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School field.

Faint lights surged.

Fourteen people stood by the side stealthily as if they were performing some kind of mysterious cult ritual.

"Did you remember what I told you yesterday?"

Lu Yan whispered.


Lu Ming nodded slightly.

Yesterday, Lu Yan gave him some information that briefly introduced the veteran Lunar Shadow's life, as well as the source of the so-called "legacy companions".

Lunar Shadow led a lonely life.

He was only interested in sword cultivation.

He knew nothing but sword cultivation.

His entire life was about the sword.

He was very powerful, but he was being plotted against by others and he eventually died of serious injuries.


This was why when leaving the legacy behind, he hoped that every lonely Swordsman would have a faithful follower by their side.

Therefore, this was why there was the so-called "legacy companion".

Hence, Lu Ming and the other people who provided support had the chance to join the legacy.

This was Lunar Shadow's final wish before his death.

This was the mournful cry of a veteran who had led a single life.


Lu Ming looked at the pairs who teamed up temporarily for the legacy. Among them, how many came together due to their personal interests and resembled what Lunar Shadow wished for?

Or perhaps…

Lunar Shadow had taken all of this into account?

Forget it.

Lu Ming shook his head.

It was useless to think about this before entering the legacy.

His gaze shifted and he swept his gaze over these people before resting on a weird team at the corner. This team was too bizarre!

The young man should be a Swordsman. He seemed to be fairly formidable.

The person next to him was odd. He wore a black robe and he looked to be advanced in years, revealing an odd aura. He seemed like a cosplayer who had just returned from a comic exhibition and was getting ready to go home on the train.

Was he really a Card Creator?

"The young man is Zhao Yunshan,"

Lu Yan said softly, "This is his seventh time participating in the Swordsman legacy."

Seventh time…

Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

Wait a minute. He thought that a person could only inherit one legacy. And yet Zhao Yunshan had participated in seven Swordsman legacies!

Which meant…

He failed all his attempts?!


Lu Yan nodded slightly. She paused briefly before she added. "He is rich."

Lu Ming understood right away.


Was it that easy to search for a legacy?

It was very difficult for ordinary people to participate in a legacy. And this person had participated seven times! Although he failed all his attempts, it went to show that he was a krypton gold player!

"Zhao Yunshan, can you share some of your experiences with us?"

Wu Hongfei was interested.

Although he was the one who initiated the Swordsman legacy, this was his first time participating in a legacy.

"There isn't any experience to share."

Zhao Yunshan looked indifferent. "How about my unsuccessful experiences? Besides, I used to participate in the Swordsman legacy by myself. This is the first time participating as a team."


Lu Ming understood now.

This was the first time that the krypton gold big shot would participate as a team…


Since he was a krypton gold big shot, his companion must be very extraordinary as well. The person who provided support seemed to be so much older than him…

"Aren't you going to introduce him?"

Wu Hongfei was curious.

"I don't really care."

Zhao Yunshan shrugged, looking at his companion.

"Hehe, I am Niu Xinghai, a…"

The black-robed man spoke in a hoarse voice.


There was a burst of a menacing aura.


There was the sound of a sword.

Niu Xinghai was shrouded by a terrible feeling.



A long sword left its scabbard.

Everyone got ready for battle instantly.

"What is this for?!"

Wu Hongfei yelled, staring at Gao Tianlang who took the first move. "What are you trying to do?"


Gao Tianlang glared at Niu Xinghai. His murderous intent was obvious.

After a long time…

He calmed down and sheathed his long sword.

"I hated the surname."

Gao Tianlang remained silent after making the comment.

Everyone was dumbstruck. What did he mean by he hated the surname?!

What was wrong with being called Niu Xinghai?!

Had he provoked Gao Tianlang?

Niu Xinghai was enraged. Energy was brewing in his hands. He could not wait to fight it out with Gao Tianlang.


He was such a bully!

This was worse than saying he could not stand the sight of him. What did it mean by saying that he hated his surname?


Niu Xinghai shook with rage.

"I'm sorry."

Wu Hongfei tried to resolve the dispute. "Brother Niu, please calm down. We have to be calm."

What was happening?

Lu Ming was confused.

He hated bulls?!

Was he hurt back then at the cemetery?

He shouldn't have been. Only four-star cultivators were present and the bulls that he summoned at most cost a slight disturbance to them.

They could not have hurt them!

What was with the rage?

"It was due to his younger sister."

Lu Yan remembered that it was her brother who found the Lunar Shadow Card and whispered in his ear. "His sister, Gao Xiaoqing is an Array Master. She was trampled by a herd of bulls when they received the Lunar Shadow Card last time. Last month, for some unknown reason, she once again suffered serious injuries after being trampled by bulls. She just recovered these past few days."


