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Kung Fu Beyond the World 59 Chapter 59 - Harvesting Tooth Canine Beasts

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Tomorrow is the day when Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao agreed to compete.

But the night before, Zhong Yihan did not rest, but continued to enter the Different World to practice and hunt monsters.

Because he is full of confidence for tomorrow's battle, he doesn't feel that Yun Chao can disrupt the practice plan he made for himself.

In the past ten days, Zhong Yihan has also killed many tooth canine beasts, but in contrast, many tooth canine beasts have escaped from his hands.

These fleeing tooth beasts have recently begun to gather into a new group, and they are always wandering in the area near Zhong Yihan, seemingly always looking for opportunities to revenge.

Zhong Yihan was not prepared to give them the opportunity to strengthen their strengths, and decided to shoot ahead.

Through these days' observations, Zhong Yihan found that this new group was often attacked by other tooth canine beasts, so that they were always starving.

Zhong Yihan hunted down several evil rabbits and prepared to seduce them.
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The purple moon was on the sky, and the surroundings were surprisingly quiet.

Even the noisy humming noises could not be heard at this time, and the air seemed to be filled with a killing atmosphere.

It was the first time Zhong Yihan was so quiet and depressed.

what is the problem?

Suddenly, the forest suddenly sounded a loud howl.


The howling voice was loud, as if able to penetrate the sky.

For some reason, Zhong Yihan seemed to hear a hint of joy from it.

As the wolverines ended, the whole forest seemed to get some kind of order, and immediately became active again.

The insects screamed and kept on hearing.

Zhong Yihan has heard howling before, but today's situation is the first time.

Even though Zhong Yihan's vitality has reached 1.2, in the face of this voice, the thought that he must not be opposed to it.

Being able to calm down all living things, obviously this wolf's has an unusual position or terrifying power on this island.

Fortunately, the howling came from the depths of the woods. As long as Zhong Yihan did not go casually, he should not easily encounter each other.

After Zhong Yihan hid in the grass for a while, and determined that there was no danger, he found a tree with a strong trunk and a good view and climbed up.

Under the tree is the fresh flesh of the evil rabbit beast that Zhong Yihan is holding. He believes that with the hunger of the new group of tooth canine beasts, they should not let go of such ready-made food.

About ten minutes had passed, and a tooth canine beast appeared in sight.

This beast was very cautious. After finding the food, he did not go directly to enjoy it. Instead, it patrolled around the surrounding area. After confirming that there was no danger, he yelled a few times and started calling for other companions.

Zhong Yihan didn't rush to shoot, he had to wait for all the beasts to be in place before killing them.

One, two, three ... seven.

Watching seven tooth canine beasts appear under the tree, Zhong Yihan secretly squeezed his sweat.

So many tooth canine beasts fled from his hands, and he can imagine how much they hate himself.

If it happened suddenly without knowing it, he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

A tooth beast came to the tree, it found the flesh and blood of the evil rabbit beast, and was preparing for a big meal. Zhong Yihan fired an arrow and hit his head.

[Basic Archery Proficiency +1]

The furthest distance of the tooth canine beast is within 100 meters.

This range, as Zhong Yihan's basic shooting has now reached nine hundred, it is entirely his hunting ground.

The deceased beast did not even make a wailing sound. The other beasts did not respond to what was happening. The second arrow followed, and a beast died again.

The beasts finally reacted. They started screaming frantically, but could not find the source of the threat.



Within a hundred meters, Zhong Yihan's archery has been able to hit the moving object with great accuracy.

The third arrow was fired, and another tooth beast died.

Four left!

The beasts that had chased him before were now like lambs to be slaughtered in sheepfolds, which were harvested by Zhong Yihan.

At this moment, the beasts finally judged where Zhong Yihan was, and the remaining four rushed in this direction crazily, but the beasts were a hundred meters away. It also takes seven or eight seconds.

These seven or eight seconds are enough for Zhong Yihan to shoot two arrows in a row!


A terrible scream, and one more death.


Another scream, another tooth beast died under his arrow!

The remaining two beasts saw this scene, and they were frightened. They were obviously two or three seconds away from Zhong Yihan, but the two beasts stopped in shock and then turned around. Just run!

Zhong Yihan shot another arrow, but that tooth beast also learned to be clever, and learned to run a bend in two steps, so the arrow only hit the leg of a tooth beast, probably scratching the skin, Didn't cause much damage to it.

The toothy beast wailed, but kept on, limping away.

When Zhong Yihan came down from the tree and wanted to go up and hunt, he found that the two tooth beasts had been lost.

"Still running two, these beasts are too smart."

This is the smoothest battle between Zhong Yihan and the tooth canine beast.

However, this battle was basically not reproducible, because he could not waste another three or four days to track the next group of tooth canine beasts.

Recover arrows from dead beasts and recycle their bodies.

Each tooth canine beast is worth 3 system points, and a total of 15 system points are obtained.

Most of it has passed tonight, and he has obtained a total of 21 system points so far.

Zhong Yihan suddenly missed the days when the evil rabbit beast ran all over the ground. At that time, even if he casually killed a few, he could get a system account of 30 to 40.

"The master is so good! Get rid of those bad dogs!"

Xia Ling happily cheered Zhong Yihan in the sky, but had no plans to fly down.

Zhong Yihan was accustomed to Xia Ling's timidity.

He made a snoring gesture at the other party, then followed the blood of the teeth canine beasts, and decided to continue following.

Zhong Yihan's current strength on this island in the Different World has already been able to protect himself. As long as he is cautious, there is no problem in tracking one or two tooth beasts.

The beasts are social animals. Once they leave the group, it is not easy to let other groups accept them.

Especially the injured tooth beasts rashly appeared in front of the same kind and would only become their food.

Zhong Yihan will not allow his prey to be used as food for other beasts.

The tooth beasts ran away in a hurry, and the blood on the ground was obvious everywhere.

Zhong Yihan tracked without much effort, and finally found a tooth canine beast that wanted to rinse the wound with sea water on the beach.

As an arrow shot, the beast fell to the beach.

The smell of blood and water attracted some fish in the sea. Seeing the fish rushing to grab the food, Zhong Yihan's eyes were quick, he pulled out his arrow and then recycled.

Soon after Zhong Yihan recycled, he saw a huge black shadow in the sea water, which disappeared after the huge water splash.

Zhong Yihan didn't delve into what black giant shadow is. There are countless unknown creatures in the ocean. As long as they don't threaten himself on land, he doesn't need to worry.

The remaining tooth beast was not injured, and Zhong Yihan was unable to find its trace.

Zhong Yihan glanced at the time. Two hours passed quickly. He still had to adjust his condition today so that he would not make an error when fighting with Yun Chao.

He doesn't know how much Yun Chao's strength has improved after this time.

Thinking of the situation where he and Yun Chao bet today a month ago, Zhong Yihan subconsciously clenched his fists.

"Yun Chao, I'll let you know how horrible people who practice hard are."

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