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Kung Fu Beyond the World 73 Chapter 73 - Special Treatmen

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It is said that Yang Minggao is more than 50 years old, and he is indeed older than Zhong Guohai. It is no problem to call him a brother. but...

In the presence of so many people, the attitude of the warden is very interesting.

Zhong Guohai is also stunned and then saw Yang Minggao shaking his hand for a while. Shaking and laughing at the same time: "Brother Zhong, sorry that we neglected you! But Brother Zhong, Are you okay to live here? Have anyone bullied you? "

Several other people in the cell suddenly shook their heads like waves.

The prison chief has come to support Zhong Guohai himself. Who dares to say that he bullied him? !!

A middle-aged man with a sharp-billed monkey cheek moved in his heart and quickly raised his hand: "Sir! I know someone is in conflict with Brother Zhong ... Li Zanhu in the room next door! Brother Zhong accidentally touched him yesterday, today Li Zanhu came to trouble Brother Zhong several times and pushed Brother Zhong! "

Yang Minggao's face immediately became overcast, and said gloomily: "Li Zanhu? Is that so?"

Several other people nodded immediately, saying that Brother Zhong was kind, never arguing with others and actively working, everything was that Li Zanhu deliberately caused trouble.

Yang Minggao said to the two prison guards behind him: "This kind of things that endanger the stability and unity in the prison, you must pay attention to it!"

The two prison guards shouted loudly, and Li Zanhu in the cell next to him was almost scared!

Gosh, Did he remember it by the warden? !! He can imagine that the future will not be too good!

Li Zanhu was almost crying, thinking that Zhong Guohai has such a background, can you not pretend?

If you show a bit of domineering of the superiors or reveal a trace of the wind of knowing the warden, he will not dare to provoke him even if he eats a bear heart and a leopard!

Zhong Guohai had been completely stunned at this moment, he had no idea what was going on.

The next second, Yang Minggao immediately turned his face and said loudly, "Zhong Guohai! You are now suspected of being involved in a major case! You are the key person in the case! So, I must now treat you special isolation!"

He looked back at the two prison guards behind him, loudly in a voice that everyone could hear: "Zhong Guohai is now in a special status and involves a major case, so he will be transferred to a Class A cell, where he will be closely guarded! If you have one hair missing, you take the responsibility! "

Two prison guards responded loudly: "Yes sir!"

Zhong Guohai was completely stunned.

What's the situation?

Wasn't it good just now? How does he turn your face?

How did you get involved in a major case? !!

He was about to yell injustice and suddenly saw Yang Minggao made a meaningful look to himself. Although he didn't know the specific reason, he closed his mouth wisely.

And the people in the prison are like mirrors in their hearts.

What "major case"?

To put it plainly, the director of the prison found a reasonable reason and gave Zhong Guohai special care.

He was moved to a "Class A cell"!

Where is a Class A cell?
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That was the "Presidential Suite" in the prison!

Although it is only ten or twenty square meters in size, it is a single room, and there is a small fan, a desk and a chair, and a separate bathroom inside!

Everywhere has its own unspoken rules. Class A cells are one of the biggest unspoken rules in prisons.

Only those with a strong background can enjoy this independent single room. Although this condition is incomparable with hotels outside-but don't forget, this is a prison!

The biggest advantage of a single room is that it can ensure that the occupants are not bullied-because there are no "roommates", who bullies you?

And old prisoners know that there are some privileges in a single room.

For example, everyone's meals are the same, but the amount of meals in a single room is so much. And the single room is quiet, no one disturbs, next to the library, you can borrow books to see it yourself-although prisoners are welcome to improve themselves by reading books, but in a shared room, how can there be that atmosphere.

These are only on the bright side, and more are the hidden rules hidden under the water ... these are not much to say.

In short, the people in the prison all know that the people who can live in Class A single rooms are not ordinary people, no one will trouble him.

This is almost the biggest amulet in prison!

Moreover, this Zhong Guohai may seem ordinary, but he is able to let the warden personally come forward. This is no longer an amulet ... this can already be regarded as a death-free gold medal!

At least after today, no one in the whole prison would dare touch a finger of Zhong Guohai!

When Zhong Guohai was taken to the Class A cell, he also reacted.

Sure enough, Yang Minggao laughed and said, "Brother Zhong, are you satisfied with this room? Any dissatisfaction, mentioning it, if it is not excessive, I will let them arrange it!"

Zhong Guohai nodded repeatedly: "Satisfied, satisfied, thank you, thank you!"

Then he said strangely, "But ... why?"

Yang Minggao patted on his shoulder and said with emotion: "Brother Zhong, you have a good son!"

"Son ... Yihan ?! He, what did he do?"

"This ... I can't say too much, but as long as you know, you can move here because of your good son. And I also looked at your case, how do we ... The case decided by evidence, we are not very good at intervening in these disputes. However, your son has not given up. Maybe it won't be long before there will be a new turn for the better? "

Yang Minggao coughed, and speaking to him in this capacity was an exception, so he quickly coughed twice and changed the topic: "Brother, you can live in peace, what's the problem, this is Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang , You tell them. As for those who have bullied you, hehe ... I'll leave first when you come out, you must remember to come and have a drink with me! "

After that, Yang Ming patted Zhong Guohai's shoulders twice, and said to the two prison guards next to him, "You need to take care of him!"

The two saluted together and said in unison: "Yes!"

Several people left, and Zhong Guohai sat on the wire bed with a look of confusion.

"Yihan ... what did Yihan do?"

"When did my son have such ability ?!"

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