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In the female dormitory.

Lu Ming and Li Tiantian were still chatting.

This lady was going all out, exhausting all kinds of suggestive words of romance and fervently making advances. Occasionally, she even moaned a few times and broke into loud fits of laughter.

Opposite her.

Lu Ming remained unmoved by the circumstances.

"Take a rest first. I will get your elder sister."

Li Tiantian finally gave up.


Lu Ming nodded slightly.

He had won!!!

He almost could not take it!

Female college students in The First Academy were really scary!

This person called Li Tiantian looked at most a couple of years older than him but when that powerful charm landed, he could not resist it despite his strong will!

If not for Brother Cat's help…

Was this how powerful The First Academy was?

Lu Ming exclaimed in amazement.

Till now, he did not know if this lady did it on purpose.

This was because he heard that some cultivators who cultivated Charm were unable to control their abilities temporarily during the course of studies. The effect would be to attract the attention of the opposite sex..

It was very scary!

And more so if it was unintentional!

The capability of students from The First Academy was already frightening to that extent?

Lu Ming was silent.

He knew how strong the formal colleges were but had not expected it to be powerful to this extent. He could not even resist a little bit of Charm!

If it was in the wilderness, he might have died!

"I have to work harder," Lu Ming muttered in his heart.

At this very moment…

Li Tiantian stepped out of the room and entered the room next door.

Over there…

Lu Yan was in front of the desk in the room.

A shadow was suspended in front of her. This was actually the scene of the room where Lu Ming was now situated at.

"Bent (Bent is a term used in LGBT slang which means gay, as opposed to straight.)

He's really bent."

Li Tiantian's expression was grim.

She and Lu Yan glanced at each other, their eyes filled with sorrow.

"Did you really put in effort?"

Lu Yan asked in solemn voice.

"I really did!

I went all out!"

Li Tiantian lifted her huge boobs. "Let me tell you. I tried it before the last time and even my teacher can barely resist it. There is no problem with my ability!

I major in Charm!

It's invincible!

As long as there is a slight trace of desire, anyone will be tempted by me…

I've never failed before."

Li Tiantian was very proud of herself.

This was her pride.

Most of those who could enter The First Academy were geniuses!

Lu Yan was a genius, and she, Li Tiantian, was of course also one.

However, today…

She failed!

Was it because of Lu Ming's strong will?

Obviously not.

No matter how strong-willed he was, he was merely a two-star Card Creator. Facing Li Tiantian, a four-star cultivator and someone who majored in Charm, logically, he did not have the power to retaliate at all!

This was then the norm!



Lu Ming was calm throughout, without a trace of spark.

What did this mean?

He had no desire for Li Tiantian at all.


He had really become bent!

Lu Yan was having a headache.


In the past, her younger brother liked her and she was very worried.

But, the outcome?

Now, she was even more worried although her younger brother seemed normal!

Li Tiantian's ability could not affect her younger brother's state of mind. In addition, she accidentally saw female clothing in her younger brother's room previously.

Did this child really become gay!?

"Actually, it's also quite good to become bent."

Li Tiantian's eyes shone mysteriously. "I know a good looking top. If he is paired with Lu Ming, this handsome bottom, wow…"

"Get lost!"

Lu Yan was surrounded by a murderous aura.

If this girl really dared to get a man here, she would definitely kill her in one slash of a sword!

As for Lu Ming…


Li Tiantian was secretly gloating.

Big Devil Lu was feeling troubled. She had not expected such a day to come. Tsk tsk…

"Let's monitor first."

Lu Yan was having a headache.

She got up… and returned to her own room.


This was the first real meeting between Lu Ming and Lu Yan since he transmigrated.

As usual, she was clad in a simple training suit. Nevertheless, her beauty was truly stunning. Even though she was without any make up or embellishment, she still looked so fresh-faced and otherworldly.

Lu Ming made a comparison at heart. Hmm, she was on par with him.

"Elder sister."

Lu Ming moved forward.


Lu Yan looked at her younger brother who was standing before her.

It seemed that he had grown up a little. He actually did not avoid her gaze. He finally had a bit of manliness, which was considered a positive improvement.

However, why did he become bent?

"As promised, this is your present."

Lu Yan passed a box to Lu Ming. Inside it lay an exquisite bracelet.

"Bringing a cell phone will affect your combat ability. It's more convenient for you to wear this when you go out," Lu Yan explained.


Lu Ming nodded.

She still cared a lot about him.


What was with that strange look in her eyes?

Was she slightly suspicious of him due to the discrepancy in behavior between him and Little Lu Ming?


It seemed that he had to be more cautious.

Lu Ming became even more low-key.

"I asked you to come this time because the Lunar Shadow legacy has been brought forward."

After pondering, Lu Yan still decided to tell her younger brother, "It may be brought forward because of some change in circumstances."

"What happened?"

Lu Ming was shocked.

There was a total of fourteen participants - seven Inheritors and seven assistants - for the Lunar Shadow legacy, but they changed the date at the last minute. This matter must have caused a huge impact!

