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Kung Fu Beyond the World 71 Chapter 71 - New Home

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Qingjiang Flower Garden, this is the villa area where the fat man's house is located. It is also the most expensive community in the entire county.

All the villas in the area have a green area of more than 50%. The air is really fresh and the environment is beautiful. After entering the community, it seems as if they have come to a pure land from the downtown area. This neighborhood is quiet.

Those who can buy a house in this community are the richest people in Anping County.

And this group of people also cherish life most.

Therefore, when Zhong Yihan and the fat man entered the district together, they saw the notice on the notice board, densely pasted the news of the house for sale.

Zhong Yihan couldn't help asking the fat man: "You have so much confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military? So you don't plan to sell a house?"

Zhu Zhenxing smiled and said, "I discussed it with my dad. I feel that now no matter how the news spreads, the final result is also uncertain. So my dad said, don't sell this house. If the beast is too powerful at that time, it will be a house at best. But if the military and Kung Fu associations are strong enough, then this house price will definitely rise, but how much can it rise ... I estimate, compare us we bought this house and the price of the decoration, and it would be good to make more than 10 million. "

"So, if you lose, you will lose more than 10 million, and if you earn, you will earn more than 10 million ... My dad said that things worth more than 10 million are not worth taking too many thoughts, and will earn back! "

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes suddenly. Is this the rich's thinking? !!

The two said with a smile that they came to the villa that the fat man found. On the way, Zhu Zhenxing had already called the homeowner, so the homeowner was waiting in the room.

Seeing the two men coming together, the host immediately warmly entertained them.

When Zhong Yihan saw this villa, he immediately fell in love with it.

First of all, these two townhouses are located in one of the best places in the community.

Away from the road, sit north to south, lush greenery, and directly opposite the artificial lake in the middle of the community. Although the area of this artificial lake is small, it can only be considered as a large pond at best, but after all, it is a place with water, which makes people feel good at first glance.

The decoration in the villa is exquisite but not luxurious. Obviously, the owner is attentive when decorating.

The owner's surname is Wang, a middle-aged man in his fifties. When he introduced him, he sighed and said, "I personally supervised the renovation of these two houses, because my family had three children. They are all small, so I thought about preparing them a comfortable home. "

"So, the cost of this house was secondary at the time, mainly because it took me a lot of thought. Just for the space design, I hired three teams and changed dozens of manuscripts! Then I also choose building materials. I went to see it and invited a construction friend to check it out. I bought these furniture and electrical appliances myself. After all, it 's my own home.

"Now the children all grew up, it's time to get married, get to school, I was thinking of changing the room again, and I used it for the elderly, but I didn't expect ... hey!"

Zhong Yihan nodded while watching.

It can be seen that the decoration, layout, furniture, and so on of this house are really intentional. The materials of the furniture are very good, and they are similar to the new ones in a few years. It can be seen that the owner is still very cherished.

The owner had three children, two men and one woman, who had been admitted to the Kung Fu school, and one of them had been admitted to Xiangshui University.

This is also inseparable from the good conditions provided by him. For example, the third floor is the practice room. Zhong Yihan went in and took a look. There are sandbags, weights, protective gear, and weapons. All of them are more prepared than the practice room of the school.

There is also a small "life detector".

This vitality detector is less accurate than the professional detector used in schools. The data is not standard and cannot be used on formal occasions, but it is sufficient as a reference on weekdays. It can make people clearly control their current state of life.

Moreover, the sound insulation of this practice room is also very good. He especially let the fat man try it, let the fat man punch in the practice room, and tossed hard to make a sound, and then he closed the door outside and found that basically he could not hear its sound.

No footsteps overhead were heard in the downstairs bedroom.

A master bedroom on the second floor has more than 50 square meters. It has its own bathroom, and the equipment in the bathroom is also readily available. This is the independent room that Zhong Yihan dreams of!

These hardware conditions are really what Zhong Yihan likes.

But what surprised Zhong Yihan the most was a small side bedroom of more than thirty square meters connected with the master bedroom on the second floor.

It turned out to be a small children's playground.

The floor was covered with foam carpets, small slides, toy palaces, building blocks, castles ... which made the two boys want to be girls.

The owner followed, and laughed, "These two bedrooms were formerly lived by my eldest son's family. This was originally two separate bedrooms, but when my eldest son's wife gave birth to a girl, I opened it up, connected together, and changed the side-lying into an exclusive children's playground. Later, the little girl grew up and went to the provincial city to study kindergarten. So I left all these things behind me, looking for cleaning to clean up every three minutes. "

Zhong Yihan also laughed and turned to the owner: "Uncle Wang, I like this house very much, you can offer a realistic price."

He and the fat man were stunned, and then the fat man quickly pulled Zhong Yihan aside and whispered, "It's decided? Don't look at it anymore?"

"No," Zhong Yihan laughed. He liked the house, and such a villa was indeed his dream.

But the key reason to really decide to let him buy this villa is actually this small children's playground.

Of course, he didn't want to play by himself.

But Zhong Yihan felt that this small children's playground, Xia Ling would like it very much!

The reason why he can now change from the last person to more than two million per month now, the biggest hero is Xia Ling!

But the poor elf followed him every day, and it was like New Year's Eve when she ate a fried chicken. Every day, he fluffed her with cheap craft shells ...
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And excluding Xia Ling's reasons, he really likes the decoration design of this house, especially this was originally a combination of two townhouses, so when the mother lives with his sister, he owns a separate house. Buildings can also ensure adequate privacy.

After all, he now has too many secrets, and many things are not easy to tell his family.

Zhu Zhenxing had already confirmed that Zhong Yihan decided, and he didn't ask much at this time, so he went to the owner and said, "Uncle Wang, my friend thinks this house is OK, but the price ..."

The owner shook his head with a bitter smile: "Okay, you come to say the price."

"five million!"

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