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Divine Card Creator 108 How To Increase Combat Effectiveness Correctly?

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That afternoon.

Lu Ming went to the teacher's class again—Sorry, you had been added to this class' banned list. Please contact the teacher or the school to cancel the ban.

Lu Ming was dazed.

Did the teacher need to go to this extent?!

He was innocent.

It was true.

He really wanted to learn and he did not mean to cause any trouble! It was the teacher who told him to go up to do a demonstration, otherwise he was content to keep a low profile!

"Forget it."

Lu Ming rubbed his head.

This was not the only course in the Faculty of Card Creation. Well… he took a look. Other than the basic course, there was another interesting course, Card Creation Combat Studies!


The Faculty of Card Creation of The First Academy actually had combat studies!

"I have to take a look."

Lu Ming felt energized.

He knew that even when assisting, he had to have some combat abilities. At the very least, he must be able to protect himself!

Therefore, he had to take this course!

Those who chose this course were usually the novices Card Creators who just entered the academy. Lu Ming knew that all the high-level students were out on missions!

For example Wu Hongfei and Lu Yan…

All of them were busy with their own businesses.


After Lu Ming signed up for the course, he went to the classroom on time.

This was a very special Card Creator teacher.

He was Tan Yaoming.

He was unlike other traditional Card Creators and he was well-known in The First Academy, because of his extremely strong survival and defense abilities!

According to sources…

When he was at the three-star level, he managed to stay alive against a four-star Fighter!

He was even more powerful now!

Among people in his same level, almost no one could break his defense. Although Card Creator was an auxiliary profession, he had developed the combat ability of the Card Creator industry to the highest possible level!

Many fighting vocation professors felt that it was a pity that he chose to be a Card Creator!

He was very formidable!

Lu Ming exclaimed in amazement.

Tan Yaoming's course was to teach the students how to stay alive and to have better combat abilities, and to defend themselves against attacks more effectively!

It was very important to the Card Creator who had weak combat abilities.

Right then, a student had a question. "Teacher, can you withstand Lu Yan's attacks?"

Tan Yaoming was speechless.

Why was the child so insensible?


Didn't he understand the meaning of that?!

Cough, cough.

Tan Yaoming pretended not to have heard the student and continued with the lesson.

"There are a variety of fighting vocations. But to tell you the truth, if you want to cause real damage, you need powerful abilities that would consume a lot of energy!

You must not have the idea that they are very powerful.

Let's start from two-star.

Two-star is generally about a few thousand points of energy. One move costs a few hundred points of energy. How many moves do you think you will be able to use? The more powerful the moves, the more energy is consumed. Therefore…

You should understand the logic behind it.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, a Fighter usually only has ten skills before the energy ran out. Therefore it is crucial that we must know how to counter every move.

Energy Warrior?


There is no need to worry about them.

One only needs to prepare ten different types of Defense Cards.

It will be enough.

They have limited energy, so do you. Therefore, it is very important that you use the appropriate skills to block the attacks they launch!"

Tan Yaoming was very serious. "Let me impart some basic knowledge to you."

With that…

Tan Yaoming began his explanation once again.

There were some types of vocational abilities that one had to block…

There were some kinds of vocational abilities that one could try to resist…

The damages caused by different types of vocational abilities…

And so on.

Lu Ming was very serious in learning them.

It was great!

In his opinion, the people at The First Academy were very capable, they were knowledgeable and serious in teaching the students. They were so much better than the college at the crossroad!

If he had transmigrated earlier, he would have been able to make it to this academy!

The teacher shared his countless experiences in the first lesson. Lu Ming had a fruitful lesson.

In the second class, Lu Ming sensed that things did not seem right when the teacher brought everyone to the simulation theater, saying that he would choose one student to do a combat simulation.

He must hide!

At the thought of this, he hid behind a student right away.


"You, the student who went into hiding. Why are you in a hurry to hide? Come on."

Tan Yaoming told him to start the fight.

Lu Ming was dazed.

I am already hiding. Why did you pick me?!

He was speechless.

Being handsome and having a mighty name must have made it easier for the teacher to pick him!

However, he would not be a coward. After careful thought, this was a good chance as well. He always felt that his way of fighting was wrong!

How should a Card Creator fight in battles?

He wanted to know.

The simulation exercise was in fact an illusion program. One could freely choose virtual cards and engage in simulation combats. It would be very useful to the students.

"You can pick some similar cards and launch an attack as you would do in real life."

Tan Yaoming told him to start the fight.

"Teacher, my way of fighting in combat is wrong."

Lu Ming smiled bitterly.

He wanted to try as he knew that his way of fighting was wrong.

"It's all the better that it's wrong."

Tan Yaoming was pleased. "It's good that it's wrong. In that way, you can demonstrate it accurately to everyone and serve as a reminder to them. Just go ahead to launch the attack."


Lu Ming was very doubtful.

"Of course."

Tan Yaoming was being very patient and encouraging. "You should fight as you would in real life. Don't be shy! No matter whether it's right or wrong, I will give you some pointers."


Lu Ming nodded slightly.


He was after all the teacher at The First Academy!

He had formidable abilities!

Given his weak abilities, there was nothing to worry about.

Therefore, he chose some similar cards and used some two-star Attack Cards to replace the Burial Mound Card and Bulls Card.

"Let's begin."

Tan Yaoming told him to start the fight.


As usual, Lu Ming threw out a large number of cards.




The countless number of Attack Cards kept appearing.

The energy of the simulation Card Creator that he set was drained instantly but was filled up the next second. Energy Cards were being depleted one by one, and the attacks were launched one after another, drowning Tan Yaoming.