"Some of the cards have changed hands."

Lu Yan said calmly, "Some incompetent people are not able to keep the cards after getting them. As a result, some of the Inheritors simply changed hands."


Lu Ming was very astute and focused on this word.

"Three," Lu Yan remarked.

Lu Ming was speechless.


There were only seven legacies in total, right?

In that case, besides Lu Yan and team, almost half the cards had changed hands!

This speed…

"You don't need to worry,"

Lu Yan reassured. "Wu Hongfei will handle this matter. There will be an outcome very soon. It's good that you're here earlier. It's easier to deal with issues as they arise.


Take this."

Lu Yan passed a certificate to Lu Ming - The First Academy Visiting Student Certificate.

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

"Recharge yourself during these two days."

Lu Yan nodded slightly. This was the price that Lu Ming had to pay for giving up the chance to be Wu Hongfei's Card Creator previously.


Lu Ming was tempted.

This was The First Academy Visiting Student Certificate. With this, he would be able to attend classes at the Faculty of Card Creation.

He had not learned anything new for a long time!


In Qing Ming City, he did not have much more to learn. The teachers did not have many things to teach him. The Card Creators Association was such a 'con' and Principal Jiang Feng…


He was running for his life most of the time.

Lu Ming really wanted to go to the World of Darkness and Shadow to see the number of times Jiang Feng had been on the run currently…

Forget, he would not think about this now.

Lu Ming glanced at the certificate in his hands. Classes at The First Academy?

He very much looked forward to it!

"I'll go now."

Lu Ming left happily.

After he left, Li Tiantian hopped over from next door, her clothes were shaking badly.

"How is he? How is he?"

Li Tiantian was very curious. "Did he become bent? Is he bent?"

Lu Yan could not be bothered with her. Remembering Lu Ming's earlier demeanor, she said, "His overall behavior is very good, much better than his past cowardly self. He has also become more masculine."

"More masculine?"

Li Tiantian was skeptical. She muttered, "One takes on the color of one's company?"

Lu Yan's hand trembled, almost releasing a ray of Sword Aura.

This young lady kept on angering her. She had read too much fujoshi (Fujoshi (lit. "spoiled girl") is a Japanese term for female fans who enjoy any media works or fanworks with romantic relationships between men.) literature!

At this very moment…

In the building of the Faculty of Card Creation.

Lu Ming specially enrolled in the most popular Card Creation class.

Over here…

It was crowded.

Lu Ming went over to take a look. He heard that this was the most important single lesson for the first-year college freshmen of Faculty of Card Creation - The teacher would impart high-level card creation techniques to all the students!

All the students could learn them?

Lu Ming was astonished. Look, other people's college had such treatment!

He pondered about the school at the crossroad…

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

Very soon…

The class was already filled with people.

Everyone was holding the Card Creating Pen and blank paper in their hands and waiting for the teacher to start the lesson. They wanted to see if they would be able to pick up the so-called high-level techniques!

On the podium, stood a young female teacher in her thirties.

"I'm Li Nianxuan, your teacher for this lesson."

Teacher Lee's gaze swept across the crowd.

"You people."

Shaking her head, Teacher Lee could not stifle her laughter. "It's only during such times that I will see many of you. Alright, keep quiet. Next, I will impart you a high-level technique!"

"In theory, this technique can only be mastered by high-level Card Creators!

People like you…

If you have two-star or three-star, you can give it a try first.

Everyone has touched on two-way intersection and three-way interlace techniques before, right? However, these are techniques of the lowest level and there are many limitations. You need to learn the knowledge for each layer of technique. It's too troublesome. After learning two-way, you need to learn three-way. After learning three-way, you still need to learn four-way!

Isn't it very tiring?

Hence, the circular ecology structure that I'm be imparting you this time can easily solve this problem. As long as you pick up this technique, you will able to take on an infinite number of lines!"


Lu Ming's eyes shone brightly. Was there such a technique?

"Come. Look here.

The so-called two-way… the three-way… and circular ecology…"

Teacher Lee was teaching and explaining very seriously.

Lu Ming's horizons were suddenly widened.

So, that was what happened.

He understood now.

The circular ecology structure was actually a ring-shaped island! The two-way, three-way and so on became a dynamic roundabout!

There was no need to think about the number of intersections!

As long as the flow did not exceed the limit of the ring island, they could take on any number of intersections!

It was very powerful!

Of course.

The difficulty level of drawing also increased tremendously!

Lu Ming took a glance. The concept was easy to understand. Mainly, it was to enable the center area of the ring island to withstand a powerful flow of energy!

This was very important.

This was because this would determine how powerful the ring island that one created would be!

Some people's foundation was too poor. Hence, even if they were to pick up this technique, the ring island that they created could only withstand two standard energy lines. It would be pointless then!

They might as well use those intersection or interlace lines directly!

Nevertheless, for some people…

The ring island that they created could easily withstand four and above standard energy lines.

This should be the usual standard!

This was the standard expected of a high-level technique!
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