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Kung Fu Beyond the World 75 Chapter 75 - Moving to a New Home

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Zhong Yihan was stunned.

He just said that the system released the task, but the system immediately gave a reward.

The reward for hidden tasks.

"Dream?" Zhong Yihan asked the system in his head. "System boss, how is this hidden task determined?"

no reply.

Zhong Yihan asked unwillingly but the system still didn't reply.

Zhong Yihan focused on a suspended bronze box in front of him, and suddenly he was happy.

"Since it was given away for free, then don't give it away ... open it!"

The box lit up a light, and in the light, a heavy book appeared.
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Then the system issued a prompt: [Congratulations to the owner for obtaining an Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs, (Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs: After learning, you can recognize all herbs below the first level). Does the owner learn, or recycle, recycling price, 100 system points.]

Zhong Yihan frowned, recognizing herbs?

What's the use of this?

Now that the Internet is so convenient if he really wants to know what herbs, he can find them online.

Moreover, there is a professional APP on the mobile phone. Take a camera and take a picture of an unknown plant, and he can immediately identify the name of the plant and its function introduction.

But the one hundred system points recycled are too few-with his current combat power, as long as he is willing to add, one hundred points can be basically added in two nights.

Zhong Yihan decided to learn.

Suddenly the book in front of him flew into the sea of knowledge, and then he felt a flood of knowledge pouring into his brain.

After a short while, Zhong Yihan opened his eyes and rubbed his tingling temples. There was only one feeling in his heart.

"If it wasn't for the system only opened a hundred system points for recycling. If it was opened a little higher, maybe it would be sold, and now absolutely regret it!"

Now in his mind, there is more information on 2,000 herbs, including appearance, function, growth habits, precautions, etc.

These were originally knowledge that required rote memorization. In the culture class of Zhong Yihan's school, there was a special class called "Pharmacology", which was about these things.

This reward directly printed all the information of more than a thousand herbs in my mind. Otherwise, if he just memorizes it, he may have to memorize for many years!

So just this one, let alone a hundred system points, a thousand system points can't be bought!

Knowledge is priceless!

At this time, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt that a hand was shaking in front of him.

He found that it was Zhong Qiaoyue, waving vigorously in front of himself, and shouting, "Brother! Brother! Are you stunned? Lost your soul ?!"

Zhong Yihan gave her a disgusted glance: "Whimper, when can you be a lady?"

Zhong Qiaoyue scowled, said, "Brother, you are so rich now, give me some pocket money! I haven't bought new clothes for a long time!"

Zhong Yihan shook his head, pulled out a card from his pocket, and then ... handed it to his mother Zhang Aimei.

"Mom, there are 100,000 yuan on this card. You can buy whatever you lack in the house. Xiaoyue did not buy new clothes for a long time, so you take her to buy, anyway, don't save money, our house is now rich! "

Zhong Qiaoyue faced bitterly: "Why not give me ... I promise to spend the 100,000 yuan tomorrow!"

Zhang Aimei slaps her daughter with a smile, and yells: "Although your brother can make money now, we can't spend too much! According to your temperament, no one helps you to control yourself, you spend it in minutes. And the family still has to live, so the money is still with mom, mom will buy for you what do you need! "

Zhong Qiaoyue's face wrinkled into the bitter gourd.

So she grimaced hard against Zhong Yihan again, finally impatient Zhong Yihan's entanglement, and gave her the last few hundred pieces of cash to her, and this girl was happy.

Although it is only a few hundred, it is also the first time that she has so much pocket money!

Next, Zhong Yihan took her mother and sister to arrange the rooms, so that they all live in the villa on the east side, and he lives on the west side, anyway, the decoration and equipment on the two sides are basically the same. The third floor on the east side is also a practice room.

When Zhong Qiaoyue saw her new bedroom, she was almost crazy.

She finally didn't have to squeeze into a small room of less than twenty square meters with her brother, and she was separated by wooden boards. This new bedroom is large and spacious and has panoramic floor-to-ceiling skylights. Once the curtains are closed, it is her own small space. Open the curtains during the day and immediately see the artificial lake opposite.

Independent, let alone a large automatic thermostatic bath, what Zhong Qiaoyue likes most is that there is a special laundry room in this bedroom, which can store a lot of clothes.

Although it is still empty, Zhong Qiaoyue has dreamed about the grand occasion when it will be filled up one day!

It's just that the room is now empty except for the bed, furniture, and appliances. After all, the bedsheets and mattresses are relatively private. Zhong Yihan doesn't want to use other people's things. These need to be bought now.

It's almost ten o'clock in the evening, and Zhang Aimei thinks that these things will be bought tomorrow. Today, they could go back to the old house and sleep for another night.

But Zhong Qiaoyue did not agree.

In her words, it would be better to sleep on the floor in a new home rather than go back again.

Fortunately, there is a fat man. This guy has a wide range of communication. When he called out, there is a response immediately.

Coincidentally, the largest furniture city in the county was opened by Fan Dali 's home. When he heard that Zhong Yihan needed some mattresses and sheets to move to his new home, Fan Dali immediately ran over in person at 10 pm. Open the door of the furniture city, and let Zhong Yihan take his sister to choose!

That 's right, it 's okay to choose whatever they like. It doesn't matter if they give money or not!

In this way, they tossed until a little more than midnight, and then they barely managed to get the accommodation in the new home, and then the family lived in the new home directly.

Although it was a bit tiring, when they lay down on a large soft mattress after taking a shower, they felt that it was irrelevant.

So happy!

At this time, Zhong Yihan only released Xia Ling and showed her new home.

And the children's playground in the new home.

Her castle!

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