The blood status bar of the simulation program at Tan Yaoming's side dropped to its lowest.


The battle was over.

Lu Ming had won.

Tan Yaoming looked awkward, he took a long while to recover himself.

The students were stunned as well.


No way!

"Don't you know what a combat simulation is?"

Tan Yaoming was furious. "Do you think that you are playing games and you have unlimited energy and plug-ins? If you really do so in real life, I will take your surname…"


Lu Ming took out a stack of Energy Cards from his card bag.


The entire classroom turned silent.

He really had the cards!

Tan Yaoming turned sullen.


Did this child use a large number of cards in real life?!

Did he have any misconception about being a Card Creator?

Tan Yaoming was very skeptical.

Card Creator was in fact an auxiliary vocation!

A Card Creator needed to use a lot of cards as well as energy to launch the same type of attack. However, the same fighting vocation only needed to use the energy within themselves!

There was no need for any expensive card!


A fighting vocation was a fighting vocation!

An auxiliary vocation was an auxiliary vocation!

A Card Creator had to pay so much more than a fighting vocation to have the same conditions!


It was true that Lu Ming could defeat the other party with the large number of cards that he used.


The premise was that the other party was very poor.

If the other party had an abundance of energy as well, the fighting abilities of the other party would definitely be much more terrifying!

This was not considered as a way of combat!

What was important about combat?


Multiplying power!

"This is how I usually fight."

Lu Ming was between laughter and tears. "I know that there is something wrong with the way I fight, but I have no idea how I should improve, therefore I was hoping that you could give me some advice."

Tan Yaoming was speechless.

The students were dumbstruck.


To hell with advice!

They had seen for themselves how the carefully selected cards of the teacher were being drowned by a large number of low-level cards…

All of them were deemed useless!


No matter how well-planned one was in selecting the cards, one could not withstand a baller cultivator who threw out a lot of cards! Furthermore, a low-level Card Creator was capable of using a large number of cards to create this effect.

The students were lost in their thoughts. They had learned a lesson today.

There was a look of disdain on Tan Yaoming's face.

Students, this was not what I wanted to teach you!!!

Don't get the wrong idea!!!


Tan Yaoming had no idea what else he should say.

This student had a good attitude and asked for advice humbly. What else could he say?

"Forget it."

Tan Yaoming waved his hands.

He told Lu Ming to return to his seat and he continued to impart fighting experience to the students.

Tan Yaoming was pleased that Lu Ming listened to the lesson attentively. He was considered a studious student, but he realized to his surprise that all the other students had their attention elsewhere!


In his lessons?

This was the first occurrence!

Therefore, Tan Yaoming walked quietly to their seats and saw to his surprise, that a group of students were searching for something on their phones.


He took a closer look.

"How to become a baller at the fastest speed?"

"Are there more standardized campus loans?"

"Is there any better way that men can use nude photos as collateral to obtain loans?"

"Are there any rich families that are looking for son-in-laws or daughter-in-laws in Tian Du City?"

"Will opening a tea shop in The First Academy make money?"

What were those???

Tan Yaoming widened his eyes in shock.


Did the students turn crazy?

Instead of focusing on learning, why were they interested in earning money?!

Other than the tea shop that sounded more acceptable, what the hell was the rest about?!

Tan Yaoming had a mental breakdown.


Because of the demonstration just now?


The lesson had ended.

All the students left the classroom happily.

Tan Yaoming was left in the same spot at the classroom with a sullen expression. In the past,these students were studious and they would ask questions about the lessons. Right now, all of them could not wait to leave the class!

They were probably rushing to earn money!

The general mood…

Had changed for the worst!

Tan Yaoming glanced at Lu Ming looking displeased.

Lu Ming had an innocent look on his face.

After the lesson.

Lu Ming went back to ponder a very serious matter.

He felt that what Tan Yaoming said was actually very true. In a battle, one should use all the energy to drain the other party of its fighting abilities and to conserve one's energy as best as possible!

It was shameful to waste one's energy. He must control the usage of energy!

His way of fighting had been wrong all this while. After all, even Wang Xuan would not spend one million yuan at the two-star stage to use a single skill to demolish the entire city, it was too wasteful…

I was wrong!

Lu Ming understood now.


Should he work on using minimal but effective cards?

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

"What's on your mind?"

Lu Yan just returned from the outside and she looked at him with curious eyes.

"I want to seal a stronger ability that has a low-energy consumption."

Lu Ming was being truthful.

"Can you seal Sword Aura?" Lu Yan asked.

"Sword Aura?!"

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.


How could he have forgotten about his elder sister?

Lu Yan was a powerful Swordsman!


Lu Ming hurried to say.

"What is your current energy level?"

Lu Yan asked.

"Two thousand and six hundred!"

Lu Ming was being truthful.

His energy level had increased significantly with his hard work and creation of cards.

"Two thousand six hundred…"

Lu Yan was briefly silent. "Get yourself ready."


Lu Yan took out his Original Card and placed it in front of Lu Yan carefully.

This was his first try at sealing Swordsman skills!


There was some hope for Xiaobai's card!

"You should cast the sealing ability first."

Lu Yan reminded him.


Lu Ming paused momentarily. Shouldn't he seal the ability after it was released?

"If I cast the ability first, by the time you react you will be dead."

Lu Yan looked indifferent.


Lu Ming smiled bitterly.


As soon as he activated the ability, lights flashed in Lu Yan's hands, A powerful aura was released and it filled the Original Card totally.

Blues lights flashed.

Blue color?

Lu Ming's eyes widened suddenly.
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