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An old man's blurred gaze suddenly turned clear.


In his hands.

A piece of thick tortoise shell. The runes on the tortoise shell shone, a powerful aura shook the surrounding air. He seemed to be making a mysterious and powerful deduction.

This was a tortoise shell.

It originated from a type of living creature, Du Ma that belonged to the same category as tortoise.

Rumor had it that after thousand years of nourishment, its carapace contained the power of time. After it was detached from the creature, it became the most powerful and previous tool of the Diviner.


The runes flashed.

The image in front of the old man seemed to become clear.

"What is that you want to know… Is it about the Lunar Shadow legacy?"

The old man's voice was hoarse.


The young man in front of him was being very respectful.

A spear quietly laid on the side, indicating the identity of the person.

Zhou Yang!

After the previous huge loss, he did not dare to say it upfront, but he specially asked his father to find a divination master and to make a deduction for him!

This time, his target was the Lunar Shadow legacy!

Of course.

He did not need the legacy, what he needed was to reap returns from the Lunar Shadow legacy!

Only in this way, could he make up for the losses in Qing Ming City, and only in this way, could he quickly increase his ability to be stronger than Gao Tianlang!

This was an opportunity.

The Lunar Shadow legacy was not open to the public. During the legacy, no one could interfere with the inheritors, however…

What about before that?

"Wait a minute."

The old man who had gone through all the vicissitudes of life spoke up.


Zhou Yang waited respectfully by the side.



The runes on the tortoise shell flashed.

After a long time…

The runes froze, shining brightly.

Tian Du City.

Tomorrow morning.

The old man gave him the answer.

"Thank you."

Zhou Yang turned to leave.

With this, it would be enough.


Why were Swordsmen the only people who were allowed to participate in this unrivaled legacy?

Gao Tianlang.

We will meet soon.

It was very late at night.

Some people silently crept into the city.


Not only did Zhou Yang find a way, many people who were hidden in the dark gradually surfaced, they also wanted to take a share of the Lunar Shadow legacy!

They maintained a low profile.

Because they knew that as more and more people knew about it, the competition would become stiffer.

This time…

It was their chance too!

If possible…

They wanted to enter the legacy as well!

"I have the ability to shift and transport. I can replace one of them at the moment they enter the legacy."

Someone was hiding in the shadows.

"I have lightning speed, people called it Small Lightning. If I dash forward before the Lunar Shadow Card is judged to be in perfect harmony with one of them, I might be taken as the person and I can take the chance to enter the legacy?"

Some of them came up with ideas to enter the legacy.

"I am very formidable, perhaps I can snatch one of the Lunar Shadow Cards."

This was from a more ruthless cultivator.

"I will kill all of them and snatch all seven cards."

This was from a terrifying organization.

In the darkness.

Everyone had their own plans.

The Lunar Shadow Cards had appeared since a long time ago and had been through several owners. Many of them could not forget about the cards. Some of them used to be the previous owners of the Lunar Shadow Cards!


All of them were waiting.

They were waiting for the moment when the radiance of the Lunar Shadow shone.

Some people had been informed that their previously agreed location appeared to be in the Cloud Gallery Park. Right now, there was already a group of people quietly hidden there.

Even if Wu Hongfei and the rest might not be there…


What if?

Everyone understood the principle that it would be dark under the lights. If Wu Hongfei went there, they would make it big!

Not only that.

They had arranged for people to monitor all the well-known parks, some unknown places, as well as places that met the conditions of the legacy.

It was to the extent that…

Some of them were already on stand-by in the suburbs.

The next day.

The sun was not up yet.

Some of them were already there, full of expectations

"I can't believe you're here…"

Acquaintances met each other in the suburbs.

"Since you are here, why can't I be here?"

The man sneered.

"I heard that Lu Yan also participated in the legacy this time. Aren't you afraid? I remembered the last time the two of you were in a battle, her sword almost took your head!"

"Ridiculous! I'm here for her!"

"I wouldn't bother her if she came by herself, but she has her younger brother with her… fool, her brother will die in the chaos. I will make her live in regret for the rest of her life!"

Right then…

Everyone fixed their gaze on The First Academy.

They waited.

They had targeted several doors of the college. As long as Lu Yan and the rest appeared, they would not hesitate to follow them. However, they did not expect that…

The sky was getting brighter but no one showed up!

"What is happening?"

"Could they have gone out in a disguise?"

"Impossible! I have cast a Targeting Power on one of them. I am sure he's still in the college."

"This was strange."

Everyone was puzzled.

They each had their own means to determine the location of those people.


It stated that it was six o'clock in the morning. It was almost time. Could it be that they changed the time? However, the time that the Prophet deduced could not be wrong!

This was the time where the Lunar Shadow's radiance would shine!

How could this be…


It was six o'clock sharp.

