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Kung Fu Beyond the World 41 Chapter 41 - Space Cracks

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Looking at the students who were shocked by the word "bad news" in the classroom, Shi Yangang said calmly: "Just got the news, at four or five o'clock in the morning today, at the Qinggang about 50 kilometers away from us, there have been dramatic energy and space fluctuations. Do you know what this means? "

The classroom exploded immediately.

"Oh no, is there a space crack in Qinggang ?!"

"Really? It's very close to us!"

"Yeah! Just an hour by car!"

"Are we in danger?"

"Need to move? I'm so panicked!"

Looking at the students' discussions, many people's faces showed a look of fear. An atmosphere of fear and anxiety spread instantly in the classroom, and Shi Yangang knocked on the table.

"Well! All quiet!"

Shi Yangang glanced at the students and said coldly: "It seems you all know what this means? That's right! According to the on-site investigation by experts, it can be basically determined that a space crack is forming in Qinggang City.

There was another uproar in the classroom, and Shi Yangang had to knock on the table again.

"I heard someone say ... want to move?" He smiled at him with a mocking smile, looking to the student who blurted out and said he wanted to move.

The student immediately flushed with blush and dropped his head.

"Not to mention that in accordance with past practice, a space crack wants to take shape. It takes at least half a year or even more than one year, but when it comes to moving, where can you move?"

Shi Yan just snapped his fingers, and a picture appeared on the projector behind him.

That is a map of the world.

On the map, there are many places marked as small circles, large and small, including green, yellow, orange, and red ...

"You can look at this map. All the circles in it represent a space crack, and today there are 57 space cracks on the earth."

"Thirty-one space cracks that have been completely controlled by humans, are these green signs, and there are nine in our country-of course, the space crack in Qinggang City is still no molding, so no calculations. "

"These yellow signs represent that human beings are barely controlling the situation, but they are not capable of occupying the land on the other side of the crack, so there is a certain risk. There are twelve cracks in this world and three in our country."
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"The orange mark is very dangerous. The monsters representing the Different World have invaded the earth, human beings have the downside, and the two sides have formed a tug-of-war. Human beings cannot destroy all these beasts, and these beasts cannot be outward. There are nine such cracks in the world and two in our country. "

"Finally, these five red marks represent that the beasts and even the gods of the Different World have completely occupied the strongholds on the earth. Human beings have completely lost their control and can only surround their surroundings and not let the situation expand!"

Having said that, Shi Yangang said seriously: "There are five such red cracks, two in Africa, one in South America, one in Southeast Asia, one in Northern Europe, and the largest one is in West Africa. I believe you should saw the tragic situation there on TV and other various media. "

"Human beings are completely reduced to slaves, cattle, and even food! Captives of intelligent creatures from Different World, slavery by them, and even ... will be their meals!"

The students were pale and livid.

There are always journalists who are not afraid of death, and human beings can use some high-tech means to observe the situation in the "occupied area" and return photos and video materials.

In the beginning, most of these materials were blocked by countries because it was too bloody and cruel.

Even in order to inspire the morale of the people and the spirit, even countries are afraid to put too bloody things directly in front of the people.

However, there are no impermeable walls in the world.

Some hackers obtained corresponding materials through special means, and then posted them on the Internet, which immediately caused an uproar.

Then people know ...

Unlike any civil war between humans in human history, this era is a life-and-death battle between two civilizations and two races!

The losing side will fall completely into hell and become the food of the winning side!

At that time, maybe suicide will be happier.

Seeing the students look scared one by one.

Shi Yangang clapped his hands suddenly, and said loudly, "Look at you! What do you look like one by one ?! Does this scare you? You know you are in the safest country in the world!"

"Since the resurgence of energy, a total of fourteen space cracks have emerged in our country, and twelve of them have become our bridgeheads in attacking Different World! Only two remain, although still in a standstill, The destructive force caused by space cracks is basically controlled within a hundred kilometers around the cracks! "

"This is our pride! It is also the pride of the great powers! Don't forget that our country has a saint!"

"Our saints are not weaker than the gods of the Different World!"

The eyes of many people suddenly light up.

Yes, there are saints in our country, and there are still two!

There are only four saints in the world today.

Paul XIII of Europe, Noah of North America, and the Immortal Taiqing of our country, and our military general, Wu Mu.

These four saints are superior in strength and comparable to the gods, and each has a record of fighting one-on-one with the gods.

Among them, General Wu Mu killed a beast god in the Different World-this is also the first and only record in human history to kill the Different World god with a single person!

It is the protection of these four saints. Our country, North America, and western Europe are quite peaceful in this "turbulent world."

And in those small countries, the order has collapsed in many places-before the beasts invade, they are completely chaotic.

Shi Yangang saw many people's faces recover, and nodded, "Yes, we have the protection. This is our advantage! However, we must not rely on two saints completely!"

"Tell you something to reassure you."

"Just before I came, the Kung Fu association had issued an emergency rally order to mobilize the strong to go to Qinggang City. The army had already begun operations. Those should be able to completely control the situation. So, this incident may finally make us a blessing in disguise? "

Immediately someone asked, "Mr. Shi, why did you say a blessing in disguise?"

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