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Kung Fu Beyond the World 60 Chapter 60 - Battle

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Anping County's No. 1 High School is crowded with students near the ring.

According to the rules of the Kung Fu Association, all schools must have a ring, and students are encouraged to use the battle to resolve the conflict after a conflict occurs.

Of course, the two parties on the stage must be willing to sign the exemption clause and must be approved by the school, and a teacher must be on their side and the difference in strength cannot be too large.

When this regulation was just issued, many old scholars were angry and ridiculous, and how many parents were angry and protested.

But it didn't work.

Because this proposal was made by the president of the Kung Fu Association at the time-a well-known legendary Strong.

That is already the strongest existence under the saints. Even in the country, there are definitely not many legendary Strong, and each one is like a patron saint.

This time is different than before.

In the past, individuals were able to publish comments on the Internet, play with their tongues, and try to stir up the situation and guide public opinion.

But now, only the strong can speak the truth.

Strange to say.

When this policy was implemented, it was indeed met with great resistance from the public. However, after three or five years, everyone compared the data and found that since the "fighting competition" was implemented in all schools, the situation of campus violence was much less than before. So the rules are completely preserved.

The battle was scheduled at noon.

Tuo Yunchao had completely looked down on Zhong Yihan before, for fear that Zhong Yihan would run away temporarily, so he deliberately publicized this appointment and everyone knew it.

So today, many students hurriedly finished their lunch at noon, and then rushed to the ring to occupy a good position in advance.

There is still the last ten minutes before the battle, and there are already seven or eight hundred students on both sides.

In order to show his self-confidence, Yun Chao stood on the platform early and waited.

Zhong Yihan also stood opposite the ring. He thought that it would be good to start directly after he arrived. Who knew Yun Chao had to wait for someone and said it was the referee of this match.

This made Zhong Yihan speechless. With so many eyes staring at the audience, why go to the referee repeatedly.

But Yun Chao insisted that Zhong Yihan couldn't say anything.

The students preparing to watch the audience also had a heated discussion.

"You said, who will win?"

"It must be Yun Chao."

"That's not necessarily true. I heard that Zhong Yihan has improved a lot this month, especially when he advanced from the 50-meter field to the 150-meter field in the archery hall in half a month, but it caused a lot of sensation at the time. And that was half a month ago, and now he may have become stronger. "

"So what? The two innate gaps are there. Even if Zhong Yihan progresses at a fast pace, it is impossible to catch up with Yun Chao. And Yun Chao is not waiting for him to stay in place, it is said that he was practiced in a devil style, and his strength was only a short distance from that of a Kung Fu learner. "
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The news of Yun Chao's devil-style training was also released by himself. It was also the continuous progress of Zhong Yihan before, which gave him enough pressure to make him calm down and practice. Now it is also very effective. It is said that the vitality has stabilized at 1.3, but it is still a little bit far away from the Kung Fu learner.

"But then again, they have been standing on the stage for a long time, why haven't they started?"

"I don't know, I heard who seems to be waiting."

"I know this. In order to show the fairness of this game, Yun Chao specifically sought a referee and heard that it is a master of our school."

"Xinyu, hurry up, the fight between Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao may have begun."

Zhang Li pulled Li Xinyu toward the ring.

Li Xinyu reluctantly said, "Zhang Li, you know that I have no interest in fighting."

"Of course I know this, but don't you want to see Zhong Yihan lose? You also saw how high-profile Zhong Yihan is this month. This year's first advanced 150-meter field should be you, I see that he clearly deliberately opposed you. "

"If you think about it today, if Zhong Yihan is defeated by Yun Chao, his self-confidence will definitely be frustrated. Maybe he will be slumped, and then you will take the opportunity to regain your own honor. "

I have to say that Zhang Li is very deceptive.

At first, Li Xinyu's inexplicable disgust with Zhong Yihan was also after Zhang Li told her unilaterally that they said that she was a prodigal girl.

But now a month has passed, Li Xinyu is no longer angry with Zhong Yihan, and has even changed a bit.

Especially his style in the archery hall, she has never seen anyone whose archery can progress as fast as Zhong Yihan. In just one month, he has advanced from the 50m field to the 150m field.

Realizing the triple jump, more importantly, Zhong Yihan now has stable performance in the 150-meter field. This strength is enough for Li Xinyu to dissipate her little discomfort.

In fact, Li Xinyu's later thoughts of Zhong Yihan's words that Zhang Li had transferred at the time were more and more unlikely.

At that time, Zhang Li described many details, even Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing's contemptuous tone.

But as Zhong Yihan progressed, she became more and more curious about Zhong Yihan, so she couldn't help thinking about what Zhang Li said.

Zhong Yihan, even if they are stupid, how can they say in front of Zhang Li.

It is only possible that Zhang Li occasionally heard them say that, and then added other details by herself.

For this kind of thing, Li Xinyu knew that Zhang Li had done it more than once, but she had always seen and said nothing.

After all, Li Xinyu knew a little about Zhang Li's private life, but she is her friend, so as long as she didn't do too much, Li Xinyu turned a blind eye.

After all, Zhang Li actually did a lot for her. Without Zhang Li, she would definitely be annoyed by the boys who want to take the opportunity to approach her every day.

Li Xinyu does not like to do things that go down the rocks.

Although she also believes that Zhong Yihan is very unlikely to win today, even zero.

"It's weird, how can the two of them stand still on the stage? Is it over?"

Zhang Li's voice made Li Xinyu look up to the ring.

It was a bit strange to find Yun Chao and Zhong Yihan so quietly facing each other.

But looking at Zhong Yihan was a little impatient, it didn't look like that the battle was over.

"Oh! Peng Ming is here too. What's the situation now? What are they two doing?"

Zhang Li saw Peng Ming standing out of the crowd, so she walked over to ask.

Found by his classmates, especially Zhang Li, Peng Ming wanted to leave, but seeing Li Xinyu aside, he somehow said, "They seem to be waiting for someone."

"Wait for someone? Are they two more than fighting? Who are they waiting for?"

"I'm not very clear about this either. I heard it seems to be a referee."

Zhu Zhenxing was standing impatiently waiting. Today, the two protagonists have been standing there for more than ten minutes, and one referee was too late.

Seeing that no one was going to the stage around, Zhu Zhenxing shouted, "Yun Chao, are you asking for a referee or an uncle? Will he come?"

Yun Chao is also a little irritable now, the other party came too late but lost his face.

It would have been better to find someone to be a referee casually.

Geng Yueguang, this bastard, won't he forget to be a referee?

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