Serious injuries…

Lu Ming felt a chill.

He looked up and happened to see the aggrieved look in the lady's eyes.



They were in conflict!

And the reason was due to this!!!

Gao Tianlang was furious as the person had the surname of Niu, if he knew what he did…

Lu Ming felt a chill that shot through his feet to his head.


Lu Ming observed a moment of silence for himself.


Judging from the looks of the young lady, she had no intention to tell her brother. Instead she seemed to be challenging him. Lu Ming looked away, feeling guilty.

He was innocent!

Why would a young lady like her join in the fun at that kind of place?!

Didn't she know that it was dangerous?


Lu Ming coughed, hiding behind his sister.


Lu Yan looked at him, feeling incredulous. Why was he hiding behind her?

She noticed that Xiaoqing had a complicated expression in her eyes when she stared at Lu Ming. She seemed to understand. Perhaps the lady really liked her brother?

It was a sheer pity.


The atmosphere at the field became even odder.

Wu Hongfei was worried that it would result in dramatic situations, hence he remained silent, not saying anything else.

Gao Xiaoqing kept staring at Lu Ming, while Lu Ming hid behind his sister, pretending that he was not there.

As for the cosplay big shot, he shot daggers from his eyes, fixing a death stare at Gao Tianlang. He could not wait to kill him.

The rest of them were too lazy to join in the conversation. They had a look of indifference on their faces as they watched as the energy of the Lunar Shadow legacy condensed together.

Wu Hongfei felt exasperated.


Why were all of them so dramatic?!

The legacy had yet to be started!

Did they know how dangerous the situation was?

The cultivators outside were eying them covetously, thinking of snatching the legacy anytime. How could the inheritors be having internal problems?

He felt exhausted.

He had a hunch…

This time, the legacy might not be as what the textbook had said!

At this moment.

The radiance of the legacy shone brightly.

Energy was consumed rapidly and a powerful light condensed. There was a door in the void.

"A portal!"

Everyone exclaimed.

The activation method of the Lunar Shadow legacy turned out to be through a portal?!

The portal was most unstable among all the legacies. That was because one never knew what kind of illusion the portal would lead them to!


It did not matter!

Since it was the Lunar Shadow legacy, it would not harm them.

"Let's go!"

Wu Hongfei led everyone to the portal and was the first to enter, followed by others.


When it was Lu Yan's turn, she paused slightly.

"Elder sister?"

Lu Ming was shocked.

"Here's the card."

Lu Yan handed the card to Lu Ming. "The person who enters with the card will be seen as entering the competition for the legacy. I don't need the legacy. It's better that you take it."

"I don't need it either."

Lu Ming was confused. He was a Card Creator. It was impossible for him to accept the legacy!

"This is why I have to give it to you."

Lu Yan paused. "I am worried that the veteran Lunar Shadow might feel that I am talented and pass the so-called legacy to me."

"I don't think so."

Lu Ming was at a loss.

Lunar Shadow legacy was after all a veteran. He would not be so thick-skinned.

"Why not?"

Lu Yan was without any expression. "Why do you think I have a master now?"

Lu Ming was taken aback.

No way!

Many people dreamed of getting the legacy!

Look at the uproar that one of the Lunar Shadow Cards had caused and one could tell that it was highly sought after. Besides, this was a veteran that had passed away a long time ago!

His sister's master was a living legend!

Perhaps all big shots were very down to earth.

"Let's go."

Lu Yan passed the card to Lu Ming and brought him into the legacy.


Seven card slots on the door lit up. All the lights and shadows gathered, rotating like an emery wheel and dissipating gradually.

At the office.

The dean looked on with satisfaction as all of them left.


They had finally left!


He was shocked by the way the portal disappeared and the lights and shadow that dissipated after the Lunar Shadow integrated. It did not seem like what he had imagined.

Lunar Shadow legacy…

The dean furrowed his eyebrows.


He flipped open a book that summarized all kinds of legacies, wanting to know how all the legacies appeared and ended. He realized to his surprise that there was nothing like what he saw with the Lunar Shadow legacy!

"Could it be that it has never appeared before?"

The dean murmured to himself.

He looked at the information.

Lunar Shadow was just a Swordsman. He would have to find someone to create the legacy. Since that was the case, the legacy should be quite common. Why was it that it had never appeared before?!


There was nothing wrong with the information regarding Lunar Shadow. But the legacy had been there for ages!

It ended with the emery wheel…

The dean could not help but be worried.

Although these people were always up to trouble, they were after all the geniuses of The First Academy. Otherwise, he would not have made the school field available to the public.

The children…


They would be alright.
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