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Kung Fu Beyond the World 37 Chapter 37 - Improve again in Archery Hall

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Zhong Yihan came to the arrow road of the 100-meter field, took the bow and waited. At this time, a man came from the arrow road on his left.

Peng Ming looked at Zhong Yihan hostilely and said, "I will not lose to you again today!"

Zhong Yihan somehow turned his head and asked, "What's your name?"

Peng Mingqi's hands trembled, almost screaming, but Zhang Shou was standing aside and had to swallow the bad words.

Peng Ming was the student who was most promising in the previous arrow course. Everyone thought that he was able to advance from the 50-meter field to the 100-meter field, but was robbed by Zhong Yihan first, which almost collapsed his mentality.

Fortunately, his foundation is very good. Although he was abnormally stimulated by Zhong Yihan at that time, he was finally promoted in the next arrow course.

It is said that he did not need to participate in the test after he just promoted to the 100-meter field. After all, this test compares his gap with that of a month ago. Like Zhong Yihan and Peng Ming, they have just made progress

The problem is that no one dares to talk to Zhang Shou.

At this time Li Xinyu also came and was surprised to see Zhang Li and Zhu Zhenxing doing push-ups there. Yun Chao immediately got close to her and said something quietly, while talking and looking towards Zhong Yihan.

Yunchao must have said nothing good,

Sure enough, after Yun Chao said a few words, Zhong Yihan saw that Li Xinyu was looking at him with strong disgust.

But Zhong Yihan thought it didn't matter, he never planned to pursue Li Xinyu anyway.

As for the fat man ... it doesn't matter.

Anyway, Zhong Yihan never expected that the fat man could catch up with this iceberg goddess.

With a look of disgust, Li Xinyu walked to the 100-meter arrow road, her temperament was cold, so everyone gave way, just giving way to the narrow road on the right-hand side of Zhong Yihan.

So Zhong Yihan was Peng Ming on the left and Li Xinyu on the right.

He was caught between them, only feeling a chill from both sides from time to time.

At this time Zhang Shou's voice sounded: "Peng Ming, Zhong Yihan, Li Xinyu, the three of you start first!"

The three should "yes" at the same time and each set up a bow.

Zhong Yihan immediately abandoned the cluttered thoughts, focused on the bow and arrow in his hand, and began to aim.

The strength of his arms of 70 kg is enough for him not to worry about his arms trembling when he pulls his bow, and "Basic Archery", which is almost half proficient, allows him to better find three points and one line when aiming at the bullseye position.

The position of the hands, the balance of the arrows, the physical sensation, and Zhong Yihan's adjustment were a little bit. When he adjusted to a certain level, he suddenly felt a perfect feeling, and a thought arose in his heart.

It's now!


Zhong Yihan resolutely let go, his arrows were like wild horses breaking free from the reins, whistling and flying towards the target!


As the arrow hits the target, the counter emits a "drop" alarm sound, and a red number is displayed above it:

Ten rings!

An exclamation sounded immediately around.

Every time someone hits ten rings, a ticking sound will sound from the counter.

Zhong Yihan overjoyed!

"What happened? Someone shot ten rings in the 100-meter field?"

"In the 100-meter field, it must be Li Xinyu, right? She is most likely to advance to the 150-meter field."

"It's a matter of time before Xinyu's strength advances to the 150-meter field."

In this high school race against time, everyone's even the slightest improvement has affected the sensitive nerves of the students.

The students in the 50-meter field in the distance had a lot of discussions. They could not see the results, but they all thought that the 10 rings of the 100-meter field must have been shot by Li Xinyu.

However, Li Xinyu looked at Zhong Yihan in surprise at this moment.

Her arrow was still on the bowstring, and she didn't shoot it out at all, but she did not expect that Zhong Yihan had hit a ten ring!

But it was just surprise.

Li Xinyu took a look at Zhong Yihan and retreated. In her opinion, Zhong Yihan's arrow was by luck.

After all, the two of them were in the arrow next door last time. She saw Zhong Yihan's archery with her own eyes, so she didn't believe that Zhong Yihan was shot by his own ability.

As for Peng Ming, who had just arrived at the 100-meter field next to him and intended to surpass Zhong Yihan, his face was also unsightly.

Because at the moment Zhong Yihan's arrow was shot, his arrow also shot out, but it was a pity ...
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As before when Zhong Yihan reached the 100-meter field for the first time, he did not hit the target with this arrow.

Zhong Yihan didn't pay attention to the emotional changes of the two people around him. The feeling of shooting the ten rings just now is very wonderful. He focused his attention and tried to find that feeling, and then took out his arrows and shot again.



Ten rings!

"Did you hear that? Another tenth ring! Li Xinyu is going to advance to the 150-meter!"

"No no no, it's not Li Xinyu, I've been watching her, she didn't shoot arrows at all."

"Who else could she not be? Zhong Yihan? Stop being funny."

"It's Zhong Yihan, I see it!"

In the 50-meter field in the distance, the students discussed very enthusiastically.

Zhang Li has been doing push-ups, but notice that Zhang Li's face here is very ugly.

Zhong Yihan, how could it be Zhong Yihan? !!

Why did he hit the tenth ring? !!

Someone must be wrong!

Beside her, Zhu Zhenxing did not let go of this opportunity to attack the enemy, and he taunted while doing push-ups: "Seeing that, this is the strength of my brother! I am not afraid to tell you that my brother has improved so quickly during this time Because he used this medicated bath bag! Such a valuable thing, you want it? Why do you really think I will give to you? "

Zhang Li hated: "What are you proud of? Maybe he is lucky?"

"Oh yes, you can't even get in a hundred meters now!"

"You went in?" Zhang Li dismissed. "Zhong Yihan is just by luck. See the strength of Xinyu for a while!"

"Xinyu Xinyu ...In the first place, he will definitely catch up. In the second place, even if he is beaten, my brother was promoted to the 100-meter field. What qualifications do you have to look down on him? Dirty foxes hiding behind tigers! ""

Zhang Li hated people calling her "dirty fox" the most. She was furious and said, "Aren't you the fox hiding behind the tiger?" Now Zhong Yihan is not you in the 100-meter field! "

"I will soon be able to enter the 100-meter field!" Zhu Zhenxing said proudly, "Don't forget the medicated bath bag, even if I don't make progress as fast as my brother, with this magical medicated bag help, it's easy to overtake you."

Zhang Li suddenly felt wrong: "You gave Zhong Yihan the medicated bath bag?"

The fat man was stunned, knowing that he was a little smug. He knew that the medicated bath bag was a big deal, but he couldn't expose Zhong Yihan to it, and said quickly: "Yes, I bought it for him. Didn't you claim to be Li Xinyu's girlfriend? Did she give you such a good practice resource? "

Zhang Li suddenly felt heart-broken.

The reason she walked so close to Li Xinyu was because of her own family, so she wanted to rely on Li Xinyu to get some benefits. Although Li Xinyu did take care of her, she often invited her to eat snacks and drinks, etc. But all of them cost little money.

It is definitely impossible for Li Xinyu to provide her with practice resources.

Thinking of this, Zhang Li's eyes flashed a little jealousy quickly.

Seeing her expression change, Zhu Zhenxing smirked and took a sip:

"Oh! Plastic girlfriends!"

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