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Kung Fu Beyond the World 79 Chapter 79 - Be Wanted

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The next night, Zhong Yihan entered the island of a Different World again.

This time, he encountered a herd of six tooth canine beasts, so he raised an arrow and shot three of them. He was planning to kill the remaining three together, but he did not expect that the three tooth canine beasts would be killed together. Scattered away, while running, screaming.

Then, not long after, hordes of tooth canine beasts appeared in all directions, and they gathered towards this place.

Zhong Yihan saw the king again and quickly took Xia Ling to leave this place.

More than an hour later, Zhong Yihan estimated that the tooth canine beasts should be scattered, and then he started to hunt.


The tooth canine beasts gathered again, and the beastmaster appeared again ...

This time Zhong Yihan understood that he was "wanted" by the tooth canine beasts.

As soon as you appear, and you can't "instantly" kill the beasts, there will be a loud warning of the living tooth canine beasts, and then other beasts will gather immediately, and the beastmaster will appear to tear up the bad guy who hunted their companion!

"I can't live this day!"

Zhong Yihan was very grieved, he just kill a few of you, as for wanting me?

There are no more than one hundred beasts who died under his hands during this time. !! !!

"But it's wrong ... I've killed so many evil rabbit beasts, and these rabbits didn't come to attack me in a group ... Well, sure enough, rabbits are cuter!!"

He thought about it and finally came to a rough conclusion.

These evil rabbit beasts are scattered soldiers and do not have a leader of the population, so they cannot be combined.

However, there is a beastmaster among the tooth canine beasts, and the IQ of the beasts should be much higher than the evil rabbit beast, so it is estimated that the younger beast was killed too much and went to find the beastmaster. Then the beastmaster issued such a wanted order to himself, And then the whole race held together.

"What should I do? ... I can only practice it myself."

Zhong Yihan was very sad. Originally, he thought that his strength had improved, and he could add points on this island, but he did not expect a beastmaster to jump out.

Sorry, but there is no way.

However, Zhong Yihan is also accustomed to having fun in pain. If he cannot kill the tooth beast, then he will kill the evil rabbit beast.

Anyway, the biggest value of this island is that the energy is very abundant, and practice here is always without loss.

Practice "Kung Fu 72 styles" first, and now he can barely complete the fourteenth style, and the fifteenth style can also do most of it.

After practicing for two hours in the "Kung Fu 72 style", Zhong Yihan went back and took a rest—without taking a medicated bath, he simply took a break and then began to practice archery again.

His proficiency in basic archery now has 937, which is still more than 60 points to reach the full level, but the more the experience value increases later, the slower it is. Now it takes two consecutive arrows to hit ten rings. Will increase a little experience.

Zhong Yihan is looking forward to how much full-level basic archery can bring to himself?

So for the next two nights, Zhong Yihan was mainly engaged in basic archery practice. He didn't know how many arrows were shot. Both arms were sore. Finally, at about four o'clock in the morning the next day, With the last arrow hitting the bullseye, the system heard the news.

[Basic Archery, Proficiency +1]

[Congratulations to the host, the basic archery proficiency has reached the full level, and the basic archery progress is now open. Please host to continue! (The junior skill book will be open after the system mall is upgraded)]

Then Zhong Yihan saw on his panel that the column of basic archery had changed and became:

Primary Archery: 0/5000.

"It is junior after basic. I thought I would go directly to the intermediate level ... but there is no skill book to buy, which is embarrassing. But the system mall can be upgraded ... This is not a surprise to me, but, How on earth can I upgrade? "

Zhong Yihan tried to call the system, but the system did not respond.

He was used to this, so he took a break and raised his bow again.

This time, when Zhong Yihan was bending his bow and arrow, he felt that his hand feels smoother than before as if archery has formed an instinct.

He glanced at the bull's eye a hundred meters away, and without too much intentional aiming, he just let go of his hand.


Xia Ling from the distance cheered: "The master is so good! Ten rings! The bullseye is right!"

Zhong Yihan tried a few more arrows, and they were all ten rings.

"This is probably the meaning of the full level of basic archery. It feels better and feels more accurate. In the past, aiming was mainly with eyes, but now ..."

He grinned, lowered his bow, and said to himself: "I feel like I am aiming attentively now."

Zhong Yihan is very happy.

If he was an archery machine before, now he can feel that the arrow he shoots ... has a soul.

Although, there is only so much.

Zhong Yihan practiced for a while. After feeling a bit boring, he even started playing.

Among archery, there is archery called "arc arrow", that is, through the correction of the arrow point, the feather of the tail can shoot the turning arc under the action of force, just like a "banana ball" on a football field same.

This arc arrow was shown to them by Zhang Shou, a Kung Fu teacher. At that time, Zhong Yihan was deeply impressed.

But Zhang Shou also said this arc arrow doesn't make much sense, it's just fun and dazzling.

However, Zhong Yihan was very interested in this and studied it for a long time. Under the feeling of "primary archery", he got him a certain skill.

Of course, he also knows that this trick is flashy, and there is no need to deliberately practice it.

But what about young people ...
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Who has no hobby yet? !!

After practicing for another hour like this, the sky was gradually getting brighter, but the increase of primary archery was only a few dozen points.

"Sure enough, the further you go, the harder it will be to upgrade. This is the case for junior archery. Will there be intermediate or advanced levels behind it?" Zhong Yihan sighed.

Facing the sunrise of the Different World, Zhong Yihan returned to the bedroom using the shuttle.

The new home's large independent bedroom is just fine. He no longer has to be careful, for fear of waking up his family.

Put hot water in the thermostatic bath and throw the medicated bath bag in. Zhong Yihan lay inside and began to close his eyes and relax.

In a few more hours, it's time for field trials!

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