At this moment, a thrilling aura emerged, a bright moonlight radiated, shining straight into the sky, the Lunar Shadow legacy had been activated!

"It has been activated?!"

The cultivators were excited, but then they realized that something was wrong.

The location…

From this distance…

Everyone's expression changed. "In The First Academy?!"


The legacy was activated in the college!

How could that be possible?!

Who gave them the courage?!

"Go check it!"

They sent people to check.

Very soon…

They got the latest news. Wu Hongfei and others had indeed activated the Lunar Shadow legacy in the school field and the school field was just behind the school office.

Over there…

Was the principal's office.

That meant that the dean personally approved the legacy!

Who dared to go?!

Who dared to take it?!

"How can that be possible…"

The group of cultivators widened their eyes in disbelief.

They could not believe that The First Academy would allow them to activate the legacy in the school!

Were they crazy?!

In the college.

The dean looked through the window toward the field.

This was his favorite vantage point. He could see whether any students were skiving during the students' activities. But right now, he looked melancholic.


Leave as soon as possible!

The school would be peaceful with the Big Devil and the Little Devil gone.

At this very moment…

In the field.


Lights and shadow condensed to form a huge mass.

The bright beam was as white as the moon. It turned out that Card Creators and Array Masters were involved in the formation of the Lunar Shadow Legacy Card.

At this moment…

Lu Yan and the others waited for the Lunar Shadow legacy to be activated.

This was the first time the fourteen of them gathered together!

Right then…

They should look solemn, concentrating on the activation of the legacy. But due to the presence of one person, the atmosphere had become somewhat strange.

Under the moonlight.

Lu Ming looked sullen.


He did not expect that he would know some of the people here!


They were very familiar!

For example—

The person right in front of him!

Gao Tianlang.

He was the mysterious Swordsman that appeared in Qing Ming City that day!

There was a lady next to him. It was Gao Xiaoqing who came looking for him. The lady still looked at him with resentment in her eyes.

Lu Ming was innocent.

He really did not know this girl. He only saw her once at the cemetery that day. Other than that, they had no interaction at all! Why did she stare at him with those eyes of hers?

It was true that he was handsome.

"Long time no see."

Gao Xiaoqing gave a serious look to Lu Ming.

Why did she seem to be even more resentful than the previous time?

"Do you know each other?"

Lu Yan was interested.

From the expression in the lady's eyes, she seemed to have complicated feelings toward Lu Ming.


Lu Ming thought for a while. "She came to my shop when I was in Qing Ming City."

"I am not your customer."

Gao Xiaoqing cast a glance at Lu Ming before saying seriously, "This time I won't be bullied by you again. I will surpass you in the Lunar Shadow legacy!"


Gao Tianlang's expression became hostile.

Bullied again…

There seemed to be many stories behind these two words.

Everyone was interested, unfortunately, the lady refused to say anything else. All they could think of was that Lu Ming had jilted or rejected her.

Lu Yan was deep in her thoughts.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Why was this lady such a drama queen?

He had no idea what she was up to!

He was really innocent!

Lu Ming was speechless.


His gaze left the siblings. It was still reasonable that they were here, but then he saw the person next to them. What was he up to?!

Wang Xuan, three-star Swordsman.

That was right.

It was Wang Xuan!

He rescued him during the demolition of the old town of Qing Ming City!

"He is actually a Swordsman?"

Lu Ming could not tell.

Last time, this person was behaving like a krypton gold cultivator!

But judging from the Swordsman Card that he brought with him, his father might be a powerful Swordsman. Perhaps this was why he had sent him to learn swordplay?

"Long time no see."

Wang Xuan looked toward Lu Ming.

"That's right."

Lu Ming smiled wryly.

He really did not feel like seeing him.

Dressed in women's clothes…


That was hundreds of years ago.

But right now, Wang Xuan seemed to be more calm and collected. He wondered what he had been through. There was a chilling menace about him.

"I will become stronger."

Wang Xuan had a profound gaze.

He always felt that he owed Lu Ming.

Ever since the disaster at Qing Ming City, he had vowed to become stronger. Originally he wanted to accept his father's legacy, but for unknown reasons, his father had no wish to give it to him. Instead, he searched for the Lunar Shadow legacy for him but refused for his son to accept his legacy.

Nevertheless, he would become stronger!

Lu Ming was confused.

Why were you telling me this?

There was an older Card Creator beside Wang Xuan.


His family must have sent the person to assist him.

He had to admit that the ballers were being too extra. They obviously sent a very powerful master to assist in this legacy!

This was bullying!

At this very moment…

Lu Yan's gaze swept over Wang Xuan and Lu Ming. She seemed worried.

Not only did Gao Xiaoqing look at her brother with a complicated expression, but Wang Xuan also had a similar expression when he looked at her brother…

Her brother seemed to have an extensive appetite.
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