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Kung Fu Beyond the World 49 Chapter 49 - People You Shouldn't Mess With

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Although Fan Dali was beaten hard, he was the soberest and knew what he should do now.

But Liu Dong is different.

He was kicked by Zhong Yihan, and now he was embarrassedly climbing up from the ground. He didn't even dare to look at Zhang Li's eyes now, only to know that he had lost his face.

Like a lunatic, he also has his own logic.

That is not to be shameful!

Not to mention this is not only his field but also a beloved woman watching.

Liu Dong jumped up from the ground and yelled: "You are looking for death, and I am gonna kill you today!"

After scolding, he looked like a cheetah and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan has not had much experience in dealing with people, but his eyesight is still there. Looking at Liu Dong's moving speed, he knows that his strength must be a lot weaker than that of teeth canine beast.

But now he does not have a weapon in his hand, and his own fighting skills are also average, but the teacher already said in the fighting class:

In the case of similar strength, one-on-one fighting is all about heart stability, eye disease, fast hands, and lethality!

Therefore, Zhong Yihan posed a fighting posture, facing Liu Dong's fist, and gently hid one side to hide, then followed by an uppercut, which was also blocked by the opponent.

The most basic fighting skills taught in the school are evolved from the military's fighting skills. They are simple and practical-of course, the fighting lessons in the school delete many of the key methods to the enemy. It emphasizes "control the enemy" rather than "kill."

Although Zhong Yihan's fighting skills are average, after a half-month fight in the Different World, his mentality is much calmer than ordinary people and his shots are more stable.

In contrast, Liu Dong's method is more casual.

Although his vitality is now 1.1, he is slightly higher than Zhong Yihan.

However, this gap does not form a crush. On the fighting skills, Liu Dong's style is ruthless, fierce, fast!

So his attack range was so great that it was full of flaws.

Looking at Liu Dong's next gust of wind and storming forward, he was blocked or hid by Zhong Yihan, lightly resolved his offensive, and even occasionally returned a punch ...

Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali among the spectators were stunned.

The level of what Zhong Yihan was before was clear to both.

Especially Zhu Zhenxing, because he often fights with Zhong Yihan in fighting classes at school.

At that time, Zhu Zhenxing often relied on his strong body and tall arms to suppress Zhong Yihan, and Zhong Yihan also had a lot of problems, such as impatience, unstable steps, weak punches, etc ... ...

But for half a month, how does it feel like Zhong Yihan has changed a lot? !!

Even more shocked was Zhang Li among the distant crowd.

In her opinion, Zhong Yihan has always been ordinary, but she doesn't know what the reason is. During this time, the archery has suddenly advanced.

Unexpectedly, in the fighting, he even made such an exaggerated improvement? !!

They were just shocked, and Liu Dong, who was in the fight, kept complaining in his heart.

How could he think that there was a master here?

In this short move of less than a minute, he could not hit the opponent's key at once but suffered several times.

What's more chilling is ...

From start to finish, the opponent's eyes and breath were indifferent.

Fighting is a very angry thing, especially for young people. Once you start fighting, it is normal to have a blush and a thick neck-that is also the expression of adrenaline secretion-the stimulation of adrenaline at the time, ordinary minor injuries and pains were not felt at that time. How many times they suffered, they only wanted to lay the other side down.

However, this method is very physical and mental. To put it bluntly, they are supported by breath. Once this breath (adrenaline) subsides, the whole person is at least half useless.

And more importantly-flawless.

But only those people who have experienced many fierce battles, even life, and death, can control their emotions during the battle so that they can make more stable shots and make their judgments on the current battle clearer.

As a junk who often fights in groups, he naturally knows what this means.

It was despair!

People have practiced Kung Fu these years, so there are high-ranking people in the bar, so not only Zhao Dong, but also others have seen it, and there has been a lot of discussions.

A handsome young man holding a wine glass smiled, "I bet for three minutes, and the guy with purple hair must kneel."
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"It's almost two minutes," a glasses man of the same age next to him looked at his watch and smiled. "It's a blast, then it fades, it's exhausted. I see that purple hair is almost there."

There was a beautifully-dressed beauty around them and asked strangely, "How is that possible? I see that guy with purple hair is aggressive now?"

The two youths looked at each other, smiled at each other and didn't speak, but both subconsciously moved away from the woman slightly.

Some people also recognized Liu Dong and whispered, "Isn't that Liu Dong in the bar? Why can't he win even a young man?"

"What do you think? It's just like this kind of foolish gangsters. It's just a matter of arguing. You really need to meet a powerful person. You can really be beaten quickly!"

"That's right, the guy on the other side is very immature. He should be a high school student, but he has a solid foundation and a stable mind. Liu Dong is not an opponent at all."

"No.1 High School? Looking at his style, it feels like Zhang Shou."

"Liu Dong provoked someone who he shouldn't mess with."

"Hey, lose face in your own bar and see how Liu Dong works in the future."

Liu Dong listened to these remarks in his ears, his heart was anxious and angry, and suddenly showed a flaw, Zhong Yihan focused on the opportunity, followed by a kick, kicked on Liu Dong's stomach!

This kick flew Liu Dong all out, and suddenly there was a boo around, and there were even a few applause in some places.

The boo was naturally given to Liu Dong, applause, then it goes without saying.

Liu Dong knelt on the ground, his eyes were red.

The most important thing when he comes out is his face. He was so beaten by a student in front of so many people. How can he be in this bar in the future?

Who would listen to him?

Liu Dong grew more and more annoyed, and suddenly reached out and touched his waist. There was a dagger hidden there, which he used to threaten others in his daily life.

But this time, he has completely ignored the consequences and just wanted to find his own face, so he pulled out the dagger and stabbed at Zhong Yihan!

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