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Kung Fu Beyond the World 90 Chapter 90 - Crushing of Strength

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In the woods not far from Zhong Yihan, Ning Jinshui was tied to the trunk, his mouth was raged, and he was desperately struggling, but he couldn't cry out for help.

In the surrounding grass, behind the tree, Peng Ming's teammates were hiding carefully at this moment.

This is the first time they have done this kind of robbery.

It's also the same morning, their team killed a total of two wild wolves and three hares, but the harvest of Zhong Yihan's team has actually filled a schoolbag!

If this robbery is successful, then they will be more promising in the top ten.

Someone was a little impatient and said, "How long has Peng Ming gone? Why haven't he come back yet?"

"Maybe it took him a while to lie to them. Although Zhu Zhenxing is a fool, Zhong Yihan has become very popular recently, and he needs to be cautious considering his strength."

"Speaking of Zhong Yihan, wouldn't he come with him? Yun Chao is not his opponent. Have we been able to fight him?"

"We have five people, we can't beat him? As long as he is taken down, there is only one Ming Jiajia left in that team, which is a bit threatening."

"Ming Jiajia is very courageous. She scared her to surrender, so only Zhong Yihan is threatening."

A student said, "Zhong Yihan, Zhong Yihan, listening to your tone one by one is afraid of him, I don't believe it, how powerful can this guy be?"

"You'll know right away!"

Just then, a voice sounded behind the student.

The student was shocked, but he was also cunning, and instead of looking back, he flew straight ahead.
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Zhong Yihan was slightly surprised. The combat experience of him is obviously rich!

But that's it.

Zhong Yihan stepped forward, punched the student's waist, and the man screamed and fell to the ground.

"Zhong Yihan ?!"

The remaining three were frightened and quickly put on a fighting posture.

These three people are in the same class as him, but the rankings are all midstream, and in terms of strength, they are slightly stronger than Fan Dali.

Zhong Yihan slowly walked towards the three, and the black knife was out of the scabbard and shook it in his hand: "The three of you will battle with me together. If you win, the herbs will all belong to you. If you lose, leaving water, salt, and weapons! "

"Leaving weapons ... isn't it equivalent to letting us abstain? Damn, Zhong Yihan is too arrogant!"

"Go! I don't believe he can really beat us three!"

The three looked at each other and pounced on Zhong Yihan together.

One man chopped down with a knife and was held by Zhong Yihan with a black knife. Zhong Yihan shook his head: "The power is too weak!"

Zhong Yihan held a black knife in his hand. The man felt only an irresistible force coming from him. Just standing still, he saw a fist enlarged in front of his eyes.


He immediately held his eyes and mourned.

At this point, the other two had arrived, but their level was far worse than Zhong Yihan. Zhong Yihan didn't even have a black knife, so he directly shot them with the scabbard!

Ning Jinshui was stunned when he was tied to a tree.

Although Zhong Yihan already had a brave 1V5 before, it was aided by the "knife momentum".

Although Ning Jinshui was not very clear about what the "knife momentum" was, he was standing aside just now, and he could feel that Zhong Yihan seemed to be a beast.

But this time, none of the four people in front of him is worse than him, or even slightly stronger, but Zhong Yihan didn't even have a knife, and there was no "knife momentum", he beat the four people. The displayed combat power is really too scary!

Ning Jinshui suddenly had an idea.

Looking at the fifty or more students in the class, only the top ten scholars are eligible to fight Zhong Yihan.

Oh, no...

Ning Jinshui suddenly laughed. If it was a battle of life and death, if Zhong Yihan used the "knife momentum", only the top five or even the top three in the class would be eligible to fight him!

"Envy! Obviously he was weaker than me before ... Why is he suddenly so strong?"

"What's so strong?"

At this time Zhong Yihan came over, untied the rope on Ning Jinshui, and removed the rags from his mouth.

Ning Jinshui coughed and spit out a few mouthfuls, and then sighed bitterly: "I was thinking just now that although your current vitality is only 1.2, the ranking in the class is about 20, but your fighting power I am afraid that only the top five in the class can compare with you. "

"Is it the top five?"

Zhong Yihan recalled the score of the last test.

Xiong Bo 2.2 ranked first and is the only one in the class with a vitality of 2. He must not be his opponent now.

Zhang Genshui's vitality is 1.9 in the second place, Du Tianqing in the third place and Yang Yuan in the fourth place are both 1.7, and Li Xinyu in the fifth place is 1.6 ...

He did not really have much confidence to defeat these four people.

But Zhong Yihan smiled and didn't care.

Because even if he can't beat these people now, what's the matter?

Although they are all improving, Zhong Yihan does not believe that anyone can make progress faster.

However, for a month, his vitality jumped from 0.8 to 1.2, and his combat power was surging forward. Even a Kung Fu learner who had not experienced any actual combat, and he dared to fight with him.

But the next seven months before the college entrance examination!

In these seven months, where he can grow, he dare not determine for himself now.

So for him, it doesn't make any sense to struggle with the current combat power, and he has changed his dream from Xiangshui University to Top Four.

If he says this dream, he is afraid it will startle people's eyes and scold him for being overwhelmed.

Because in Anping County No. 1 High School in the past ten years, only two students have been admitted to the Top Four-both of them are amazing and talented, and even Xiong Bo, who is now the first in his class, cannot compare with it.

He Zhongyihan is going to be the third, so these top geniuses in the class and year are his goals to be surpassed and overcome!

Of course, these words, just know in his heart, there is no need to tell others.

"Let's go," Zhong Yihan patted Ning Jinshui's shoulder. "Yes, how are you tied here?"

Ning Jinshui blushed immediately with a face. He was a kind man. How could he think that his classmates would attack him by chance?

Zhong Yihan knew it at a glance, sighed, and said, "The teacher has emphasized before. In this field trial, don't believe anyone except your approved teammates!"

"Forget it, revenge for yourself. Go and search for the water, salt, and weapons of those guys ... Keep the flare for them."

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