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Kung Fu Beyond the World 87 Chapter 87 - The Purple Energy Grass

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They have nothing valuable, just a few hemostatic plants. It seems that this group of people did not intend to find the materials in the first place, thinking about the robbery to get rich.

Of course, Zhu Zhenxing, naturally won't let them go.

So this group of guys was robbed of everything by Zhu Fat, leaving them only weapons and flare-if they can not grab other teams next, then they can only obediently go home.

Then Zhong Yihan ignored them and left with the team.

"Jiajia, is the knife momentum you said ... really so powerful?" Zhu Fatty still couldn't help but ask quietly.

Ming Jiajia nodded earnestly: "My dad said that for us ordinary people, the knife momentum is terrible spiritual coercion. Of course, there is not only a knife momentum, gun, axe ... any weapon can be done. Basically, it can be said that one person who has trained the knife momentum and the other who has not trained the momentum fight... Let's take Zhong Yihan as an example. "

"He now has a vitality of 1.2, condensing the knife momentum, and his opponent has a vitality of 1.5, 1.6, or even 1.8. There is no knife momentum. If they fight hard in life, I will bet Zhong Yihan to win. Of course, if the opponent's vitality is relatively high Then, Zhong Yihan may pay a great price, but he can still kill the opponent. "

Ning Jinshui, who has not spoken at this time, inserted a sentence: "Is it like a veteran who has been on the battlefield? My dad has been a soldier. I have also heard my dad say that some veterans were thin and weak, some new soldiers are not their opponents at all. Especially in the battle of life and death, they are completely waiting to be killed! "

"That's what happened."

"Isn't that Yihan invincible ?!"

"Invincible? Do you think too much?" Ming Jiajia sneered glanced at the fat man who asked the question. "To put it plainly, the momentum is a kind of spiritual oppression. We, ordinary people, are relatively weak, so we are easy to be disturbed. But those battle-hardened soldiers will naturally exercise their spirits, and the effect of this momentum will be much worse. There are even people who have a strong innate spirit or have a slow brain reaction. It will not be affected. "

"My dad said that those who can pass the national Kung Fu fighter, especially the big Kung Fu fighter level assessment, have basically seen blood on the battlefield, and they are stained with countless blood of strange animals. The power of the knife momentum is very strong. Then the general knife momentum will hardly affect their minds. "

The crowd came to realize this, meaning that Zhong Yihan just walked in front of them, not that he could sit back and relax.

Zhong Yihan also listened to side by side, feeling a lot of benefits.

After a while, Zhong Yihan took a few people to the place marked before and stopped.

Fatty Zhu curiously said, "Yihan, why did you stop? Well, there is a tape here. Has anyone been here?"

"That's the mark I made," Zhong Yihan laughed. "There's something good underneath!"

Everyone heard the spirit: "What?!"

"Purple energy grass!"

"Purple energy grass?!"

Fan Dali could not help exclaiming: "Purple energy grass?! Really?"

He had never seen purple energy grass just picked. He held Zhong Yihan and groped, but found nothing.

Zhong Yihan pushed Fan away vigorously, disgustingly said, "That purple energy grass grows in the underground cave below. I can't take it alone, so I'll find you."

Zhong Yihan thought to himself that the purple energy grass would eventually be recycled anyway, and he didn't have to waste his energy deliberately for it. Moreover, he really doesn't put a few purple energy grass in his eyes.

The fat man touched his chin and wondered: "In the burrow? How did you know in the burrow?"

Zhong Yihan suffocated, watching the dead fatter fiercely, roaring: "I smelled it with my nose! Quickly dig!"

The fat man was startled and quickly said: "I dig! I dig!"

At this time Ning Jinshui walked over and said, "I'm going to dig a hole. I often do farm work for my family. I'm good at this kind of thing."

"It's too slow alone, I'll help you."

Fan Dali and Ning Jinshui confirmed the location to dig, and then started digging with their own knives.

Both of them are students who practice hard all year round. Such physical labor is not much to them.

About ten minutes later, Fan Dali suddenly exclaimed, "I dug through, I saw purple energy grass! And there are many!"

Everyone was overjoyed.

Purple energy grass is a grass of the energy. Compared with hemostatic grass and rehmannia glutinosa, it is much more valuable and its points are much higher!

The training manual showed that if a purple energy grass is divided according to quality, the minimum is 40 points. If it is high, it is 100!

As soon as he heard the purple energy grass, Zhu Zhenxing, who had been enjoying himself beside him, hurried to rush over and instructed: "Be careful, don't use a knife, dig by hand, be careful not to hurt the purple grass, otherwise the value will be greatly discounted. "

"We will definitely be careful."

Purple energy grass was dug out, and a total of two plants.

Although the color of the top is not too dark, it is not too light, it is medium.

Two such purple grass can be changed to almost 100 points, and on average each person's head is twenty!

"I decided. When I go back this time, I will specialize in herbal medicine!"
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Zhu Zhenxing shouted loudly, startled everyone.

Fan Dali said, "Are you serious?"

"I am serious. Yihan made me realize how important knowledge is. As long as I understand all the herbs, even if the Kung Fu strength is not strong in the future, there will definitely be many teams competing for me. Use my herb knowledge to create a miracle in the college entrance examination, hehe, I'm really excited about it. "

Zhu Zhenxing's expression was bewildered, and he seemed to be fantasizing about his power in the college entrance examination.

Zhong Yihan ridiculed ruthlessly: "Oh, you really think so much, just your little learning ability, I'm afraid it's twenty years later when mastering the knowledge of herbs."

"You know the fart, and the interest is the best teacher. I am now interested in the knowledge of herbs, and I will definitely work hard. Yihan, are you afraid of being overtaken by me?"

Fan Dali was shocked: "Zhu fat, you dare to say that you are too confident in yourself?"

"Nonsense. I used to stay at the last of the class because I was not serious. Once I got serious, let alone Zhong Yihan, Li Xinyu will be overtaken by me. Of course, I was referring to knowledge."

"However, to participate in the actual college entrance examination, isn't it necessary to detect the vitality first? If Zhu Zhenxing's vitality is not up to the standard, it is impossible to enter the actual combat phase from the beginning?"

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