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"How many of them did you blackmail?"

Lu Ming no longer want to rescue this guy.

It was true.

Yesterday, after witnessing how vicious the four-star cultivators were, he did not want to provoke those guys now, especially if the trouble was caused by the man in front of him. He was courting death and he deserved it!


He would be safer in the detention center.

If he were released…

"Just one."

Zhang Xiaopang felt wronged. "I'm not stupid. I know who I can ask for money from and who I can't. I didn't bother those lone cultivators. I found a strong and powerful prodigy disciple. His family clan is very particular about reputation. Hence, I asked him for money."

"Who is that?"

Lu Ming was curious.

"Zhou Yang."

Zhang Xiaopang sighed.


Lu Ming felt energized.

Zhou Yang?!

"That guy who uses a long spear?"

Lu Ming pondered deeply.


Zhang Xiaopang paused for a moment. "You can reluctantly say so. His can't be considered a long spear at all. It's so short and thin and can't be compared to mine. It's more appropriate to describe it as a toothpick…"

Lu Ming was dazed.

What was this guy talking about?!

I am referring to the weapon. The one in his hands!

Lu Ming: "Where is the video?"

Zhang Xiaopang: "I destroyed it after he gave me the money!"

Lu Ming, "You didn't keep any negatives?"

Zhang Xiaopang: "He is not stupid. I used a disposable camera. He'll kill me if I keep any negatives."

Lu Ming: "You're not afraid of being killed if you don't?"

Zhang Xiaopang, "I'm not afraid. I told him that I have set up automated mails and messages. If I'm dead, they will be sent to all his relatives and friends. Even if there is no evidence, those people will find out what happened."

Lu Ming: "Why are you here then?"

Zhang Xiaopang: "I was reported by someone else. One of the ladies is too dumb and the video was discovered."

Lu Ming: "Aren't you afraid of putting her in danger?"

Zhang Xiaopang: "No. The rooms that I arranged are all located next to the police office. No cultivators will dare to murder anyone there."

The two conversed with each other fluently and rapidly.

Zhang Wei's face turned increasingly dark.

Cough, cough.

He really could not take it anymore. He coughed twice and interrupted their conversation.


They were at a detention center!

He, the police officer, was still around!

Yet, they were discussing it so openly???

Could they give him some face?!

In addition, what was the meaning of arranging things to happen next to the police office? The most dangerous place is exactly where safety lies. Did they look down on the police?


The room fell silent again.

Lu Ming looked at the fatty in front of him with an expressionless face. This good-for-nothing! He managed to grab hold of the evidence of Zhou Yang's wrongdoing but destroyed it afterward!

What was the use of having you!

"How do I get him out of here?"

Lu Ming suddenly glanced at Zhang Wei.

"It's a little troublesome."

Zhang Wei sighed. "That four-star cultivator has to agree to it first. Otherwise, he will be killed if even if he was released!

"Prostitution is also illegal," Zhang Xiaopang reminded.


Zhang Wei sneered coldly, "He has already paid the fine."

Zhang Xiaopang's expression was ugly.

"How much did Zhou Yang give you?"

Lu Ming suddenly asked.

Cough, cough.

Zhang Xiaopang glanced at Zhang Wei before coughing. "N-not much. Just ten thousand yuan."

Zhang Wei was deeply skeptical.

Was it really only ten thousand yuan?

Or did he say ten thousand yuan as he was afraid that he would be fined more?


Lu Ming sneered.

He did not believe it either.

Zhang Xiaopang was certainly a coward. If it was just for the sake of ten thousand yuan, would he set his mind to do this? Most probably, the real amount was quite large.

"Fifty percent. I'll bail you out," Lu Ming said with a smile.

If this was other people's money, he might not dare do so.

But Zhou Yang?



Zhang Xiaopang widened his eyes. "Do you know how much is fifty percent?!"

Zhang Wei cast an unfriendly glance at him. Didn't you say that it was ten thousand yuan earlier?

"Fifty percent."

Lu Ming looked at him smilingly. "See, there are so many four-star big shots. I am taking quite a huge risk to get you out of here…"


I can't afford to antagonize four-star big shots.

You have evidence of their wrongdoing but I don't. If I die…"

Lu Ming heaved continuous sighs.


Zhang Xiaopang gritted his teeth and agreed. "Fifty percent, so be it!"


