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Kung Fu Beyond the World 89 Chapter 89 - The Trap

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The school arranged this kind of field trials for the students, which naturally has its own purpose.

Training students' practical ability is only one aspect. The most important thing is ... the college entrance examination needs.

The national customs have always been this way, no matter how to promote any skills is useless, but as long as it is included in the college entrance examination program, students and parents will naturally attach importance to it.

As said before, the college entrance examination is divided into one test and two tests.
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After the first test, the students will be graded according to the vitality of the students who meet the standards, and then the order will be disrupted. The field test will be conducted with a group of several hundred people. This is the second test.

The content and rules of the second test are roughly the same as today's experience, except that the players in the first and second positions will be arranged into the real Different World for testing.

However, there are few students in Grades A and B, and most of them are rich children. In this case, some candidates are connected in private in advance to form a small group during the trial. It is agreed that as long as they are assigned to a map, Just help each other.

This approach is obviously unfair to the exam, but in terms of human nature, it can't be fairer.

So for this, there is also one eye open and one closed, after all, there has never been real fairness in this world.

Only in this way, for some civilian children, it is difficult to go to the end in the second test.

Of course, civilian children can also team together on the battlefield, but most of them do not know each other, naturally a little less trust-and on the battlefield, the trust may be more important than combat power.

Therefore, some people would rather fight alone than team up, especially civilian children, but in this way, they and the team encountered, basically all end up being robbed.

Zhong Yihan's strength is now improving rapidly. Now that there are still seven months before the college entrance examination, no one will doubt that he will not have the opportunity to participate in the second test.

It is really difficult for individuals to achieve outstanding results in the second test.

Zhong Yihan smiled: "This issue is completely meaningless now. It is still too early to enter the college entrance examination. No one can say what will happen at that time."

"That's what it is, why do you consider something so far away!" Fan Dali said with a big grin, "Fat, hurry up and kill the rabbit!"

Zhu Fatty rolled his eyes, yelled "Good," and ran over.

At this time, Fan Dali had already dialed the skins of three hares and started preparing for the barbecue. Ming Jiajia could not bear to see such a picture, so she had to do some chores. Then she suddenly thought of one thing, and wondered: "Well? Where is Ning Jinshui? Why haven't he come back yet? "

Fan vigorously said: "The merchandise has cleanliness, maybe he is taking a bath."

Ming Jiajia was a little worried: "Isn't he in danger?"

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly, he didn't want any danger to the people in his team.

At this moment, a sudden rumbling sound was heard from the surrounding grass, and Zhong Yihan immediately stood up and took out his weapon.

One person got out of the grass, but it was Peng Ming in the class.

When he saw Zhong Yihan, he was very happy, but his face was anxious again, and he said loudly, "Zhong Yihan, Ning Jinshui, he was injured. I can't help him. Please go and see."

"Injured? who gets hurt?" Zhu Fatzi and others all came together in surprise, asking inquisitively.

"He was bitten by a wild wolf. The wild wolf was chasing me. As a result, I fled to the side of the brook and met Ning Jinshui. I called him away. He didn't respond, and then the wild wolf hit him! "

Peng Ming said here, his expression was very remorseful.

Fan Dali was anxious: "You went on to say, what happened to Jinshui?"

"The wild wolf hit Ning Jinshui. I saw that we had two people and quickly turned around and wounded the wild wolf. Then the wild wolf ran away. But Ning Jinshui was very seriously injured. I haven't studied first aid, he asked me to come to you and say you must have a way. "

The fat man quickly said: "Hurry up, I have hemostatic grass in my bag! Hurry up and save him!"

Zhong Yihan frowned, and he always felt that there was something wrong, but at this time the fat man had already found the hemostatic herb in a hurry, and he had to go to the rescue.

Zhong Yihan grabbed the hemostatic grass and said, "I will go with Peng Ming. You are waiting here!"

Everyone also felt that Zhong Yihan was the most suitable, so the fat man immediately passed the hemostatic grass to Zhong Yihan.

Then Zhong Yihan was quickly led by Peng Ming in one direction.

Zhong Yihan followed Peng Ming out of a distance, the surrounding trees gradually became more and more, and his sight became narrower and narrower.

"Peng Ming, how far is it?"

Peng Ming didn't reply, "It's not far away, it's right in front, and it'll be a few minutes!"

Xia Ling quietly landed on Zhong Yihan's shoulder and whispered, "Master, there are several bad giants hiding in front of you. The giant who followed you before was tied to a tree."

Zhong Yihan immediately came to understand and took a peek at Peng Ming who was leading the way. No wonder he felt that Peng Ming was not quite right. It turned out that it was not just Ning Jinshui who waited for him, but also trap.

Peng Ming walking in front was very nervous. He knew that Zhong Yihan's strength was better than Yunchao. If the other party noticed the clues in advance, he would definitely get bad results.

This time their team's action was not directed at Zhong Yihan, but because they heard that Zhong Yihan had gained a lot from Ning Jinshuikou, they temporarily wanted to rob them.

After all, it is normal for the contention between the squads in the experience.

Moreover, there was a fire on Zhong Yihan in Peng Ming's mind.

Although he now knows that he is basically unlikely to catch up with Zhong Yihan anymore, he still feels unhappy that Zhong Yihan has surpassed himself!

Seeing that he was about to reach the trap ahead, Zhong Yihan suddenly said, "Peng Ming, do you know why I can overtake you and leave you behind?"

Peng Ming froze and stopped subconsciously.

Then Zhong Yihan stunned him on the spot, mocked and said, "Because even when I was the most down, I never thought of relying on this little cleverness to achieve my goal!"

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