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Kung Fu Beyond the World 9 Chapter 9 - Summary after Figh

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[Found low-level energy grass: two "purple energy grass", recycling price: 3 system points, want to sell?]

Looking at the light word on the screen, Zhong Yihan frowned.

Add these two purple grass together, and the recycling price is only 3 system points?

This price is a bit low!

Although it is the first time that he has seen the real thing in person, he has a good memory. He had previously seen the introduction of the illustrated book in the "Kung Fu Forum", and still vaguely remembered it.

Purple energy grass, an exotic herb in Different World.

It takes one year to form and three years to have medicinal power. The longer the year, the purpler the color, the stronger the medicinal power.

Level: Not reach level 1, dark purple energy grass may be close to level 1.

Function: It contains less energy, but it is slightly toxic. It may cause diarrhea when taken directly by people who learn Kung Fu. Ordinary people may damage the liver and cannot be eaten directly.

After processing and detoxification, it can be cultivation medicines to improve physique and speed up cultivation.

The forum also said that generally speaking, a five-year purple energy grass can sell for one to two thousand yuan, and the five-year purple energy grass has been seen by Zhong Yihan, both in color and size, can not compare with the two he collected.

Can these two purple grass be recovered systematically for only 3 points?

A price with three evil rabbit beasts? !!

This is really unreasonable.

The problem is that there is no place to make sense of this silly system. Zhong Yihan thought about it and clicked "Cancel".

Rather than let the system recycle, it's better to keep it for sale.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan decisively refused to recycle, and carefully put the two purple energy grass into his pockets.

He was going to go back and sell the two purple energy grass. The carcass of the beast was not easy to sell, but this energy grass was still very easy to sell.

After all, he still owes 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing!

Next, Zhong Yihan found four evil rabbits and his system points reached 25.

At this time it is 6 am Earth time and school time is 7:30.

"Catch it for another half an hour and go back."

Zhong Yihan felt that he could continue to catch, he suddenly heard that there seemed to be a slight noise around him.

He immediately became alert, carefully crouched down to hide, while holding the shuttle in his hand, ready to use at any time.

Intuition tells Zhong Yihan that this time it is most likely not an evil rabbit beast.

A slight sound came from all directions, and Zhong Yihan finally found that it was the six tooth canine beasts just now. They have formed a circle, and surrounded him!

"Oh no, careless!"

Zhong Yihan and one of the tooth canine beast faced each other, and the undisguised bloodthirsty under the beast's red pupil made his scalp.

Seeing that the six tooth canine beasts were getting closer, Zhong Yihan wants to go back immediately

Quickly shouted: "Teleport me back!"

Soon the surrounding scene became a familiar bedroom.

Zhong Yihan breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed on the bed weakly.

Because it is early winter, the sun outside has not yet risen.

In the darkness, Zhong Yihan opened his eyes, thinking about his gains today.

Counting the five system points consumed for the first level shuttle, he earned a total of 31 system points this time.

It can be said that it far exceeds expectations.

In the beginning, Zhong Yihan was worried that he would not be able to redeem the shuttle. He did not expect that 25 points would be left as a result. This is a huge gain.

However, in comparison, Zhong Yihan felt that the greater gain was that he had lived one night in the Different World.

This spiritual gain is great, especially in the frontal battle of the evil rabbit beast, which greatly improved his courage and courage.

There is a feeling of sublimation.

He knew very well that before yesterday, he was just a person who had not seen blood-like most students.

But after yesterday night, now he can barely be regarded as a soldier.

"But there are still many problems!"

Zhong Yihan was lying on the bed, recalling all the experiences just now, and summing up some experiences.

First, his preparation is still not enough. If it is not a shuttle as a hole card, then he has been killed by the tooth canine beasts;

Second, his attack method is still too simple, only simple traps and knives, especially the lack of effective long-range attack methods.

Imagine if he had a strong crossbow in his hand, at least tonight's harvest can be more than a dozen system points.

Because the monsters of the Different World are not low in IQ. If they find that they cannot beat them, they will turn around and run-Zhong Yihan can never catch up.

Moreover, if there is a long-range attack method, then even if several evil rabbit beasts come together, he will not be afraid.

One or two can be shot at a long-range, and the rest can be solved.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan opened the mall system, and after searching for it, set his sights on "Basic Archery".

["Basic Archery" can help newbies quickly master archery skills and can be reused. A "Basic Archery" adds 100 proficiency. Price: 20 system points.]

In the mall system, in addition to "Basic Archery", there are "Basic knife Techniques", "Basic knife Techniques", "Basic Gun Techniques", "Basic Footwork" and so on ...
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Although Zhong Yihan wanted to learn basic knife skills, he realized through the battle last night that in cold weapon battles, the attack distance was important.

Today, several evil rabbit beasts escaped from under the knife of Zhong Yihan, but he was powerless and could only watch the system points flying away. If he could shoot arrows, this would not happen.

Even in the face of tooth canine beasts, maybe he could fight with them.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan decisively exchanged for "Basic Archery".

The 25-point system point turned into 5 at once, which made him feel distressed.

It's hard to make money. It's fast to spend money... He can feel this kind of bitter experience.

After the purchase, Zhong Yihan chose to study directly.

At this time his character panel also changed.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.7

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 0.9

Comprehensive vitality: 0.8


Basic archery: 330/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 272/1000

Basic Boxing: 253/1000

Basic footwork: 130/1000


"Is there a skill bar on the character panel?"

Zhong Yihan carefully studied his skill bar. The high ones, whether it is archery, knife, boxing, footwork, etc., are all "Entry" evaluations, and proficiency is from one hundred to two, or more than two hundred.

After thinking about it, Zhong Yihan understood the meaning of these values.

Because in the school before, the teachers of archery, knife method, and boxing skills were taught. They have also studied for several years, so their proficiency is reflected.

However, after spending a few years, proficiency is only one or two hundred ...

Zhong Yihan was instantly ashamed.

Looking at the "In progress" behind "Basic Archery", he doesn't know what's the use.

However, Zhong Yihan remembers that the practice content of Kung Fu class today is archery, so he can try it at that time.

Looking at the time, it was already over five in the morning.

Zhong Yihan grabbed the rabbit all night, covered with stinky sweaty and tired. Now he quickly took off his armor and the Tang knife and hid under the bed. Then he took a shower casually and took time to sleep.

There are classes today!

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