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Kung Fu Beyond the World 10 Chapter 10 - Archery Class

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In the morning culture class, Zhong Yihan slept in the class and slept on the table for two lessons.

Then he felt less sleepy.

The senior teacher's control of students was not so strict.

Students with poor grades often sleep in the class, and good students occasionally sleep once or twice.

Zhong Yihan belongs to the middle grades category. He doesn't have any sense of presence in the class, so no one cares about him.

In fact, he can use 1 system point to exchange a bottle of nutritional medicine to relieve fatigue.

But Zhong Yihan was really reluctant.

That's an evil rabbit beast!

He had lunch with Zhu Zhenxing at noon and then continued to take a nap in the classroom. The afternoon archery class began.

Archery lessons need to be learned in a dedicated archery hall.

Each class needs to be scheduled to go, so Zhong Yihan cherishes the opportunity once a week.

Their Kung Fu teacher, Zhang Shou, learned Kung Fu for a long time and is highly respected in school.
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Because Kung Fu represents status in this era, most students must be more afraid of Zhang Shou than a class teacher who is not even a Kung Fu apprentice.

Apart from that, students make mistakes and get kicked-there is no rule of corporal punishment in this age-but the problem is that the headteacher who was not a Kung Fu apprentice was kicked, that is, shot the ash on the buttocks, was completely painless.

But kicked by a man who learned Kung Fu for a long time, even if he controlled the strength, but... you will feel painful for a week!

Therefore, most naughty students in the school did not dare to naughty in front of Zhang Shou.

At the gate of the archery hall, Zhang Shou stood in front of the class with a list.

"Our class now has four people in the 150-meter field, Xiong Bo, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan and Yun Chao. There are 14 people in the 100-meter field and 35 people in the 50-meter field. According to the results of last week, Look, Li Xinyu and Zhang Bo are the most promising to advance to the 150-meter field, and Peng Ming and Fan Dali are the most promising to advance to the 100-meter field. "

"So students, come on!"

"Yes!" The students answered weakly.

The school's archery class is similar to the rules of the archery hall and belongs to the advanced course.

Every 50 meters, as long as you can reach eight rings with ten or more rounds and higher, you can advance to the next stage.

"You are already in senior three. There still are so many people who stopped at the 50-meter field. This is unreasonable. I hope you will cheer up from today. Don't think that archery is an elective course and you can fool around. Now fooled, wait until you are crying in actual combat! "

Zhang Shou's reprimand made everyone trembled.

At this time Zhong Yihan just wanted to try the effect of "Basic Archery" earlier, and he didn't hear Zhang Shou's words at all.

Zhong Yihan noticed that someone was looking at himself, and he looked back and found that Yun Chao, who was standing tall.

Yun Chao was so proud at this time, which made Zhong Yihan very unhappy.

Seeing Yunchao holding his hand behind his chin and gesturing at Zhong Yihan with an archery posture, the meaning is obvious, that is, threatening.

Yunchao has reasons to be proud of. Although his vitality ranks a dozen in the class, he does have talent in archery and is the fourth person in the class to enter the 150-meter field.

Zhong Yihan gestured him to cut his throat and then looked away.

Isn't it a 150-meter field, he will soon enter.

It didn't last long, Zhang Shou brought everyone into the hall.

Lined up to receive his bow and arrow, Zhong Yihan came to his place.

Archery is easy to learn, as long as you master the basic posture, anyone can shoot a few arrows, but if you want to be successful, you need a lot of practice.

This can't be achieved by taking supplements.

Zhong Yihan's hunting recurve bow weighs 50 pounds and is a standard practice bow.

Girls practice lighter bows, but they weigh 40 pounds.

Under normal circumstances, Zhong Yihan's limit is twenty consecutive arrows, after which he will start to feel obvious difficult.

And his accuracy is not very good, and he often misses even at a distance of 50 meters.

"Yun Chao is amazing! It's the eighth ring again!"

In the next position, a girl exclaimed.

Yunchao is lazy in general training, but archery training is the most serious.

It is heard that he spends at least five days a week in the Archery hall, and there is a personal archery instructor who personally teaches. If the archery is not good, it is a strange thing.

Seeing that Yun Chao was surrounded by a group of girls, with a contented look, Zhong Yihan didn't feel anything, but Zhu Zhenxing scolded unhappily: "It's just eight rings, What to be proud of."

After that, he took a bow and fired an arrow ...


Missing the target caused a group of people to laugh.

Zhu Zhenxing squatted depressed, his head almost tucked into his crotch.

Zhong Yihan also laughed, raised the bow in his hand, and took out an arrow to pose.

An inexplicable familiarity emerged as if he had done this gesture thousands of times.

At this point, Zhang Shou just passed by Zhong Yihan and saw that his posture was somewhat unexpected. Judging from the posture alone, it was enough standard.

It seems that Zhong Yihan did a lot of hard work in private.

Zhong Yihan fired an arrow ...

0 ring!

"Oh my god! You surprised me. I almost thought you were about to hit ten rings in your posture just now." Zhu Zhenxing said.

For some reason, it was only one night that he had not seen, but he felt that Zhong Yihan seemed to have changed a lot.

Zhang Shou shook his head aside and left without saying anything.

Zhong Yihan didn't say anything. The sense of familiarity when he pulled the bow just now can't be fake.

But at the moment of the arrow, he was so distracted that he didn't control well, so he missed.

Zhong Yihan took out an arrow and put it on the bow again, this time his focus was completely on the target.

Pull bow and shoot arrows.

Nine rings!

[Basic Archery, Proficiency +1]


Suddenly received a system reminder to Zhong Yihan.

How can proficiency in basic archery be increased this way?

"It must be luck!" Zhu Zhenxing widened his eyes beside him.

Zhong Yihan ignored it, and he picked up another arrow and shot it again.

Eight rings!

The eight rings were shot this time, but the system did not remind.

It seems that he must shoot more than nine rings to increase proficiency.

This time, Zhu Zhenxing was a bit surprised. He hit more than eight rings twice. Zhong Yihan has never done it before!

If three consecutive rounds hit more than eight rings, wouldn't it mean that Zhong Yihan's archery is about to break through the level of 50 meters?

The idea of Zhu Zhenxing just rose, he only heard a sound of breaking air again, and he hurriedly looked at it.

[Basic Archery, Proficiency +1]

It is almost in the same position as the previous one!

"Yihan, you honestly explained, did you practice secretly?"

Zhong Yihan didn't hear what Zhu Zhenxing said, and he was excited at this time. He did not expect that the increased proficiency in Basic Archery was so obvious.

If he perfects the entry-level proficiency, then what effect will it have.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan had some vague expectations.

Next Zhong Yihan fired three arrows in succession, one with eight rings and two with nine rings.

Increases basic archery proficiency by two points.



"Seven out of ten, damn it, almost to upgrade to next stage."

On the side of the arrow, someone looked at his own performance and scolded dissatisfied.

This person's name is Peng Ming, who is the most crowded person in the entire 50-meter field.

Because almost everyone is optimistic, he is the next player in the class to break through the 50-meter field and advance to the 100-meter field.

Peng Ming's limit was only thirty arrows. After the first ten arrows were fired, although it was better than the last time, the results did not satisfy him.

Only seven of the ten arrows hit more than eight rings. Although the other three arrows also had six or seven rings, he had not been able to break through this step for a month.

Just now, if want to enter the next stage, you must ensure that eight of the ten arrows hit eight or more rings.

Therefore, Peng Ming was very depressed, because the progress of this round stuck him for more than a month, preventing him from entering the next stage.

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