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Kung Fu Beyond the World 48 Chapter 48 - Backup

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"Lili, he is the rich second generation who bullied you ?!"

Seeing Liu Dong pointing at Zhu Zhenxing's table in the distance, with a look of excitement, a hidden smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Li's mouth, but soon disappeared, making a panic-like look: "No! "

That look is very fake, but Liu Dong was moved for a while.

In his opinion, the situation was already obvious.

The obvious fat man at that table was the bastard rich second-generation who bullied Lili, but Lili was a good girl!

Fearing that he might be in trouble, she deliberately denied it.

Where do you go to such a good girl? !!

At this time, Zhang Li still held Liu Dong's hand and said, "Dongdong, don't provoke them!"

This made him angry, and Liu Dong's machoism was immediately aroused. He opened Zhang Li's hand and pointed himself in a very awe-inspiring manner, saying: "Lili, you still don't know? I now have a big brother appreciation and teach me to practice. I now have 1.1 vitality! Just a few little farts, I run after hitting them, can they know who I am? "

Zhang Li froze, with proper expression of worship on her face: "Vitality 1.1? Wow, Dongdong you are so amazing!"

Liu Dong proudly raised his chin, and then said, "You just wait for me to cheer you up!"

After speaking, he turned around and walked towards Zhong Yihan's table, but he didn't know it at all. When he turned around, Zhang Li's sneer appeared on her face.


"Why aren't the girls here yet? It's too noisy here. I'll go out and call."

Fan Dali greeted the two and walked towards the outside of the bar. He drank a bit just now and walked a little, but as soon as he reached the bar door, he bumped into a person.

Fan apologized and said, "I'm sorry."

The other side yelled: "Damn, you don't have eyes to walk! my clothes are dirty with you."

Fan Dali frowned and looked up, looking at the man in front of him, and found that he had purple hair, a fierce look on his face, and a glass of wine in his hand, but it had already spilled on his gaudy shirt.

Looking at this man's fierce look, Fan Dali instinctively felt that this man was not easy to mess with, so he apologized again, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it, how much are your clothes? I will pay you this."

Liu Dong was furious immediately, and he knocked Fan to the ground with one punch, cursing: "Damn, it's great to have money! I hate most of you as a bastard, you think you can solve anything with money, I will give you some lessons today. There are still things you can't buy in the world! "

Liu Dong said while sitting on Fan Dali's body, punching each other in the face.

Fan Dali was also outraged. He was determined to resist but found that the opponent was far stronger than him. He could not do anything but passively protect his face. He could only shout, "Security, someone is fighting!"

Fighting in the bar is common, and everyone is not afraid. Instead, they took two steps back with interest, gave up a circle, and watched it there.

Zhang Li was sitting in her seat, looking at Fan Dali who was beaten and unable to fight back, her expression indescribable.

She was just being weak and tearful, and exhausted all her thoughts, in order to provoke Liu Dong to conflict with Zhu Zhenxing.

Even though Fan Dali had no hatred with her, even Fan Dali chased her for a while, but who let him go with Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan?

Deserved to be beaten!

Of course, for Zhang Li, the good show is just beginning and has not reached its climax yet.

But it doesn't matter, Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan over there have noticed this, and with their temper, they will soon join the war team.

By the time...


"Yihan, there seems to be a fight over there?"

Zhu Zhenxing noticed the noise there. He had just stood up and looked at it with a lively mentality. However, he found that the hit person was Fan Dali, and he suddenly became angry: "Damn, dare to do something to my friend! Dali was beaten, come and help! "

Zhong Yihan did not expect that Fan Dali would conflict with others, so he quickly got up and rushed over with Zhu Zhenxing.

Although Fan Dali had been covering his face with his arms, his face was still blue and purple, and his nosebleed had been hit.

As soon as Zhu Zhenxing was out of breath, he had to push Liu Dong away. As a result, Liu Dong shook his hands and pushed Zhu Zhenxing directly.

Although Zhong Yihan did not have a deep friendship with Fan Dali, after all, the other party was his classmate and the person who invited guests today, so it is impossible to watch him bullied.

So when he arrived, he lifted one leg and hurried towards Liu Dong.


Liu Dong only felt a huge force coming, and then the whole person flew out. He didn't know how many tables were knocked down, and the wine glasses and bottles were scattered.

Zhong Yihan helped Fan and said, "Are you okay? What happened. How could you fight with someone?"

"I'm also very embarrassed. I accidentally bumped into the man when I walked and soiled his clothes. I wanted to pay him money. As a result, he hit me directly without giving up. It was unlucky and painful ... Thank you, Han, if it weren't you, I would have been admitted to the hospital today. "
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Fan Dali stood up a bit afraid.

That man was frightening as if there was any deep hatred between them.

If he keeps fighting like this, Fan Dali estimates that his physical endurance will definitely cause serious injuries.

Zhu Zhenxing also got up at this time.

"Are you okay? Damn, this bastard, dare to hit my friend, Yi Han, and give him some lessons."

Zhong Yihan looked at Zhu Zhenxing very speechlessly: "You are so aggressive, but the result is that you let me do it."

Zhu Zhenxing said cheekily: "You have increased your strength recently, and I definitely can't beat him, I don't want to be beaten."

"Yihan, don't listen to Zhu Zhenxing. That person is very powerful. We hurried away. It's not late to avenge later."

Fan Dali remembers that Zhong Yihan's vitality is even lower than him. Although Zhong Yihan has made great progress now, in his opinion, he is still far worse than that person just now.

He was beaten to the ground by the man just now, and he didn't even have the ability to fight back.

Moreover, Fan Dali didn't want to make things big because of him. They would have been happy when they came out today. If Zhong Yihan got in trouble then it would be not worth.

Fan Dali is also a rich second-generation. Although genius is mediocre, the rich second-generation has always had its own set of logic to solve things.

That 's what—a wise man knows when to retreat!

It is not a contest, it must be upright.

When encountering an enemy that can't be beaten, first avoid it for a while, and then look for someone to check his background. If this guy really has a strong background, admit it.

But if he has no much background ...

Smash the guy with money!

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