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Kung Fu Beyond the World 61 Chapter 61 - The Role of Referee

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Next, everyone waited for about ten minutes, just when Zhong Yihan was impatient, and many audience members were preparing to leave, a voice suddenly sounded behind the crowd.

"Hahaha, sorry, I'm late."

The crowd gave way automatically, a young man flushed and walked in with alcohol.

"Who is this person? So many people are waiting here. He is so late."

"Shh, don't talk nonsense, you can't offend him. He is the Geng Yueguang of the grade 3, the top five master in the school. It is said that his vitality has now reached 2.2!"

"Is it true or false? 2.2 is already considered a senior Kung Fu learner? Isn't he able to enter Xiangshui University further?"

"It turned out that he was Geng Yueguang, and it really turned out to be unremarkable. With a vitality of 2.2, it is estimated that I could not reach it in my life, but it was only the beginning of others.

"Geng Yueguang has high talents, and more importantly, his family has money!"

As the discussion spread, more and more people began to marvel at Geng Yueguang's identity.

People who had been dissatisfied with him suddenly heard the name of Geng Yueguang.

Just kidding, this is Geng Yueguang.

Any one finger can crush their existence, and the other party doesn't mind that they just complained.

In the eyes of most students, the top five of the whole high school are terrifying monsters, as long as they don't die prematurely in the future, sooner or later, they will be fighters or even big fighters.
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Such characters, and they are not a world at all.

Today, however, he will condescend to be a referee of a small battle. "I didn't expect that battle could invite such a big guy this time. Yun Chao's relationship is even more terrifying than we thought."

"Indeed, it is not ordinary people to get the top five masters of the school to condescend to help."

Many students who previously did not like Yun Chao have become more active and have begun to reconsider whether to associate with him.

If they can associate with Yun Chao, maybe can associate with Geng Yueguang?

"Why didn't I know Yun Chao knew Geng Yueguang before? I didn't expect his connections to be quite extensive."

Zhang Li's expression was envious or anything, Li Xinyu gave her a complicated look and did not answer.

But Zhang Li still thought to herself: "I knew I should make Yunchao earlier, so that he could help him introduce him to Geng Yueguang. But it's not too late, Xinyu, or should we invite Yunchao to have a meal? I'm sure he will win, it should be a celebration party for him. "

According to Zhang Li's idea, since Geng Yueguang will be the referee today, then she invited Yun Chao, and Geng Yueguang is also likely to come.

With Li Xinyu's face, it must be that as long as Geng Yueguang meets, he will definitely make friends.

And Zhang Li, as Li Xinyu's girlfriend, can logically associate with Geng Yueguang.

Li Xinyu knew what she meant, without any hesitation, she refused directly: "You go alone, I don't have time."

Zhang Li held Li Xinyu's arm and coquettishly said: "Xinyu, Geng Yueguang is the top five in the school, and there is definitely a lot of promise in the future. If we can make him earlier, we may still rely on him to help.

"It's better to improve yourself than to associate with others. You go for yourself, I'm not interested."

Li Xinyu's tone became colder this time, and she was very unhappy.

It seems that she has been so kind to Zhang Li lately, that she can speak out so brazenly.

Zhang Li heard that Li Xinyu seemed a little angry, so she stopped talking, but was thinking about how she could agree with her own way.

Geng Yueguang, like the big leader of the inspection, walked up to the ring in the envy, flattering and complicated eyes of everyone.

Zhong Yihan really did not expect that Yun Chao could actually invite Geng Yueguang to be the referee. He is also familiar with this guy's name.

However, no matter how strong the opponent is, Zhong Yihan believes that as long as he is given time, it will be a matter of time.

Their battle was to use the noon break time. Zhong Yihan didn't want to waste time, so he said, "Since it's here, let's start."

However, when Zhong Yihan didn't expect it, Geng Yueguang ignored him at all. After walking to the stage, he looked lazy before Yun Chao.

"This is the opponent you are talking about? Such garbage is actually going to bother me. Yun Chao, you're really going back to life the more you live."

Yunchao was a little annoyed, it was you who was late.

But he is strong and has a good background.

Yun Chao didn't dare to offend Geng Yueguang and whispered, "I really trouble you, Brother Geng. I'll treat you tonight, and make sure that you have fun."

Geng Yueguang glanced at Yun Chao and sneered, "Why, in your eyes, I'm such a superficial person?"

Yun Chao hurriedly said: "Of course not, hey, I said something wrong. Brother Geng only went to give me face. How could it be superficial? I was punished ten glasses of wine at night."

"That's fine."

Geng Yueguang nodded, expressing satisfaction with Yun Chao.

He glanced at Zhong Yihan, who was standing aside, and said, "Don't waste time. Hurry up and I'll go back to rest."

"Okay, I'll start."

Obviously he was wasting time, Yun Chao was defamatory.

Geng Yueguang stood next to the ring platform, and Yun Chao said, "Zhong Yihan, the way we compete today is decisive ..."

The rules introduced the judgments, and Yun Chao had to do the work for them.

Zhong Yihan was speechless. He really didn't understand what the referee asked for.

The referee does not even introduce the rules, and the referee system does not need any referees. Because this fighting mode has no time limit, the two sides have been compared until one of them falls down or confesses to losing, or the player is seriously injured and falls to the ground. Forcibly count the seconds. If he can't get up in ten seconds, this is the final decision.

Listening to Yun Chao reading the rules here, Zhong Yihan suddenly understood the "good intentions" of this guy.

He determined that he would not easily admit defeat, and he also wanted to teach himself fiercely on the ring, it is best to hurt himself or even disable him-the parties have signed the exemption clause before coming up, so even if he beats himself to die, in theory, it is only necessary to pay a "humanitarian cost".

However, in order to protect the players, the referee has the right to suspend the game when one of them loses combat effectiveness.

Therefore, Yun Chao deliberately brought this Geng Yueguang to be the referee, in order to lose his combat power when he fell to the ground, as long as the referee deliberately slowed a second or two, Yun Chao could give himself a "fatal blow".

What a vicious guy!

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