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Kung Fu Beyond the World 58 Chapter 58 - Great Progress

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"But think about it, how can ordinary people have so much cash to buy these houses? So you wait ... My dad said that some unscrupulous businessmen have united and are preparing to release the space cracks in Qinggang City in the future, it is likely that the god of Different World will appear! "

"Under the panic, those who are eager to flee here will definitely sell in panic or even sell it for cash. By then, the price of a house in Qinggang maybe only 30% or even 100% now! And our house prices are estimated to be at least 50% off. "

"So you just saved some money during this time. When the house price fell to the bottom, when the black-hearted merchants started to buy, you will have money to buy again. If your money is not enough, I will ask my dad for some. Lend it to you. By then, a house with tens of millions now may be available for two or three million, maybe even lower! "

Zhong Yihan frowned: "But if you say that, the space crack in Qinggang City is risky after all, in case it really fell, then these merchants buy at a low price, in the end, shouldn't they also have to lose money?"

Zhu Fatzi hummed twice: "So this is a bet! Bet the Kung Fu Association and the military can control the space crack. If the bet wins, their family will become richer. If the bet loses, then hum ..."

"At that time, the old teacher said that with a profit of 300%, they would dare to commit any crimes, even death... if this bet is successful, the profit of 3,000%, You guess do they dare ?! "

The fat man taught Zhong Yihan a good lesson and let him know how terrible the gambling nature of capital is.

But for these, he is only limited to understand and did not take it to heart, because to him, these things are far away and strange.

For him, the most important thing right now is to improve his strength.

Because the bet with Yun Chao, only less than half a month remained.

In the following period, in addition to reaching the deadline to configure the medicated bath bag, Zhong Yihan devoted himself to practice.


Zhong Yihan punched with one punch, the wind of the boxing made a sound, and he could feel a lot of power just by listening to the sound.

The weaker creatures on the islands of the Different World, such as the evil rabbit beast, feel that Zhong Yihan's breath is no longer actively attacking, but will be far away-because during this time, there are as many as two hundred rabbits died in the hands of Zhong Yihan.

It is said that all living things secret a kind of pheromone. This pheromone contains a lot of different information. Humans don't feel it clearly, but animals have much stronger consciousness than humans.

Zhong Yihan killed so many evil rabbits, even a small amount of pheromone left on him, will tell other living evil rabbits-this two-footed beast is extremely terrible, and it is a huge threat to the evil rabbit beasts. , So now the evil rabbit beast smells the smell of Zhong Yihan and will run away.

This also greatly weakened his gains in the past two days.

More than ten days elapsed, and tomorrow is the day when Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao agreed to fight.

After hard work during this time, as well as hunting prey acquisition system points, Zhong Yihan's strength has made great progress.

Compared with a month ago, Zhong Yihan's body is now significantly stronger and his eyes are getting sharper.

The muscle lines on his body are long and obvious, and even his skill is more stable and changeable.

After all, Zhong Yihan has never stopped practicing "Kung Fu 72 styles" for a month. The energy of the Different World, the assistance of the medicated bath bag, and Xia Ling's massage have made his one-month practice worth the previous months even one year effect.

He has already mastered the thirteenth of "Kung Fu 72 Styles", and has now started to practice the fourteenth.

After completing a set of actions, Zhong Yihan stopped to rest and opened the panel to see his attributes by the way.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 1.6

Dexterity: 1.0

Constitution: 1.1

Spirit: 1.2

Comprehensive vitality: 1.225


Basic Archery: 899/1000

Basic knife method: 666/1000

Basic Boxing: 533/1000

Basic footwork: 409/1000

During this time, Zhong Yihan's four-dimensional attributes naturally increased by 0.1 each. In addition, he exchanged a total of four strength fruits, each fruit boosted 10 kg power, and a total of 40kg power.

Now the strength of Zhong Yihan's arms has reached 110 kilograms. The Tang knife bought before is now like a toy to Zhong Yihan, and he has almost no weight in his hand.

And this level of power is that some Kung Fu learners whose vitality has just reached 1.5 may not necessarily have it.

As for agility and physical fitness, the agility of 1.0 can make Zhong Yihan's speed reach about ten seconds in 100 meters.

The 1.1 constitution also has a significant effect on the improvement of Zhong Yihan's endurance and defense ability.

The improvement of the spirit is not too obvious. In fact, it is said that the spirit is a less important indicator of strength until the Kung Fu fighter.

With Zhong Yihan's current strength, it is enough to crush a single tooth canine beast, that is, to fight two or three tooth canine beasts at the same time, he will not fall into the wind again!

As for the basic archery skill of nearly nine hundred, Zhong Yihan has become more skillful in the 150-meter field of the archery hall.

In this week's archery class, when he hit an arrow in the 150-meter field with ten rings, Yun Chao's expression was interesting.

Although it happened only once by chance, Zhong Yihan felt very happy.

Most of the proficiency of basic knife method and basic footwork is improved from actual combat, while basic boxing method is because of "Kung Fu 72 styles".

In addition, he has sold medicated bath bags in the past half month twice, totaling 1.3 million. Before that, he had bought some nutritional medicines and equipment used for recovery and bought some things at home, and secretly gave his mother 50,000 yuan in cash, saying that he had found several purple energy grasses in the wild. Let mother take this 50,000 yuan to improve her life at home.

Mother cried at that time, she felt that her son grew up.

But there were only a few extra pieces of meat in the dish that night, and the remaining money was saved by the mother, saying that it was reserved for Zhong Yihan when he was in college.

This made Zhong Yihan cried and laughed, and he dared not take out more than a million dollars, after all, it was not easy to explain.

Therefore, he can only wait for the fat man to give him the news, after buying the villa completely, then give the family a huge surprise.

House prices during this time did fall, as the fat man said.

On his way to school, he would pass by several real estate agents. The sales signs on it were already full, and every day, he could see that the total price of those houses was fell by 50,000 or 100,000, but few people bought houses.

And there is a bit of fat guy guessed right.

There is already news on the market. It is said that the energy power of Qinggang City is very strong. It is stronger than any space crack in the country before it was formed. Therefore, this space crack must be very large, and the beasts behind it have great strength. It must be very strong, and there may even be some gods appearing!

If you really have a wild god, look at the experience of several other similar regions in the world, even if there are saints to suppress it, Qinggang City and its surroundings as the main battlefield will be razed by powerful fighting power!

So at this time, you can throw the land of the house or something, and sell it for some money ...
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The bank did collect second-hand housing loans to Qinggang City and its surrounding towns, so the entire housing market was mourned, prices were falling every day, and some communities near the cracks in the space of Qinggang City even shouted "sell for money", "10,000 yuan a suite" this horrible price.

However, Zhong Yihan was still waiting, because the fat man said that this panic is far from over, and the property market has not yet fallen to the bottom...

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