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Kung Fu Beyond the World 72 Chapter 72 - Prison

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This fat man is indeed from a commercial family. The bargain is fierce enough, and he cuts it down by half. This made the owner speechless and Zhong Yihan was stunned.

The next two of them are discussing.

Zhong Yihan finally realized the commercial talent of Zhu Zhenxing (in bargaining). First, let the owner say 9 million, then 8.5 million, then 8 million, but the fat was still not satisfied.
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"7.5 million! The lowest ..." owner was angry and helpless, "You push down, I'll wait for others to see!"

The fat man laughed: "I said Uncle Wang, don't you know what the housing market is like now? You have hung out of the house for half a month, not to mention that someone came to see the house. Right? And even if there are one or two, they just turn around after hearing the price and don't even bother to counter-offer, so this house is really not worth the money now! "

"Then how much do you say ... you dare to say five million more, believe it or not, I hack you ?!"

"Then 5.5 million ... Uncle Wang, you also know that banks are afraid to put out loans to us now, and those developers are crying and crying one by one during this time. Now it is not good to find private loans ... No one dares to put this money at all! If you think about it, if you really can't keep it, the house will be ruined as soon as another beast comes. It's not worth a dime! "

"It's not worth a dime!? Do you still buy? Boy, when I did business, you weren't born yet! Your uncle Wang now is older and dare not gamble. But if you want such a small amount of money, I tell you, no way! "

"Then 5.8 million!"

"Get away!"

"Six million ... Six million can't be added, or we'll find another house." The fat man said, "In fact, I don't recommend my brother to spend so much money, because it's not worth it! Buy a two-hundred and three-hundred-square-foot suite, the same one! I'll tell you, my brother has four people in his house, and the two houses are a bit too much! "

The owner looked at Zhong Yihan, and said helplessly: "Seven million! If it is low, it will not be sold. Buy your big suite!"

The fat man pulled Zhong Yihan and turned away without stopping.

But Zhong Yihan clearly heard that the fat man whispered slowly as he walked slowly: "Stop me, Stop me ..."

The two walked up to the door, watching as they stepped out of the door.

The owner's voice finally sounded behind him: "6.5 million! This is my last bottom line!"

The fat man looked at Zhong Yihan, who smiled happily:




At this time, the prison in Anping County.

After a long day of labor, Zhong Guohai returned to his cell with his inmates and habitually took a broom to clean the room.

There are often seven or eight people in a cell, and the strongest one is often the boss in this cell. He didn't have to do anything except the necessary work.

The strongest one can live in the most comfortable bed in the jail cell. After the prison guard comes to deliver meals every day, he can eat first and eat as much as he wants. After he finishes eating, the rest can eat leftovers.

And he does not need to do the cleaning of the cell. Naturally, there is the weakest person in the cell or those people.

Zhong Guohai was the weakest in the cell.

Fortunately, the strongest one in this cell committed a crime, he still talked about morality. After hearing that Zhong Guohai had been righteous but was wronged, he didn't go to embarrass Zhong Guohai at least. And did not hurt him.

However, Zhong Guohai still had to clean the cell, and the bed sleeping by Zhong Guohai was also the closest to the toilet and the worst cell in the entire cell.

Zhong Guohai also confessed to his fate. He usually said nothing, let him work, he would work, and let him sleep wherever he slept. There was no objection.

On weekdays, Zhong Guohai's performance was also very positive. Now he has completely given up on the matter of redress and just wants to perform well and then reduce his sentence.

He has been in jail for more than two months. It is impossible to be completely free from grievances in this kind of place, but he is very low-key and does not cause any trouble. The average person is not interested in a middle-aged man like him.

However, a young man who came in the first two days, a 17-year-old big flower arm, talked fluently. Zhong Guohai accidentally hit him yesterday. The guy troubled him these two days. He would have been beaten if the prison guard hasn't been there today.

Zhong Guohai was a little worried. Although he was not in the same cell as that guy, he always encountered him when he went out to work during the day. He is afraid that he will have trouble in the next period.

Only this kind of thing, he has no strength and no background, so he can only endure.

When Zhong Guohai was mopping the floor, there was a sudden sound of unlocking outside, and the prisoners' attention was immediately drawn to the past.

It's eight or nine in the evening, who will come to prison?

Generally, there are only two possibilities for this situation. One is the arrival of new people, and the other is that there are prisoners who are being arraigned.

Either way, for prisons with extremely poor recreational activities, it is the talk and fun of these prisoners.

The prison door opened, and the prisoners saw a slightly fat middle-aged man, walking quickly in with several prison guards.

Some prisoners were a little surprised at once.

Because they all recognize that this slightly fat middle-aged person is the prison director Yang Minggao. Generally speaking, the prison director rarely comes here, and whenever he appears in person, it is often a major event.

So there was a lot of noise in the prison immediately. Many people stretched their necks to see what he came in for.

Yang Minggao and a few prison guards went straight to a cell in the middle without stopping, and then gave a hearty laugh: "Is Zhong Guohai here?"

Zhong Guohai, who was cleaning the room, froze, stopped the broom in his hand, and turned back in doubt.

All the others in the cell were stunned.

No one has ever seen the warden smile happily!

Yang Minggao quickly let the prison guards open the door, then go in the cell himself, ignored the others, went straight to Zhong Guohai, and laughed, "You must be Zhong Guohai, brother Zhong?"

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