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Kung Fu Beyond the World 69 Chapter 69 - Two Methods

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Of course, Zhong Yihan knew what she wanted to do for "medicine introducer", which was to study the ingredients!

He thought for a moment and felt that Xia Ling, as an elf pet produced by the system, was a thing that could not be explained by science.

The "Elf Tears" can catalyze ordinary medicines to produce magical effects, and he doesn't think she can research and get results.

This is a big customer who is willing to spend 30,000 yuan to buy a pack of the medicated baths. And if she was rejected. Next, she would make some crazy moves, instead, it is better to cooperate with her.

So after thinking about the pros and cons, Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly: "Okay, now that you have spent so much money, then just do what you say. But this check is not necessary. I am a business person, still principled."

Ying Nanyan did not collect the check but smiled slightly: "You have the principle, I have it too. I also know that my proposal is excessive, after all, that medicine inducer is the core of this medicine bath bag, this core secret can't be counted in the previous transaction agreement. "

"And you are too careful. I haven't finished the terms. You can rest assured. If I really research the mystery of medicine inducer, then I will count your technology investment and give you 20%. So, you just hold this check, don't you say you want to buy a villa but you don't have enough money? "

Ying Yuedie also said aside: "Hold it up, my sister wrote a check and I have never seen her take it back!"

Zhong Yihan smiled openly, received the check, and then gave a thumbs up to Nanyan: "You are generous, then I receive it!"

Ying Nanyan nodded with satisfaction before saying, "Zhong Yihan, you are a smart person. This is not a satire, but a serious one."

Zhong Yihan smiled, of course, he knew what Ying Nanyan meant.

In the case that the arm is not over the thigh, cooperation with the thigh is the only way out.

To be stared at by such a behemoth, to refuse, to resist, such a way will easily bring disaster to yourself.

In fact, he had figured it out on the way.

His own growth is still too high-profile, and being noticed is also normal.

In fact, if he really has a medicated bath recipe, he doesn't mind working with her. After all, compared to the entire system, a medicated bath is really insignificant.

And from the current point of view, Ying Nanyan is indeed a good partner-whether it is family, life, or beauty ...

The two bumped into a glass of wine and announced cooperation.

Ying Nanyan said: "From now on, you are my partner, so if someone bullies you in the future, report my name, and if you have any help, let me know."

"I still have something, and I want to ask you for help!"

"what's up?"

"About my father ..."

Zhong Yihan told that his father was righteous but was framed. Now he is in prison and sincerely said, "What I always thought was to be admitted to a national key Kung Fu college. If I have such status and strength, then those people can no longer cover the sky and reverse the black and white, so my father has hope to wash away his grievances."

"But there are still seven months until the college entrance examination. I really can't bear to let my old father stay in prison for another seven months, so please help me!"

Ying Nanyan thought for a while and said, "Actually, when I asked someone to investigate your information, I learned about it by the way. I can help you, but what I can do is just arrange and let your father live better in prison. As for releasing him, I'm sorry, I don't have the ability. "


"Zhong Yihan, I was just bragging about your cleverness just now, why are you stupid now?" Ying Nanyan said a little dissatisfied. "Do you think that I can do what I want here? Want to give to your father resolve the case, can it be done immediately? "

Zhong Yihan was a little hesitant. He did have such an idea.

Ying Nanyan said: "Don't be stupid! My family has power, but not too big as national law, not as big as a rule. Your father was sentenced to imprisonment by the court after formal formalities, even if the means were used by someone, but judging from legal principles and procedures, the court has already pronounced a sentence, which means that the case has been closed! "

"I don't have that ability. Let the court immediately release a prisoner who has already pronounced a sentence. Don't mention me, even if the saint is in person, it is not too big as the national law! Even if he is a saint, theoretically, he must follow rules, do things according to the rules! This is the iron rule, no matter how strong you are, you must obey, otherwise, this society will be chaotic! "

Zhong Yihan was silent, but he also knew that Ying Nanyan was right.

Ying Nanyan eased her face and continued: "You said your father was wronged, and you want to bring him to justice. This is okay, but you must follow the rules."

"What to do?"

"Two methods." Ying Nanyan stretched out two fingers. "I read your father's case. The main testimony was that the harassed girl had suddenly changed her confession and denied that she was being harassed. So, found this person asked her to change her confession back and appeal, and the court would accept it. "

Zhong Yihan's face was gloomy. The girl who was rescued by his father, but finally changed her confession, was one of his most hated people. Does this girl have no conscience?

Others saved you, but you lied in court, won't your conscience hurt? !!

"The girl is said to have moved to another city after the case was closed. I tried to find her but I didn't find it."

Ying Nanyan nodded: "If your father is really wronged, as usual, someone must have given the girl a seal and settlement fee for her perjury, so she will not retaliate. Because her confession was told at the time. Once she confessed, she was convicted of perjury. She was imprisoned, so it was useless to find her. "

Zhong Yihan nodded gloomily, "What about the second method?"
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"The second method is simple." Ying Nanyan smiled lightly and said, "That is when your strength is strong enough, directly hit the door of the rich second-generation home to overpower others. Forcing them to explain the process of reversing black and white. This is the most direct way. "

Zhong Yihan immediately smiled bitterly.

He had already checked the background of his opponents, which was the wealthy Li family in the county seat, and the master behind the scenes, who reversed the black and white, was the eldest son of the Li family, Li Hanguo.

This Li Hanguo was a famous fighter in the county. He wanted to surpass him and didn't know when he would wait.

Ying Nanyan spread her hand: "The method has been told you, but how to do it, you can only look at yourself. But I will send someone to help you find that girl, and will let your father have a better life, and no one will bully him. But the key to really solving this matter and wanting to return your father an innocence lies with yourself. "

"In fact, as long as you are strong enough, many things that you seem extremely difficult and even impossible now, when you are strong enough, maybe, then it is not a thing. Even if you do not need to show up at all, someone will solve everything it for you. "

"For example ..." Ying Nanyan's eyes flashed with light. "If you have been admitted to the Top Four, then I guess you don't need to say anything and do anything yourself. If the rich second-generation generation is wise, he will be pleaded guilty, and then will honestly surrender and return your father's innocence. "

"So strength is everything in this era! Try to make yourself strong, boy!"

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