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There was a sudden exclaim in the bar.

Fighting is too normal, so everyone just looks at it, but if you really want to kill someone under the eyes of everyone, then the matter is big!

But there are also people who dismiss the corners of their mouths in disdain, that is, the group of people who just saw that Zhong Yihan has the upper hand.

What time is it now?

This kind of dagger is a little threat to ordinary people before the rejuvenation of energy, but it is not very useful to people who learn Kung Fu. After all, as long as you don't panic, the damage of the dagger is really limited.

Sure enough, Zhong Yihan stepped back a half step, grabbed Liu Dong's wrist, and twisted it hard.

Liu Dong screamed like a pig, and the dagger naturally fell out of his hand.

Zhong Yihan also got angry at this moment. He grabbed Liu Dong's hand and twisted him to the ground, and then fanned his face with his free hand.

Zhong Yihan did not use his fist, but opened his palm, crackling like a stormy storm!

Liu Dong, who only pumped, had a swollen face, a long nosebleed, and kept exhaling pain.

At this moment, Liu Dong's fellow finally reacted. They didn't know who shouted, and then a group of people surrounded him. They wanted to siege Zhong Yihan and snatch their elder brother back.

Fatty Zhu and Fan Dali stood up quickly and blocked in front of Zhong Yihan.

Zhu Zhenxing also picked up the dropped dagger and yelled, "Who dare you take a step up and try? The dagger in my hand doesn't have eyes!"

Fan Dali also shouted, "Is this the way to treat your guests in the bar ?! Is he the guy in your bar? The security of the bar also dare to attack the guests? Do you still want to open the bar? Anymore ?! "

Liu Dong's fellow suddenly panicked and looked at each other, but no one dared to come up.

And a few of the fellow wearing security clothing, can't wait to turn around and run away.

Fan Dali was right in saying that.

This is a bar. They are customers who come to spend. As a result, customers come here to spend money and be beaten. Where is such a rule?

This sentence caused a lot of discussion among the onlookers. After all, Liu Dong's identity is also known to be a little leader in this bar.

Just then, loud anger came from the second floor: "What are you doing? What are you doing? Hurry up and get off! Who taught you to treat our guests like this ?!"

A man in his suit and glasses, a man in his thirties walked quickly from upstairs.

Suddenly a group of men greeted him.

"Manager Wu."

"Boss Wu ..."

The man walked over quickly and frowned after glancing at the puppies. "What are you doing here? Who asked you to treat our guests like this? Hurry up and go away! "

Obviously, this manager is very powerful in the bar and has great power. He said that the puppies immediately turned around and ran without even looking at Liu Dong.

The manager turned his head and walked to the three of Zhong Yihan, took out his business card, and smiled, "Sorry. I've surnamed Wu, is the general manager here, Liu Dong is my subordinate, because I did not discipline well, he collided with several people, and I will definitely give a satisfactory solution to you."

Zhong Yihan keenly felt a powerful and restrained power from this manager. This feeling is very similar to his face with the Kung Fu teacher Zhang Shou in the school, and he couldn't help moving.

If he's right, the manager's vitality is at least five.

In other words, this is a real Kung Fu fighter!

In the face of a real fighter, even if the other person's gesture is gentle, they will give him face.

So Zhong Yihan let go of Liu Dong, stood up, and all three took the business card.

The business card showed that the man in front of his name was Wu Bingzhai, who was the manager of the bar.

Wu Bingzhai smiled: "I'm sorry to disturb the interest of several people, please rest assured that I will give you a satisfactory explanation. First of all ..."

He came to Liu Dong, stooped down, and said coldly, "I'm asking you to come here to protect the guests, but you dare to beat guests in the presence, who gives you courage?"

Liu Dong's face was covered with blood at this moment, and he could no longer see his original appearance. When he saw Wu Bingzhai, he was trembling with fear, his teeth were shaking: "Manager Wu..."

At this moment he had regretted it to the extreme.

As the security of a bar, he certainly knew his responsibilities and the consequences of hitting guests in the bar.

But his brain was so hot that he just wanted to perform well in front of his first love, but didn't think so much--and most importantly, he thought that Zhang Li's classmates must not be too strong. He quickly beat a few people together and drag them out without causing too much disturbance.

At that time, it is enough to give these three people a hat such as "thief". Who will care about the three losers?

However, he didn't expect that this time he kicked the iron plate. Instead of solving these three people, he got in trouble. The incident got bigger and worse, the general manager Wu Bingzhai appeared.

He knows Wu Bingzhai's methods, and he is totally unreasonable at the moment and has also brought a huge negative impact on the bar ...

Thinking of Wu Bingzhai's usual treatment of the subordinates who made mistakes, Liu Dong's scared teeth were shaking.

Sure enough, Wu Bingzhai said expressionlessly: "Don't call me brother, hit a guest on your own site. I, Wu Bingzhai, don't have a brother like you! Let's talk, what is the reason?"

Liu Dong looked up subconsciously and wanted to find Zhang Li's figure in the crowd, but where can he find it?

What he didn't know was that, since the moment Wu Bingzhai appeared, Zhang Li had run away.
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Because she also knows Wu Bingzhai, it is very clear that Liu Dong failed this time. His next end will be extremely miserable.

Liu Dong was originally one of her backups. Now that he is useless, he will naturally be abandoned. This principle is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

Seeing Liu Dong looking around, with expectation and confusion on his face, as a visitor, where did Wu Bingzhai still not know what happened?

He sneered, and said, "You are another stupid guy played by a woman as a monkey!"

He stood up and said to the three of Zhong Yihan: "Three, I probably understand the reason for the matter, so I will explain to you at first."

After finishing speaking, Wu Bingzhai lifted a foot, stepped on Liu Dong's right arm severely, and also crushed it.

"kaka! kaka!"

The sound of broken bones rang out one after another, Liu Dong was screaming and struggling madly on the ground, but it was useless, and the foot was stepped on his arm fiercely as if nailing him there.

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