He was very doubtful. Could Lu Ming really get him out of this place?

"Don't tell me you're going to ask your elder sister to come?"

Zhang Xiaopang cowered a little.

If Lu Yan really came, most likely, she could kill him first. He could not afford to take on the blame of leading her younger brother astray! Furthermore, why did he keep having a hunch that Lu Ming was more evil than him…

"Don't worry."

Lu Ming waved his hands.

"Come. I'll teach you a way. I promise that you will be able to get out."

He walked to Zhang Xiaopang and quietly told him.


Zhang Xiaopang was very doubtful.

"Don't worry."

Lu Ming patted him on the shoulder.

Zhang Wei listened without any expression. I'm a fool. I'm deaf. I'm blind. I don't know anything.

He could not afford to provoke these people!

Except for the fatty.

Initially, he did not know much about Lu Ming. However, after he became more familiar with him, he realized that he was not an ordinary guy too. Most probably, the entire detention center would have to turn cold first if they were to lock him up!

What about the other side?

They were all four-star cultivators!

Regarding this matter… He just had to be contented with the current status quo as a law enforcer!


As for Zhou Yang's matter?

It would be best to quietly pretend as though it did not happen!

Either side did not wish to bring up the matter. He could not even establish a case on it. Otherwise, Zhou Yang would kill them!

Who would dare court death?

"Get that lad here. I want to leave now,"

Zhang Xiaopang said.

Very soon…

That four-star cultivator rushed over. When he saw Zhang Xiaopang, he sneered coldly.

Initially, he wanted this fatty dead. However, as the law enforcer building was just next door, he was discovered as soon as his aura erupted. The rest was history.



He was merely a two-star Illusionist…


Imprison him for life!" the cultivator said coldly.

"Bring it on!"

Zhang Xiaopang stared at him furiously. "Come on! Don't do it here! We can continue to escalate the matter. I want to sue you in court! I want to make a big deal out of it!"

The cultivator broke out in a sweat.

Make a big deal?

He stared at this fatty from the corner of his eyes. Was this lad an idiot? He was alone. He had no family, friends or wife. So what if he were to make a big deal out of it?

"It's up to you!" he sneered coldly and said.

"Continue to lock him up," he instructed the police officer and prepared to leave.

He had more important things to do now and did not have time to waste.


Just as he was prepared to leave, Zhang Xiaopang suddenly shouted, "Fine. You're the one who told me to go ahead. I will sue you then. I want to seek redress for my family members are resting in their graves!"


That cultivator suddenly realized that something was not right.



"My dad's ashes are gone!

My grandpas' burial mound was destroyed by these cultivators!

Oo… Oo…

There are unknown fluids on my second aunt's skeleton… you four-star cultivators are too vicious.

And my pitiful second uncle," Zhang Xiaopang wailed loudly.

The four-star cultivator was immediately dumbstruck.

It turned out that…

He was also one of the victims' relatives?


The demonstration was still ongoing and the matter was blowing up. At this point in time, if Zhang Xiaopang were to report them to the police…

Who would have the heart to care about the badger game matter anymore?

All eyes would be on them, this group of cultivators, then!

Of course.

Although they were strong and powerful…

They could not be at odds with organizations and officials!

They did not remember killing anyone! If Zhang Xiaopang were to kick up a ruckus, most likely, they would be slapped with a heap of shameful names, the kinds that would plague them for life!


This would not do!

He could not let him sue him!

This four-star cultivator was feeling numb in his scalp.

At this very moment…

Not far away, Zhang Wei and Lu Ming also faced each other.


Lu Ming only asked him to bring this up?

This guy…

"Does he still have any family members?"

Lu Ming was curious.

"I don't know. There is no information about it in his profile."

Zhang Wei shrugged his shoulders.

"Most probably not then."

Lu Ming clicked his tongue and marveled.

If Zhang Xiaopang still had a family, they would most likely beat him to death!

He was too evil and vicious!

In the end…

That four-star cultivator did not look to trouble Zhang Xiaopang anymore. Zhang Xiaopang even solicited another large sum of compensation from him. Lu Ming was utterly shocked.


Shameless people are ever-victorious!

"It's a pity."

Lu Ming touched his own cheeks.

He was too good-looking. One could tell at one glance that he was not someone who would carry out such acts.
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