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Kung Fu Beyond the World 51 Chapter 51 - Ceremony of Kung Fu Fighter

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After ten seconds, Liu Dong had no movement-he had completely fainted.

Wu Bingzhai's face was calm, and the faces of the onlookers were faintly discolored.

Everyone knows that Liu Dong is useless, and being stepped on by his arm like this by a fighter is no different from having a car accident when he was pressed back and forth on his arm a few times-Liu Dong's right arm had a comminuted fracture.

Wu Bingzhai didn't look at Liu Dong again, and commanded to the side: "Take him away, don't let me see him again!"

Immediately afterward, two waiters approached and dragged out Liu Dong, who was unconscious.

Wu Bingzhai then looked at Zhong Yihan and others, and smiled, "How many people are satisfied with this first treatment?"

Where have the three seen such a scene?

Although Wu Bingzhai was laughing, the smile looked cold, Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali were scared, only to nod.

Only Zhong Yihan, after all, was experienced life and death in the Different World. His psychological quality is much better than the two, but he feels cold in the heart. He nodded strongly and said, "We are very satisfied... "

Wu Bingzhai couldn't help but glance at Zhong Yihan and liked it.

After all, he was very clear about his own appearance, and doing so also deliberately gave the three guests a certain deterrence to make them not to make things big.

Ordinary people's performance will be the same as that of a fat man, can't speak, but this young man who defeated Liu Dong just now is not scared by his momentum, which is also commendable.

Wu Bingzhai turned his head and laughed loudly: "Everyone, sorry, sorry, because our mistakes have disturbed everyone, this is our mistake, here I give you a gift."

He snapped his fingers, and someone immediately brought a bottle of vodka. Wu Bingzhai wiped the bottle mouth, and the bottle mouth was cut open immediately, giving off a strong aroma of the wine.

Wu Bingzhai said loudly: "It is really ours that bothers you, so everyone, tonight, all of your consumption is counted on me! This bottle of wine is treated as if I were to compensate everyone! "

After speaking, Wu Bingzhai raised his head, and he drank in public!

There was loud applause and applause all around.

Zhong Yihan couldn't help but give him a compliment. This manager Wu acted like this, and at once he reduced the negative impact of Liu Dong to the guests tonight to a minimum.


After drinking a bottle of vodka, Wu Bingzhai's face turned slightly red. After all, he was a fighter. Such a bottle of high-level wine was actually nothing to him.

He smiled at the three of Zhong Yihan: "The third explanation is to talk to a few privately. After all, this brother is badly hurt. Said. How about going upstairs?

Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali nodded subconsciously, but Zhong Yihan said, "Go and talk, anyway, it's not me who is losing today anyway, but it's letting me move my muscles and play well. So I will not go up I will go back to practice. "

Wu Bingzhai frowned slightly and then smiled: "Since this brother said so, you can rest assured that this brother's injury, I will give him a satisfactory answer. But ... "

He looked at Zhong Yihan and smiled, "Would you please tell me the name of this brother?"

"Zhong Yihan!"

"Zhong Yihan ... good name!" Wu Bingzhai complimented, and then laughed, "Brother Zhong is determined to practice, I don't want to delay your time, just hope that when you are free, you can give me a chance, would you please have a drink? "

Zhong Yihan nodded and smiled, "Thank you so much."

Then he winked at the fat man and said, "I'll go first."

The fat man did not respond, but Wu Bingzhai clenched his fist: "Brother Zhong, bye-bye!"

Zhong Yihan stunned and returned with a fist: "ok, see you next time!"

Then turn around and leave.

Wu Bingzhai looked at the two remaining people and smiled, "Two, upstairs, please, let's talk about the compensation of this brother's injury ..."

The fat man and Fan Dali followed Wu Bingzhai upstairs in such a stumble.

Walking to the door of the manager's office on the second floor, the two people suddenly reacted, looked at each other, and saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

When Zhong Yihan and Wu Bingzhai bid farewell just now, they performed each other's "Ceremony of Kung Fu Fighter."

The etiquette of holding the fist is generally only used between formal fighters.

Although they usually hold each other's fists and salute before fighting each other in the battle class on a weekday, that is just to show courtesy.

Usually, the students met with a teacher above the Kung Fu fighter, respected, and holding the fist.

However, the teacher will not fist to the student but just nodded slightly.

There is only one possibility for the fighter to fist in return to even lower-level students, and even take the initiative to salute-that is, he recognizes the person's strength and thinks he is qualified to talk with him.

Has Zhong Yihan grown to this level? !!


Zhong Yihan left the bar, went home to bring Xia Ling, and went to the store to buy medicinal materials.

Now, Xia Ling can allocate 50 medicinal bath bags each week, of which 20 bags are reserved for himself and Zhong Qiaoyue, and the remaining 30 bags are for Zhu Zhenxing for sale.

As for how he sells to whom ... Zhong Yihan doesn't care, he only needs to be responsible for collecting money in the end.

There is only less than half a month left to compete with Yun Chao, and he must speed up the promotion.

The arrows that he bought before have been damaged a lot. Zhong Yihan spent 20,000 yuan to add ten new steel-headed arrows. After everything was ready, Zhong Yihan was neatly dressed that night and used the shuttle to come to Different World.

Zhong Yihan's hunting point in the Different World has been controlled within a hundred to two hundred meters, but now the evil rabbits in this range have basically died, and most of the remaining tooth canine beasts have felt the crisis. Now there are as few as seven or eight, as many as a dozen are together, making Zhong Yihan afraid to start.

So Zhong Yihan decided to continue harvesting in another place starting today.

This small island in Different World is very large. Now he has only explored a corner of the southeast side and looked through the telescope to the northwest side without seeing his head at all.

And under the night, he doesn't know what kind of danger is hidden in those unexplored areas.

"Xia Ling, the investigation is up to you."

"Relax, master, I can do it."
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Xia Ling patted her breast around Zhong Yihan, then flew high.

Walking out of the familiar hunting area is like walking out of the comfort zone because it is easy to become nervous because of the unknown.

When Zhong Yihan saw the environment that was becoming stranger, he realized that he still underestimated the pressure that the unknown brought him.

Several times in a row, Zhong Yihan was scared by the bird that suddenly flew out. Fortunately, Xia Ling didn't see it, otherwise, he might be laughed at by the other party.

Shortly after Zhong Yihan left the range, he found a group of evil rabbits. Perhaps these evil rabbits were not afraid because they had not seen him, and he had a smooth harvest.

Next, Zhong Yihan pushed forward to about one mile, found a cave, stopped, repositioned the shuttle to this new cave, and then began to explore around the cave.

The number of various creatures in the new area has increased a lot. Not only the evil rabbits and tooth canine beasts but even he found two purple energy grass.

Although the quality is a little worse than before, it can save at least 18,000 in the configuration of the medicated bath bag.

Overnight, the harvest is full!

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