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Kung Fu Beyond the World 100 Chapter 100 - Playing with Hear

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Yang Yuan's words immediately made Zhang Li froze.

In her opinion, in the last round of voting to choose who to kill, three of the four votes fell on herself, which must have been voted by three boys.

Li Xinyu should not choose to let himself die.

Zhang Li looked at Li Xinyu in disbelief: "Wow ... you ..."

"I didn't!" Li Xinyu quickly said, "I didn't vote for anyone!"

Du Tianqing and Zhang Bo also said at the same time: "I didn't vote for anyone in that round!"

Zhang Li is completely stupid. She doesn't know who to believe, does he say that three people voted for her just now? !!

Li Xinyu suddenly came to understand at this time, and looked at Qiao Cheng fiercely, and said in a cold voice: "Okay ...really good plan!"

The three boys were stunned. After all, they were all elites. The education they received from childhood was also very good. The intelligence quotient was above ordinary people, so they immediately understood.

Only Zhang Li hated: "Impossible, impossible! You are all lying! You will definitely vote for me! Don't try to lie to me!"


Yang Yuan was the first to yell: "Zhang Li, you are really silly! You haven't even seen such a clear plan?"

Yang Yuan scolded: "Do you really move your pig's brain to think about it ?! We do have quarrels! But this makes me think about hitting you hard. I never thought of killing you! "

"That's it!" Du Tianqing followed, "Zhang Li, believe it or not, Yang Yuan and I think the same thing. I don't like you, but this hate is not enough to say to kill! Let alone, Can we believe what this murderer said? He said that if he chooses to kill one, he chooses to kill one? I really listened to his words and waited until we were out of trouble. Do you think this will not make us feel guilty ?! "

Zhang Bo also sighed: "I was still wondering why only one person didn't vote for you. I didn't vote for you, but I believe Li Xinyu would definitely not vote for you. So I'm very surprised and have been thinking about this question, so didn't speak. Now it seems that it is really a plan, but you still believe it? "

Zhang Li turned back unbelievably and looked at Qiao Cheng.

He looked down at Zhang Li and sneered: "What's the matter, regret it? It's too late, don't forget what you said when you just collapsed, you have already spoken all the words in your heart, and completely offended them. And, your cheapest, humblest appearance has been seen by them! So guess what, once they escape and return to school, can you still see them?! "

Zhang Li trembled suddenly.

That's right, her ugliness has been seen by them, and they will definitely preach it when they return to school. By that time, she will be more embarrassed than dead!

Li Xinyu quickly said: "Zhang Li, we will definitely keep you secret!"

Three other boys also agreed.

Qiao Cheng dismissed a smile and said, "Only dead people can keep secrets the most, do you say so? My little bitch!"

Zhang Li lowered her head deeply. After a while, she raised her head, only cruelty remained in her eyes.

"Master is right!"

Qiao laughed, took out his dagger and cut Zhang Li's rope, and laughed, "Well, now you are my dog, come and help me look at them."

Zhang Li felt that the rope on her body became loose, her body resumed control, her expression was dull, and she did not respond for a moment.

She looked at Qiao Cheng, but read out a deep coldness from the other person's eyes, and immediately extinguished her slightly escaping thoughts of escape.

Never run.

Otherwise, she will be killed!

An opponent is a ruthless man. Even if he is seriously injured, he still retains a lot of strength, otherwise, it is impossible to face so many of them so calmly.

Zhang Li has never won other people's experience in actual combat. To be honest, she doesn't have much practical experience at all, and most of the Kung Fu lessons on weekdays are lazy.

So she couldn't raise any thoughts of fighting even when it was in her favor.

Zhang Li stood up tremblingly, she glanced at Li Xinyu next to her, then gritted her teeth and bowed deeply to Qiao Cheng: "Master."

"Hahahaha, it's not bad. It will save me a lot of effort. From now on, you give me a good look at them. If they run away ... think about your own future."

Qiao Cheng did not do anything else for Zhang Li to prevent her from escaping, and he seemed to really believe that she would not resist.

Zhang Li focused her head: "Reassured master, they can't run away."

Once you accept something in your heart, then the further in-depth operation of this matter will be no more difficult or psychological obstacle for Zhang Li.

"I didn't expect ..." Zhang Bo smiled bitterly. "I saw the birth of a Stockholm Syndrome case with my own eyes today!"

Li Xinyu and others first responded.

Isn't it Stockholm Syndrome? !!

This is a strange psychological phenomenon, often between hostages and hijackers-hostages will have a psychological dependence on the hijackers. Their lives and deaths are in the hands of the hijackers. If the hijackers let them survive, they will be grateful and even obey the hijackers.

Qiao Cheng smiled, and nodded at Zhang Linu, Zhang Li immediately walked to Zhang Bo's side, raising her hand was a slap.
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At this time Du Tianqing's eyes rolled around and suddenly said: "Qiao Cheng! Ah no, master, I can do anything! I am willing to listen to you, I am willing to do everything!"

Yang Yuan was furious: "Du Tianqing, are you ..."

Du Tianqing yelled at Yang Yuan and said loudly, "I don't want to die, I have money at home, and you can let me do anything, as long as you don't kill me!"

Seeing Du Tianqing's eyes gesture, Yang Yuan immediately took a moment to realize, then suddenly realized.

Why does this Qiao Cheng spend so much thought to drive a wedge among them just now?

Is he free to make everyone play? !!

No, it only illustrates one problem.

His injury was so severe that he could hardly sustain himself, so he had to let one of them do things for him so that he could save energy and recover from the injury.

Therefore, as long as anyone of their four elite students is out of trouble, this guy will be killed!

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