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Kung Fu Beyond the World 76 Chapter 76 - Practice in the Wild

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Xia Ling was playing crazy that night, causing Zhong Yihan to accompany her crazy to dawn, and it was rare that he did not go to practice in the Different World, so he could relax for one night.

He came to school the next day and someone greeted him along the way.

"Brother Han!"

"Han has breakfast? I still have buns here. Would you like one?"

"Han, would you like a serving of soy milk?"

"Han brother, I don't quite understand one question ... could you teach me!"

"Han, this is my special bento, do you try it?"

As if overnight, Zhong Yihan suddenly became popular, greeted along the way, sent early, ask for advice ... There is endless stream, and there are many beautiful girls.

Zhong Yihan declined all one by one.

In fact, since he defeated Yun Chao a few days ago, and then Ying Nanyan personally came forward to support him, these days he has been to school with the same treatment.

Everyone has seen the emergence of a potential boy, and perhaps it is not a big deal to defeat Yun Chao, but with the support of Ying Nanyan shows that Zhong Yihan has a bright future.

For a time Zhu Zhenxing became the object of envy of many people, even Fan Dali was honored.

Zhu Zhenxing has always been Zhong Yihan's best friend.

And Fan Dali, generally caught up with the last train to make friends with Zhong Yihan, although not as pure as Zhu Fat, but at least caught up.

There are also some students who have not dealt with Zhong Yihan and others before.

Although there is no deep hatred between each other, and the previous non-compliances are only occasional quarrels and disputes, but who knows that Zhong Yihan will fight against revenge?

Yun Chao is said that he has been sent to the provincial hospital for treatment. Although Yun Chao's home is also considered a middle class, the treatment costs of millions of dollars are not a small amount-but fortunately, this money came from Geng Yueguang. It's a blessing in misfortune.

It's just that these months must have been delayed, and this year's college entrance examination is definitely no way.

This delay is a whole year!

As for Geng Yueguang, he paid the money but did not get any benefit.

His reputation was completely stunk. Everyone knew that he deliberately favored during the game. He secretly attacked Zhong Yihan and forced Zhong Yihan to finally make a heavy hand.

At that time, Zhu Zhenxing was looking for someone to record images from several angles, so the evidence is solid. Afterward, some good people took these videos to ask the teacher to evaluate it, and the teacher also proved that Geng Yueguang did a black hand.

Not to mention that at the time in front of Ying Nanyan, Geng Yueguang's face was completely lost and he was ridiculed by the group as "there is no warrior's backbone".

Therefore, Geng Yueguang has not been to school these days. It is said that he has already been on leave, and he is still on a long vacation.

It is estimated that if it wasn't for Ying Nanyan, let him have another fight with Zhong Yihan after three months. He lost such a big face and would definitely transfer directly to the school.

But fortunately, Zhong Yihan didn't seem to be so stingy and did not mean to kill everyone who had had conflicts with him before. He is still the same as before, except he bought a few hundred pieces for himself. Money's new clothes have not changed much.

The morning class ended unknowingly. The students were waiting for lunch. At this time, the Kung Fu teacher Zhang Shou came in.

"One notice! Next Wednesday, class one, three, five, these three classes will go to the northern suburbs for a field trial for three days!"

The students were most excited.

Field trials are a must-have item for every high school. Generally, field trials are conducted every three or four months.

The content of the trial is to find a mountain range with wild beasts, led by a teacher, students group themselves, enter the mountains, hunt wild beasts, and collect valuable herbs and minerals, and then calculate points.

The purpose of this training is to allow students to truly transform what they have learned in the classroom into their own skills, instead of being a flower in the greenhouse all the time.

In addition, the actual combat experience is part of the college entrance examination. If you want to be admitted to the Kung Fu college, the school also attaches great importance to the field experience on weekdays.

Zhang Shou continued: "This time in the field, we will enter the depths of the northern suburbs. The rule is to form teams freely. The upper limit of each team is five people, regardless of the lower limit. It is ok if you want to go alone as a team. When you form a team, the scores you get are evenly divided within the team. That is to say, if you have five people in a team and you get 100 points, then you will get 20 points each. If you are alone and get 100 points, then you get 100 points. "

"The field experience is still the same point system as before. Points can be calculated by hunting and hunting predators and by searching for herbs. This time one hundred and seventy people participated in the trial, and the top ten were selected to receive rewards."

"First place, three Energy and Blood potions!"

"Second place, two Energy and Blood potions!"

"Third place, one Energy and Blood potions!"

"Fourth to tenth places are rewarded with 2,000 yuan in cash, and can be included in the key training list."

"So, before tomorrow, you will be divided into groups, and the team list will be reported. Once the team list is determined, you must not change it. In addition, you also have to prepare weapons for field training-if you do not have weapons at home, you can apply to the school. Or you can prepare it yourself. "

"This experience, according to the old rules, each person can only carry one package, not any supplies-the school will send you a bottle of water for each of you, and then food, water for the next three days, and even the injured medicines can only be found on the spot. Mobile phones and lighters are not allowed to be carried. The school will issue a flare to each of you. If something goes wrong and you can't solve it yourself, use the flare to give up! A teacher will come to rescue you, but at the same time, the team 's qualifications will be disqualified! "

"Finally, sign an exemption contract! Although there is a teacher to take care of it, it does not mean that there is no danger at all. If you are afraid of death or injury and you are not willing to sign an exemption contract, you can leave!"
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"That's it, the class has ended!"

Zhang Shou left.

The classroom suddenly boiled.

No one pays attention to the "exemption contract" because all students are already used to it.

Students in this era are far braver than those before the resuscitation, and their lives are not so precious.

It is said that before the rejuvenation of the world, the teacher did not have the power to punish the students by mistake, and the students and the school had to take responsibility for whatever happened in the school.

Such things are impossible in this era.

Since it is the Kung Fu era, it is normal to be injured, and the purpose of learning Kung Fu of these students is to fight against other beasts in the future and defend human civilization.

Not only are the students, but it can also be said that they have been reserve soldiers since the day they entered school.

Therefore, injuries and even death during weekday training and experience are never news.

Of course, the experience of high school students is only pediatrics, and there is not much danger. It is said that those top Kung Fu schools have officially approved death rates every year!

The classroom was lively because the students began to look for teams.

Especially looking for a strong classmate to form a team, that feels too cool!


As a result, many people looked at Zhong Yihan.

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