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Kung Fu Beyond the World 86 Chapter 86 - Knife Momentum

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Zhong Yihan's sudden appearance scared a few people.

The Mediterranean warned: "Who are you? Advise you to mind your own business!"

Ming Jiajia was pleasantly surprised: "Zhong Yihan, you are back."

Several others were relieved.

"He's Zhong Yihan, the so-called strong man in your mouth? It doesn't seem to be the same," pointed the knife at Zhong Yihan with a condescending tone, "Hey, boy, I heard that you are great, I want to fight with you. "
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Ming Jiajia came to Zhong Yihan and wanted to explain the current situation to him. The latter raised his hand and said, "It goes without saying, I heard it just now. They want to rob, it doesn't matter ... the teacher also supports the students compete with each other, they can rob us, and we can rob them in turn. "

Zhong Yihan said, looking unconsciously to the poor hair in the Mediterranean Sea.

When the Mediterranean Sea saw Zhong Yihan's gaze, he instantly exploded: "Why do you look at me with this look ?! Do you look down on me ?!"

Zhong Yihan let out his hand helplessly: "I didn't look down on you, you are too sensitive ... but to give you a suggestion, if I were you, I would rather shave my head, it would be cooler instead."

The Mediterranean was furious, and wow cried: "You still speak bluntly ... you, people with thick hair, don't know my pain at all! Come on! I'll beat you!"

As soon as the words fell, the mediterranean raised the machete in his hand and strove to cut it off with Zhong Yihan.

After all, this is a simulated experience, but any normal student does not want to cause death.

Zhong Yihan didn't come out of the black knife, but just stepped a little to the side, and then avoided the knife, followed closely by the long knife, and pulled the scabbard around the neck of the Mediterranean, and the latter came out shaking A few steps, then plopped to the ground and passed out.

"Little brother?!"

The lid of the pot shouted, and his eyes became red immediately, and he shouted, "Go together!"

The remaining four rushed up at the same time, and Zhu Fatty raised his big axe in anger and shouted, "Yihan, let us help you!"

Zhong Yihan waved his hand: "Don't move, I'll do it myself!"

A black-light flashed, the dark steel knife came out of the sheath, and with a stabbing knife wind, the long knife in the pot was suddenly split into two sections, and the black knife went straight to the head of the pot lid after the knife was broken. !!

Ming Jiajia exclaimed for the first time. In her opinion, Zhong Yihan's knife is an absolute killing knife, which is fatal!

The pot was also frightened at this moment and felt only a crisis of death shrouded in his head, but he couldn't break free at all and had to close his eyes to death.

However, after a few seconds, the pot did not wait for the knife to fall but heard the exclamation of people around.

He opened his eyes quietly, only to find out that the black knife hovered just one or two centimeters in front of his forehead, and stopped unexpectedly!

When Zhong Yihan saw him open his eyes, he kicked him on his stomach, and flew him out, and then rushed towards the other three men who were like wooden chickens.

A split, a pump, a kick ...

The remaining three fell to the ground, mourning but unable to get up.

It was only half a minute before the battle, and the five people on the opposite side were all knocked to the ground by Zhong Yihan!

"Too weak!" Zhong Yihan retracted his knife and shook his head slightly.

Zhu Fatty, Fan Dali, and others only saw Zhong Yihan picking five in a short time, and shouted excitedly: "Yihan, you are awesome!"

Ming Jiajia looked at Zhong Yihan in horror, and said, "Zhong Yihan, how did you practice the knife momentum?"

"What is the knife momentum?" Zhu Zhenxing asked, and Zhong Yihan looked back with curiosity.

Ming Jiajia took a deep breath and said, "My dad once pointed me at the knife, and he said to me, the knives we students practice are too basic, and there is nothing fancy. The foundation is excellent, but there are great flaws in the battle. "

Everyone knows that Ming Jiajia's family is good. Her father is said to be a fighter and naturally has a higher vision. And these words are indeed very reasonable, so everyone nodded seriously.

Ming Jiajia continued: "I asked my dad, is this basic knife method completely incompetent? My dad said no. He said that no matter what the knife method is, killing the enemy is the core element, so there is no knife is perfect, it depends on the person holding the knife! "

"He said that the family, military children, and rookies were different from us when we were young. We just chopped puppets in the training room with wooden knives, but they carried the knives from childhood to the real ones. Fight, kill the enemy, kill those beasts, strange beasts, and practice swordsmanship by killing! "

"And as long as such people survive, they will develop their own" knife momentum". Their knife will consolidate a powerful momentum and killing intention, It 's fascinating! Ordinary people can't fight against them, and they can't shoot at all, because ordinary people will be frightened and lose heart as soon as the opposite knife comes out.

Ming Jiajia took a deep look at Zhong Yihan and said, "My dad said that this knife momentum is like a tiger going down a mountain and a tiger howling forest. In the face of those weak animals, the tiger doesn't need to take the shot himself, Sometimes with a roar, you can stun those little animals! "

The crowd looked at Zhong Yihan in horror, and the fat man said incredulously, "Is Yi Han already so powerful now?"

Zhong Yihan was also thoughtful.

Indeed, as Ming Jiajia said, the vitality of those people just now is actually not bad, but the spiritual cultivation-that is, the will and courage is too weak!

If they let go of their hands and fight for their lives, even if they could win with the advantage of the blade, they would definitely have a lot of injuries in the end.

But from the beginning, they were captured by the knife momentum, and then they could not even play half of their strength, and it is not surprising that they lost so thoroughly.

Is this the "knife momentum"? !!

He remembered the battle with Yun Chao before, and it seemed that to the back, Yun Chao was frightened.

At this time Ming Jiajia said: "Zhong Yihan, can you tell me how to practice your knife momentum?"

Zhong Yihan smiled helplessly, how to say such a thing?

Did he tell them that he had been going to the Different World every night for more than a month, hunting and killing other beasts so that there are hundreds of other beasts that are now dying in his hands?

But fortunately, Ming Jiajia reacted. This kind of thing must be the secret of others, so she quickly rounded the road and said, "Will I be able to consult you alone after the trial is over?"

Zhong Yihan had to say, "Okay!"

The fat man and Fan vigorously looked at each other, and both made strange noises.

Zhong Yihan gave them two eyes and said, "Stop! Hurry up and search for these guys. Are there any good things on their bodies! Dare to rob us, fat man, teach them some lessons!"

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