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Kung Fu Beyond the World 64 Chapter 64 - The Black Hand

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At this time on the ring, Yun Chao and Zhong Yihan were fierce in battle.

Of course, this is the view of most people, because in their opinion, Yun Chao's move to attack, seems to have the upper hand, just in the momentum, he has completely suppressed Zhong Yihan.

But Geng Yueguang frowned slightly.

As one of the top five masters in Anping No.1 School, Geng Yueguang's eyesight is naturally better than ordinary people.

He has already seen that although Yun Chao's offense is fierce, it is physically exhausting, and his offense basically does not pose a threat to Zhong Yihan.

Instead, Zhong Yihan. A set of knives turned out to have a small potential, and the wooden black knife was in his hands, which made him stern and heavy.

Moreover, he resolved Yunchao's offensive with minimal effort, so there was basically no loss.

If this continues, Yun Chao will be exhausted for a maximum of three minutes.

If this is really a life-and-death battle, then Yun Chao can only let him slaughter!

Geng Yueguang has a normal relationship with Yun Chao, but has had a good relationship with his cousin Li Hanguo-oh yes, this Zhong Yihan, his father seems to have hurt Li Hanguo's brother who was previously injured, and his father is in jail.

This is a feud!

Thinking of this, Geng Yueguang sneered in his heart and saw that Zhong Yihan wanted to turn around, but he is a friend of Li Hanguo, how can he let him grow up?

After observing for a while, Geng Yueguang had already understood the rhythm of Zhong Yihan, and stood a little more two steps aside.

At this stop, he was standing in the position where Zhong Yihan would avoid next!

Sure enough, Yun Chao slashed at this time, Zhong Yihan subconsciously hid away but found that Geng Yueguang had occupied that position.

But Zhong Yihan's body had already moved in that direction, and he had to twist his waist forcibly and take a big step towards the rear.

This step made him disrupt his rhythm.

After all, Yun Chao is not a real rookie. In the eyes of ordinary students, he is already a very strong presence in the class. In the future, it will be almost a stubborn thing to enter the Kung Fu Academy.

Therefore, Yun Chao still has enough strength.

Feeling that Zhong Yihan's rhythm was wrong, Yun Chao quickly launched a strong attack, a few times in a row, Zhong Yihan immediately fell into the downwind!

Geng Yueguang sneered.

As a veteran fighter with a vitality of 2.2, the fighting between the two men is just like a child play in his eyes. He can easily determine what the two will do next.

After more than ten seconds, Zhong Yihan finally managed to adjust the rhythm and was about to counterattack, but found again that Geng Yueguang stood on his offensive line in advance.

Although it seems to the audience, Geng Yueguang never touched Zhong Yihan from beginning to end, nor was he blocked between the two, hindering the attack of either side.

But this time, Zhong Yihan has been determined.

This guy is definitely intentional!

It is just that his method of cheating is extremely clever. Except for the two people present, most of the audience can't see the problem.

Of course, there are some people who can see the problem.

For example, Xiong Bo, who has the same strength as Geng Yueguang, has already frowned.

And Ying Nanyan and uncle Lian on the top of the building in the distance also looked out.

Ying Nanyan sneered, and said, "This judge is really too eccentric! Go, Xiaodie, let's go down."

"Ah, sister, why go down?"

"Using the medicated bath he provided to us, do you feel that your strength has increased faster recently? Is your skin whiter? Thanks to the great benefits of others, I saw him in trouble but didn't help, This is inconsistent with the basic principle. "

"And ..." Ying Nanyan said, "The two guys obviously want to make Zhong Yihan useless. If Zhong Yihan is useless, who will give us a medicine bath? Think about it, next You don't have this medicated bath anymore, what do you do? "

Ying Yuedie's small face was suddenly murderous, and she said loudly: "Dare to grab me a bath, die!"



At this point, Zhong Yihan on the ring was already full of anger.

Geng Yueguang's plot against him three or two times made him miss the opportunity repeatedly, so he is really mad.

Originally, he had only used 70% strength, because he knew that his current knife method was too harsh and poisonous. After all, it seemed that the knife method cut out by killing other beasts was more aggressive than Yun Chao.

Use 70% strength so that he can control the moves within a certain range. After all, although Yun Chao is cheap, Zhong Yihan never thought of killing him, at most he just wanted to teach him.

But Geng Yueguang plot against him several times, and Zhong Yihan couldn't tolerate it.

No more effort, then he will be defeated!

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan's temperament suddenly changed, and a pair of icy eyes were fierce, like a beast!

Those with higher strength felt the change of Zhong Yihan for the first time, and it was Yun Chao who bears the brunt of it!
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Originally, Yun Chao took advantage of Geng Yueguang's secret help, but in the next second, it seemed that he was not facing a person, but a blood-stained humanoid giant!

The murderous rush to his face made him tremble.

And then, Zhong Yihan's attack mode also changed!

In the beginning, it was mainly defensive, and occasionally shot, and also tried to avoid Yun Chao's key points.

But at this moment, Zhong Yihan produced a knife like electricity, and the knife went straight to his head, chest.

Like a flower in a greenhouse, Yun Chao usually only consults with some coaches and students. Everyone has room for each other. When has he seen such a fierce knife?

At this moment, Yun Chao felt as if he was suddenly on the battlefield of life and death. The fierce attack gave him the illusion that he might die in the next second.

No, not an illusion!

Zhong Yihan really wanted to kill himself!

Everyone on the stage was also stunned by Zhong Yihan's set of fierce knives. Zhang Li's face was shocked, Li Xinyu's brows were locked. Even Xiong Bo, who had been watching the battle silently, showed his first move expression.

Everyone is figuring out whether they can crack it in the face of such a fierce knife.

Or is it...

Can they hold it for a few seconds? !!

Zhang Li simulated a little in her heart and found that no matter how she played, she would die within three seconds, and her face became even more ugly.

Geng Yueguang was also very shocked.

"Such a fierce knife has this guy ever been on the battlefield ?!"

And at this moment, Zhong Yihan shouts suddenly, the black wooden knife turned into a black light, and split it on Yun Chao's wrist unbiasedly!

Yun Chao screamed, and the three-ring sword in his hand flew out.

Zhong Yihan grabbed one step forward, and the wooden knife in his hand was placed on Yun Chao's neck.

"You lose!"

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