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Kung Fu Beyond the World 77 Chapter 77 - Team Formation

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"Brother Zhong, do you still have a place there?"

"Brother Yihan, take me for a while ..."

"Can you add me? Make sure I don't drag your hind legs!"

Others looked at Zhu Zhenxing because they knew Zhong Yihan would bring him.

"Fat brother, this relationship between us, you must bring me!"

"Fat brother, please!"

Zhong Yihan looked funny at this scene.

He remembered the last time he was in the field, it was already the last semester, and it was in the second year in high school.

At that time, he was with a group of fat, and no one was willing to team with them at all.

But now it's better, all come together.

Of course, Zhong Yihan does not consider himself the strongest in the class, but he knows that the top ten or even the top twenty students in the class basically have their own small circle.

It's like Xiong Bo in the first place, no one went to him at all.


Because Xiong Bo has always been alone, he doesn't deal with people so much. He has always been alone to participate in this kind of experience.

Look at Li Xinyu again.

Li Xinyu ranked in the top five of the class, and she was beautiful. Zhang Li ran to her early, picking out a few other boys who wanted to join.

Most other high-ranking students do the same, with their own small circle.

And these students who shouted for help were basically the middle and lower reaches. They couldn't get into the high-end circle. So it was so easy to see Zhong Yihan as a "coming star". Everyone wanted to try their luck.

Zhong Yihan didn't care much about them but looked at the fat man at first glance.

At this time, the fat man grinned and looked at himself, and the two looked at each other and smiled, without saying anything.

Then, Fan Dali, Zhong Yihan feels that Fan Dali was a good person and worthy of contact.

The moment Fan Qiang was called to the name was a bit stunned, because he was very uncertain before, and he was not sure whether Zhong Yihan would bring him. After all, to be honest, although the relationship between the two has improved, overall In terms of it, it is just a little better than nodding.

At this time, Zhu Zhenxing showed a smiling face to Fan Dali: "What are you still thinking about? Come on!"

Fan Dali finally laughed and said nothing. He walked silently and gave a high-five with Zhu Fat.

The surrounding students saw that Zhong Yihan chose Fan Dali and was disappointed immediately. They left silently.

Because they want to hug thighs, not to be involved.

Now in this team, Zhong Yihan is reborn, but the level of Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali is really a bit retarded.

Fan Dali's vitality is 0.9. Among the 50 or so people in the class, he ranks in the early 30s, which belongs to the high or low, and there is nothing to expect from this strength.

As for Zhu Zhenxing, not to mention!

In this way, some students with a vitality of about 1 and a class ranking of 20 or 30 will directly give up the team of Zhong Yihan.

Of course, some people are still watching.

At this time, Zhong Yihan noticed that there was a very restrained girl at the back who seemed to want to say something, but the other party found that Zhong Yihan looked at her and immediately avoided her eyes.

Zhong Yihan remembers her name as Ming Jiajia, because she has no friends in her class.

However, her strength is not bad. Remember that in the last test, Ming Jiajia had a vitality of 1.2. In terms of strength, she is much stronger than Zhu Zhenxing and Fan.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan approached Ming Jiajia and said, "Ming Jiajia, do you have a team now?"

Ming Jiajia apparently did not expect Zhong Yihan to find her, and suddenly panicked, "No, no."

"Then join my team, what do you think?"

"Okay, thank you Zhong Yihan."

"You promised to join my team. I should thank you."

Ming Jiajia joined the team. In this way, there was only one place left. Zhong Yihan thought about it and asked a boy named Ning Jinshui to join the team.

Ning Jinshui's vitality is a little higher than Fan's, but it is almost less than 1. He was chosen mainly because, in Zhong Yihan's impression, this Ning Jinshui belongs to a few words and is more honest. Don't worry about him make some trouble.

The stability of the team is the most important, otherwise, it is better to have no team.

Zhong Yihan's team was so full. Those who did not join the team could only leave disappointed.

After the team was full, Zhong Yihan said, "This time we are in a group of five, and we will advance and retreat together. I will be the captain. I will say the ugly words first. This time in the field trial, I did not expect to get too good results and then add some actual combat experience, but I will try my best to do this. "

"We are a team. Everyone has different ideas. It is normal to have differences and opinions. But I hope that opinions can be raised and differences can be communicated. But when the actual combat begins, If we haven't reached a consensus, then we must follow what I say. "

After going up the mountain, everyone listens to my command. Don't panic when you encounter an unexpected situation, but don't resist. After all, my strength is not high. It 's impossible to help you in all situations, so some situations require your own judgment. To see if you can accept the help of the Kung Fu teacher. "

"Can you accept this?"

Zhu Zhenxing naturally supports his own brother, so he patted his chest and said, "No problem!"

Fan Dali nodded quickly.

Ming Jiajia and Ning Jinshui glanced at each other. Neither of them has an idea, so they nodded together.

Zhong Yihan smiled and held out his hand: "Then we are a team next, welcome everyone!"

The four boys folded their hands together, Ming Jiajia hesitated and put her hands up.

"Come on!"

The movement over Zhong Yihan's side caught the attention of others in the classroom.

Especially Zhang Li, at this moment a disdainful glance came over and sneered: "I don't know how many points they can get in the end. Are you right, Xinyu?"

Li Xinyu frowned slightly, at this time a handsome boy came over and said: "Xinyu, can I join your team?"

Zhang Li looked at the boy, and then sneered, "Have you reached 1.6? No 1.6, 1.5 is OK, did you meet the requirements? If not, get away, our team will not collect waste!"

The boy left with a flushed face. His strength was about the same as Yun Chao's. He ranked top 20 in the class, but it was a little worse than 1.5.

1.5, in their third and fifth class, is already in the top ten!

When the boy left, he gave Zhang Li a resentful look, and whispered: "Your vitality has not even reached 1, and dare to pick people here!"

Of course, his voice was so low that no one heard it.

Li Xinyu was unhappy, and whispered, "Don't say that to others!"

Zhang Li was very proud, saying, "Xinyu, you are soft-hearted. How can a guy with a vitality that hasn't even reached 1.5, be qualified to team with you? Don't worry, I've already found good people! Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan and Zhang Bo. They are in the top ten of our class, and their vitality is not under 1.5, and the most important thing is ... "

She lowered her voice: "All three are handsome guys, and they have money at home, so this kind of talent is worth making friends with!"
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Li Xinyu was even more unhappy, but she couldn't say anything about Zhang Li, so she said, "You arrange it, I'll go back first."

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