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Kung Fu Beyond the World 88 Chapter 88 - Imagine the College Entrance Examination

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Everyone was quiet.

Yes, in accordance with the rules of the college entrance examination, there are two rounds of tests.

The first round of tests was written and physical tests.

The essay test is easy to understand, that is, to take a cultural course, the country advocates multi-faceted development, rather than a group of reckless husbands who only practice Kung Fu and have no enough knowledge.

Physical tests measure vitality with the most advanced instruments.

This round of testing is called the "first test."

After the first test, the scoring team will give a scoreline based on the average score of all candidates-including the score of the essay test, and the vitality of the physical test.

Only those who meet the score in the first test can participate in the second test.

The second test is regarded as the true "Kung Fu College Entrance Examination". It is based on the province, and the first-pass testers in the province are classified into groups, and then the actual test is performed. Finally, get the final score.

Of course, the second test is only for those students who are willing to enter the Kung Fu school and have the ability to enter the Kung Fu school.

For example, the scoreline after the end of the college entrance examination last year was the lowest in the literacy test of 530 points, and the physical test required vitality to exceed 1.5.

Only students who meet both of these grades are eligible to participate in the actual test of the second test, and then based on the final performance, decide which Kung Fu school they are admitted to.

Add a sentence.

Last year, the score of the highest grade A file was 675 points in the literacy test. The physical test requires vitality of more than 3.0!

Students who can enter the grade A file are basically accepted by the Top Four-only a few students who performed bottom in the second test will be admitted by the key Kung Fu colleges.

Therefore, according to Zhu Fatty's current vitality, he can't even reach the lowest grade scoreline, so it is impossible to participate in the second test.

Zhu Zhenxing looked at Ming Jiajia with his eyes half-open. The latter had a naive expression and didn't seem to know how destructive her words were.

Ming Jiajia said, "What's wrong? Am I wrong?"

Everyone laughed, Zhu Zhenxing looked ashamed, sitting on the ground with one butt, and said weakly: "Yes, yes, you are right! But do you need to tell me the truth so directly? ?! "

Ming Jiajia then responded, spit out her tongue, and bowed to the fat man: "Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, or if you say it again, I promise I won't talk nonsense this time."

Zhong Yihan smiled and comforted her: "It's okay Ming Jiajia, you just tell the truth, he doesn't have a little self-knowledge. If you don't wake him up with the truth, maybe he really thinks so."

Ning Jinshui said stiffly: "Ming Jiajia is right."
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Zhu Zhenxing gave a desperate look at Zhong Yihan. He no longer wanted to continue on this topic and quickly said: "Purple energy grass cannot be packed in a schoolbag casually if it is damaged, it will be bad, let's find a place first sit down, and it's time to pack your schoolbag. "

"Yes, there is a nice open space not far away, and it is not easy to find. Let's go there and rest for a while, and eat something by the way."

Ning Jinshui just dug a hole and covered it with soil. He said, "There was a stream on the way just now. I used to wash my hands and come over again."

"Fan Dali, are you going together?"

"I don't care, it's not too dirty anyway."

Fan vigorously clapping his hands, watching the dirt falling on the ground, Ning Jinshui opened his mouth, did not speak, and went to wash his hands.

It was already more than one noon at this time, and everyone was busy all morning. They were tired and hungry and just took this opportunity to rest.

Zhong Yihan took out the mutant hare that he had hunted before, and everyone was exclaimed again.

The fat man's eyes widened: "It's so big! It looks like a dog ..."

"If this rabbit is recycled, you should be able to get a lot of points, right? It 's a pity to eat like this ..."

"What a pity? We followed Yihan, and the points are easy to earn. Besides, what can we do if we earn scores? If we can't enter the top three, the points are useless. But such a fat rabbit is unique, it 's a real waste if you don't eat.

After all, it's just an exercise, so they know that the top ten is basically impossible, so they don't care about their points.

With little points and such a plump rabbit, obviously choose rabbit!

Zhong Yihan laughed: "I just relied on this mutant rabbit to find purple energy grass, so everyone should not be greedy for the points. Moreover, this rabbit feeds on herbs such as hemostatic herbs, and the meat must be very nourishing, so It 's better to eat it! "

At this time, everyone is completely free of psychological pressure, but they are drooling one by one and are busy living.

Ming Jiajia set a fire aside for a long time, but she didn't light it up, almost crying.

"Let's make a fire."

Zhong Yihan lowered his weapon and walked over to find two slightly thicker pieces of wood from the woodpile.

Fire in the wild is not as simple as imagined, especially in the case of no ignition device, the success rate of ordinary wood drilling is not high. The best way is to use one stick to rub on the other, and at the same time, the rubbed wooden sticks should preferably have a small gap to allow air to circulate.

Ming Jiajia stood aside and watched Zhong Yihan's skillful movements. Ming Jiajia looked very carefully.

Zhong Yihan is actually a little nervous, pretending to be in front of the girls. This is embarrassing if the fire fails.

Don't fail.

About a few minutes later, a thick smoke emerged from the wood, Zhong Yihan spread some small firewood on it, and the fire quickly burned.

Ming Jiajia clapped her hands and said, "Success! Zhong Yihan is so good!"

Zhong Yihan breathed a sigh of relief: "This is actually very simple, as long as you master the skills you can do it."

"Zhong Yihan, I found that you are really good at everything."

Zhong Yihan listened to Ming Jiajia's compliment, which seemed calm on the surface, but actually returned to position to continue wiping the weapon.

At this time, Zhu Zhenxing's counting there also had results: "Yihan, Dali, Mingjiajia, we now harvest a total of eighty hemostatic plants, fifteen rehmannia plants, two purple energy grass, and seven hares."

Most of them were found and hunted by Zhong Yihan.

Fan Dali said with emotion: "If there is no Yihan, we cannot have so much gain this time. Unfortunately, the team's harvest can only be divided equally, otherwise, I am willing that Yihan could take half or more."

Ming Jiajia nodded: "That's right, I'm willing."

Zhong Yihan shook his head without paying too much attention: "It's just a simulation training. Don't worry so much."

The fat man came over and sat down: "You don't think about it now, you always have to think about it in the college entrance examination? But then you don't have to take care of us. At your current progress rate, I guess even Jiajia can not share a team with you. At that time, we will not hold you back, but then you can only fight alone! "

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