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Kung Fu Beyond the World 38 Chapter 38 - "How did you do that?"

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Zhong Yihan's third arrow only hit eight rings.

Then the fourth and fifth arrows only hit seven rings.

Once the feeling of hitting the ten rings just disappeared, it becomes much more difficult to find it again.

But even so, Zhong Yihan's current performance in the 100-meter field is definitely very eye-catching.

Even Li Xinyu, who was on the side, couldn't help but take a few more glances, and the mood that was originally undulating had become a bit volatile.

In the past, regardless of the strength of other students, Li Xinyu can keep calm, because she knows that everyone has its own rhythm, as long as she continues to practice at her own pace, it is a matter of time to reach the goal.

But Zhong Yihan's speed of progress made her a little uneasy!

It took Li Xinyu nearly half a year from the advanced 100-meter field to the first 100-meter ten ring. This is the result of her hard training every day.

Now her results are stable and stable in ten out of six.

After Zhong Yihan's performance is basically above the sixth ring, and he maybe exceeds her.

The question is, how many days did he advance to the 100-meter field? !!

And in Li Xinyu's impression, Zhong Yihan is not a very talented player.

Therefore, if he thinks about it, he must have found some effective training methods to be able to make progress so fast.

Li Xinyu was eager to ask Zhong Yihan's progress, but the thought of saying herself "the prodigal girl", and he and Zhu Zhenxing just had such a big conflict with Zhang Li, she swallowed it back.

Peng Ming on the other side is now completely choked.

What happened to Zhong Yihan?

Increased power and archery are two different things at all?

But how can he shoot more than six rings every time?

This is a hundred-meter field!

Why does he progress so fast? !!

Why does he has a feeling now ... he can no longer keep up with him? !!

This idea lingered as soon as it was born, so the next few arrows, Peng Ming did not hit the target with one arrow, and the whole person fell into deep autism.



Since Zhong Yihan's first arrow hit ten rings, Yun Chao's brow not far away in the 150-meter field has not stretched.

For the first time, Yun Chao felt the pressure from Zhong Yihan.

Yesterday Zhong Yihan was able to impress the 60kg sandbag, which was enough to surprise him.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Yihan today even began to become more skillful in the bow and arrow 100 meters.

The speed of the other party's progress far exceeds Yun Chao's imagination and has even reached a point of abnormality.

In Yun Chao's impression, none of their class can have Zhong Yihan's progress so fast.

Although Zhong Yihan started late, at his current speed, maybe he might catch up with him within a month.

This sense of urgency made Yun Chao very unhappy.

Zhong Yihan's practice continues, but his accuracy has plummeted since then, and he can only stay between five rings and six rings.

After the ten arrows are fired, the results on the counter show that two arrows are ten rings, two arrows are eight rings, and one arrow is seven rings others are five or six rings.

The accuracy of the distance of one hundred meters is much more difficult to grasp than Zhong Yihan imagined.

But even so, the result is surprising enough.

Even the stubborn teacher Zhang Shou couldn't help smiling, came and patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder, and praised: "Good job, great progress!"

"Thank you, teacher!"

Zhang Shou nodded and continued to watch the achievements of others.

Zhong Yihan took a deep breath, a smile appeared on his face, and at this time, he found that Li Xinyu and Peng Ming were both staring at him.

"How did you do that?"

Peng Ming couldn't help to ask it.

Even Li Xinyu on the side listened subconsciously.

Zhong Yihan knew what Peng Ming was asking. He thought about it and said earnestly: "Exercise more."

The simple two words almost make Peng Ming want to curse.

Peng Ming's chest was violently undulating. Zhong Yihan was mocking him?

Who doesn't know how to practice more?
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Could it be that Zhong Yihan means that even if he trains as much as he can't keep up with his speed of improvement?

Li Xinyu didn't get the answer she wanted. She rolled her eyes rarely, then took her eyes off and continued her assessment.

Peng Ming's response made Zhong Yihan's expression inexplicable. Is he wrong?

His proficiency in "Basic Archery" is constantly improved in Different World.

Why did Peng Ming react this way?

Simply inexplicable.


After school at night, Zhong Yihan went to buy medicine again.

Now that he has money in his hands, he naturally buys medicines of better quality-of course, the price is also more expensive, but as a man, he must be conscientious, and the fat man has paid such a high price, he naturally bought better quality medicine.

Moreover, there is only half of the purple energy grass left, Zhong Yihan had to spend another 20,000 yuan to buy purple grass from the store-and it looks not as good as the two he sold before.

Hey, he wouldn't sell it if he knew it!

It seems that in the future, he should pay more attention to find the whereabouts of purple energy grass.

After buying the medicinal materials, Zhong Yihan made a phone call to his home, and for any reason, said that he would not go home tonight.

Then he took Xia Ling to the last hotel again.

Open the room, let out Xia Ling, and place the two fried chicken buckets bought on the way on the table.

"Master, are we going to get a new medicated bath bag?"

Xia Ling was released by Zhong Yihan as soon as she flew to the fried chicken. Looking at the golden fried chicken legs inside, her saliva could not stop flowing.

Xia Ling was able to help Zhong Yihan a lot during this period of time. She has her massage skills. After each use of the medicated bath bag, she can fully use the medicated bath bag.

Her only disadvantages were her timidity and her inexplicable obsession with shells.

"Today we have a big project. You need to configure as many medicated bath bags as possible. The larger the number, the more fried chicken you can eat."

Xia Ling couldn't help asking: "What if the number is small?"

Zhong Yihan said, "Then you can only eat a few, and the rest of the fried chicken belongs to me."

"No! Xia Ling can configure so much! fried chicken is mine!"

Xia Ling hurriedly hugged the fried chicken.

"Then Xia Ling should configure a lot, and it is best to match until no tears can shed."

"Well, Xia Ling is ready!"

Looking at Xia Ling's busy figure, Zhong Yihan couldn't help touching his nose.

If he does this, isn't it a squeeze on labor?

After all, Xia Ling herself was quite happy.

Honestly, when passing by a vegetable market just now, Zhong Yihan thought about buying two onions to shed tears for Xia Ling, but then he thought it is not ok.

This little girl has a simple mind, and she is very good and loyal to himself. He can't do this.

It's nine o'clock in the evening, and before going to school at six o'clock in the morning, they have one night to get the medicated bath bag.

Taking medicine, dispensing, tearing, packaging ...

Xia Ling's speed of configuring of medicated bath packs is so fast. About 20 packs have been configured in about two hours.

Well, this solves the amount of deposit paid by the fat man before.

Although he is a good brother, he always feels bad to owe money, so Zhong Yihan called the fat man:

"Hey, the medicated bath pack you requested has already been prepared, now come quickly to get it!"

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