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Kung Fu Beyond the World 78 Chapter 78 - Beastmaster

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After school in the afternoon, Zhong Yihan and the members of the team had a discussion and learned about the overall strength and strengths of several people.

But frankly ...

No surprises.

After all, not everyone has a system like him, so everyone's strength improvement is in a relatively stable and slow state.

After the drill, Zhong Yihan went straight to the mall.

Now that he has money, more importantly, his strength has also become stronger. The Tang knife and longbow that he bought before are now a bit lighter, and the armor is almost broken, so we need to update our equipment. Already.

So Zhong Yihan went to the commercial street in the city and bought a set of equipment.

The steel knife of the stainless steel alloy has a length of one meter and a weight of 6.8 kilograms. The whole body is dark and non-reflective, and the price is 270,000;

A hundred-pound recurve bow, priced at 80,000 yuan, and twenty tungsten steel armor-piercing arrows, each of which weighs 0.5 kg, and adds up to 20,000 yuan;
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A set of "extraordinary" brand of personal combat clothing, new nano-materials, like latex clothing, can fully fit the human body, breathable and can adjust the temperature to a certain degree of self-regulation, 50,000 yuan.

Riot armor, made of Kevlar, is a bit like the Saiyan armor in a comic "Dragon Ball" a long time ago-even more fitted with a close combat suit.

This set of armor can protect the chest, abdomen and other vital points, as well as elbow pads and knee pads. Zhong Yihan didn't buy the helmet. worn on the body, does not affect the movement of the joints, and the two are small assault rifles of caliber can't be worn for a short time and half, the price is 30,000.

However, the most expensive of this equipment, except weapons, is the pair of shoes bought by Zhong Yihan.

Adi Windrunner E300 boots.

Can withstand the pressure of thousands of pounds, with walking function can make walking and sprint more comfortable, waterproof and fireproof comes with breathability.

The price is 78,000!

That is, Zhong Yihan now has the money to buy, otherwise, this pair of shoes alone is the dream of a lifetime before he did not get the system and Xia Ling.

That night, Zhong Yihan went to Different World to test the power of the new equipment.

Sure enough ... very cool!

Although the new steel and steel alloy knife and bow are indeed much heavier, his power is much stronger than a month ago, but he feels more at ease, and his lethality has been greatly improved.

The previous bladed steel knife had a bit of powerlessness in killing tooth canine beasts. After all, the beasts had dense fur, muscles, and toughness, and their bones were as hard as iron. Ordinary bladed steel knife, although it can cause damage unless it hits the key, it is difficult to cause fatal injury.

But the black blade of this steel alloy is different.

The thickness of the bowl mouth tree was cut into two sections with almost no obstacles.

In the face of the tooth canine beasts, the sword passed, whether the hit was the key, as long as it was hit, that was the end of death.

The 80-pound recurve bow is even more amazing in strength. The bow and arrow fire faster and more stable. With a tungsten steel arrow, 100 meters away, Zhong Yihan fires an arrow, and the arrow is inserted into the trunk. Almost a third deep!

This lethality is good enough for a small caliber firearm!

Moreover, this brand-new combat suit and boots are much better than the previous equipment, so that he can feel that his strength can have more room to play, and he runs faster and jumps farther.

After testing for a while, Zhong Yihan concluded: "If I was wearing this equipment and fight with Yun Chao, he could not survive the second move!"

After all, although this equipment has a limited increase in a person's true strength, it is incomparable to the increase in lethality.

Tonight's Zhong Yihan is a killer.

Even when seven or eight tooth canine beasts got together, he was not afraid.

First, a few arrows shot, and then a black knife was raised against the tooth canine beasts ...

In less than a minute, the bodies of the eight beasts swept across the wild.

That's it for the 24 system points.

And it's not just the tooth canine beasts that can bring system points. He now has the full set of experience in the Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs, and soon found some herbs in the surrounding trees.

[Hemostatic Grass: It can stop bleeding and dissipate blood stasis, but it can't treat more serious injuries. It belongs to the lowest class of healing herbs. Because hemostatic grass hates the characteristics of sunlight, most of their living environment is dark, and the back grows long. The appearance of ordinary hemostatic grass is not significantly different from that of weeds. They can be easily distinguished according to the characteristics of sunlight. At the same time, hemostatic grass is evergreen, so after autumn in the north, the difference from yellowish weeds is significantly increased.]

[Whether to recycle the hemostatic grass, the recovery price is 10 strains = 1 system point.]

Next, Zhong Yihan searched again within the range that he was already familiar with, and found that 30 hemostatic grass and 20 Rehmannia glutinosa plants add up to 7 system points, but if sold into cash, it is not a small sum.

Rehmannia glutinosa plants are a kind of herbal medicine for tonifying the kidney. Because it contains energy, it is more than ten times better than similar herbs on the earth.

Rehmannia glutinosa has a similar appearance to Climbing Grass because it grows mixed with Climbing Cress, so it is more difficult to distinguish than hemostatic grass.

But even such difficult to distinguish Rehmannia glutinosa plants were recognized by Zhong Yihan at a glance, and other herbs are probably not a problem. It can be seen that this "Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs" is indeed worthy!

Overnight, Zhong Yihan had a good harvest.

Seventy hemostatic grass, thirty plants of Rehmannia glutinosa, seven small purple energy grass.

There is probably seven small purple energy grass that can match the efficacy of a normal purple energy grass, and because they are too young, the purple at their tips is not obvious, so it is not easy to find.

Zhong Yihan made a rough estimate. The approximate value of these herbs can be sold for at least 30,000 to 40,000.

Although he is not short of money now, these herbs are a fortune-he still has millions of loans on his back. Who would think that money is too much?

So, this night, Zhong Yihan spent the happiest night of his own in the Different World.

While hunting evil rabbits and tooth canine beasts, while searching for medicinal materials, it can be said that the system points are added and the money is made without delay. In one night, he added nearly a hundred system points, and then changed to physical fruit and eat.

But happiness begets sorrow.

Just when Zhong Yihan thought that this island had been his area, Xia Ling in the air suddenly issued a loud screaming alarm.

Zhong Yihan quickly climbed into the tree and looked through the telescope.

It was found that about 300 meters ahead, a large circle of tooth canine beasts appeared.

These beasts come together, at least more than a hundred, and there is also one of them, a giant tooth canine beast that is different at a glance!

The giant beast is twice the size of an ordinary one. The brown-yellow fur shines and looks like a lion with a dog's head and fangs!

That's a beastmaster!

What's more frightening is that Zhong Yihan was 300 meters away from the beastmaster. It was only through a telescope that he could see the appearance of the beastmaster.

However, the beastmaster seemed to have a sense of instinct and immediately looked in the direction where Zhong Yihan was, its eyes exposing the fierce light of anger.

Then, the beastmaster made a roar and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Besides, the hundreds of ordinary tooth canine beasts around it also rushed along.

Zhong Yihan was frightened, let alone the beastmaster whose strength was unknown, and even hundreds of tooth canine beasts flew together to tear him to pieces.

So he quickly recalled Xia Ling, and started the shuttle, running away!

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