently in the forest and left calmly afterward. The direction they were heading in was actually in the opposite direction of the Lunar Shadow Card!


Cold winds flew past the forest, carrying a sinister and chilling aura with it.

"Children… The legacy… has appeared. Go," Lunar Shadow's voice whispered by their ears.

Right then…

No one was aware.

At a faraway place, under a humongous stele in the depths of the forest, a pale old man was staring at the geographical position of the Lu Ming duo numbly.

His face was frail and old, filled with the lines of old age.

His complexion was ghastly pale and he had a pair of deep and dark circles under his eyes. He looked as if he had a kidney deficiency and had not rested for hundreds of years.

"Oh. The inheritors are coming again," he said softly.

"Oh. They broke the rules…"

The old man looked up.

In his impression, this was not in line with the rules.


Just as he lifted his hands, he put them down listlessly.

It was too tiring…

Forget it.

What was the use?

This was already the one thousand three hundred and forty seventh batch of inheritors. Once in a while, a batch of so-called inheritors would appear to fight for the legacy and then fail.



Each time these people arrived in front of the legacy, they would stop in their tracks and then leave afterward.


Another batch of inheritors would come again after some time.

He had experienced the initial pleasant surprise, thrill and doubt replaced by a numb feeling now.

Go ahead and fight for it.

I'll give it to you.

Quickly take the legacy away.

I'm so sleepy.

I'm exhausted.

Don't dawdle anymore, come in…

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