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Kung Fu Beyond the World 57 Chapter 57 - Real Estate Fluctuations

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"30,000 per pack?!"

Looking at the extra 650,000 on the account, Zhong Yihan was shocked.

Zhu Zhenxing looked guilty and said, "Brother, I know it's not kind to do this ... but our family and Ying family are not the same, so she can give you a pack of 30,000 yuan, but I can only give you a pack of 10,000. What else?? "

30 packages of medicated baths were sold out a week, and the sisters Ying bought 20 packages at a price of 30,000 yuan, which was 600,000. The remaining ten packs were used by Zhu Fat for 10,000 per pack-but given that he had already paid a deposit in accordance with 5,000 per pack, the fat man again paid out 50,000 yuan this time.

Zhong Yihan gave him a glance and gave him back 100,000 yuan.

"Brother, I have no idea about your fat body! Xiao Yu is your sister, which is equivalent to my sister. Before I had no money, so I was powerless. But now there is a wealthy family bought it. Xiaoyu 's share was given by me, and it was a commission from such a big business! "

"That wouldn't work!" The fat man stared, "Commission is fine, but it's definitely not for free! You look down on me! Just in case of a pack, this money is fine, Xiaoyu originally wanted to spend money on medicated baths and various ancillary services. Now she used your medicated baths, and money can also be saved. It is almost 10,000 a week, and my family did not lose money! So you have to collect this money! "

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"Don't do it!"

"You force me again, Do you believe I will die?"

"You force me again, Do you believe I will die?!"

"Okay, okay, you go to die! The farther you die, the better!"

The two brothers argued for a long time, and in the end, Zhong Yihan still hadn't won the fat man. The two reached a price of 5,000 yuan a pack for Zhu Xiaoyu.

In other words, from then on, Zhong Yihan sells 30 packets of medicated baths every week, and he can earn a total of 650,000!

And this is only a week.

In one month, that is 2.6 million!

This number made Zhong Yihan take a breath of air.

What a fancy money!

These years, it is said that powerful fighters can make money, but ordinary fighters cannot easily earn 2.6 million in one month.

With 2.6 million a month, he can also buy himself better equipment, including protective gear and weapons, so that he can have a stronger combat power, and can also buy those expensive and dying nutritional supplements to supplement his energy. He can even buy some elixir made from raw materials from Different World to help practice ...

Oh, he has to change house to a big house first, he must move into villa, and bring own independent practice room.

The family is too small now, he has been afraid of Xia Ling being exposed, so he must have his own private space ...

In short, an income of 2.6 million a month is already better than 90% of the people in the world. How to spend this money to make the family live better and make their own strength improves faster ...

During the actual combat lesson of the afternoon, Zhong Yihan was indifferent and uneasy.

Because he was thinking about how to spend this money ...

So he didn't notice, Zhang Li's hateful look aside.

Li Xinyu noticed it and asked, "Lili, what's wrong?"

"Ah, no, nothing." Zhang Li quickly turned back, pretending to practice.

Liu Dong has been useless. Although she never emotionally cares about this kind of backup, it is clear that Liu Dong is very good to use and has a certain power. Such backups are also very rare for her.

As a result, he is useless, and she naturally hated Zhong Yihan.

But she did not dare to take the risk at this moment and did not even dare to let Zhong Yihan know that what happened at the bar last night. Otherwise, Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing would not let her go.

"Why did Zhong Yihan improve so quickly ..." Zhang Li muttered, "Well, did the fat man say medicated bath last time? Is it related to this?"


Zhong Yihan asked the fat man at this time: "I want to buy a big house, preferably a villa. Where do you say it is better to buy?"

The fat man patted his thigh: "It should have been bought long ago! Oh no, I mean, the first thing you must-do if you are rich is to improve your life first. My neighborhood is good. It is a townhouse. And let me tell you, now is a good time to buy a house! "

Zhong Yihan froze, then a look of surprise appeared on his face.

That's right.

Because of the upcoming space crack in Qinggang City, it is said that housing prices throughout Qinggang City are diving, and many people around Qinggang want to sell their houses at low prices and then move away from this place.

This storm also affected Anping County. After all, Anping County is an hour's drive from Qinggang City.

Although house prices in Anping County have not fallen as much as Qinggang City, they have also fallen by 10%-20%. Especially many rich people have begun to sell their properties and prepare to move their families to a more remote but safer provincial city.

The fat man said, "When I went out this morning, I also saw several villas in the community's notice board for sale! When I go back, I will see which houses are for sale, and what are the prices and decoration. Maybe there are really nice houses waiting for you to buy! "

Zhong Yihan was a joy first and then frowned again: "Even if it is sold off, the villas in your neighborhood are not cheap. They used to be close to 20,000 yuan a flat, and a villa was priced at three or five hundred flats. Now, even if I have a little money now, but I want to make up so much, that's not a short-term thing! "

The fat man looked at him with a scornful look: "Have you ever bought a house? Who asked you to pay the full price? As long as you have enough money to pay a down payment ... Generally speaking, about 30-40% Well, that is to say, for a 10 million house, you only need to prepare 4 million, and the rest is naturally provided by a bank! "

Then the fat man lowered his voice: "But I suggest you wait again. My dad called me last night to tell me about it. He said that the situation is not clear now and the bank is afraid to lend. After all, once the space crack in Qinggang City can't be kept, and we are also suffering here. Those strange beasts are a good hand when they start the demolition, so if the worst situation occurs, the house is broken and the people are gone. The bank will definitely owe a lot of money "

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