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Kung Fu Beyond the World 36 Chapter 36 - Fox that Hiding behind the Tiger

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Looking at the newly received 70,000 yuan in the text message on the phone, Zhong Yihan was a little lost for a moment.

The 70,000 yuan was transferred by the fat man, and the 30,000 yuan previously borrowed, a total of 100,000 yuan, was considered as a deposit for the medicated bath package, just to order 20 medicated bath packages.

The deposit for a medicated bath bag is 5,000 yuan!

And it's just a deposit!

The fat man said, after going back to verify the effect of the medicated bath bag, he went to the rich two generations to sell the medicated bath bag, how much money was sold at that time and then recalculated!

Of course, the three previously given to the fat man, he still wanted to spend money to buy them, but Zhong Yihan did not agree.

In this way, Zhong Yihan not only paid off his previous debt of 30,000 yuan, but also had 70,000 yuan on the account, but the medicine bath package was still owed-but that's okay, go back and buy the materials and let Xia Lingzhong configure.

But the problem is that this is 70,000 yuan!

Zhong Yihan has never had so much money. Only then did he respond. The original value of Xia Ling was so great!

It seemed that she had really treated her badly before, and even she didn't even have enough fried chicken.


The contents of the medicated bath bag are set aside for the time being, because he needs to configure the medicated bath bag next.

This afternoon is Zhong Yihan's expected archery class.

He can't wait to try to what extent he can do now in the 100-meter field.

Ten minutes before the class, the students consciously lined up at the gate of the archery hall.

Zhong Yihan looked around but found no fat man in the crowd. It was strange that he saw Zhu Zhenxing pulling his head and came over with a look of depression.

"What's the situation?"

Zhu Zhenxing sighed in depression: "I went to Li Xinyu just now."

Zhong Yihan knew that the fat man had been secretly in love with Li Xinyu, so it was not surprising: "Why, did you go to her to confess?"

"No, I just want to give her a medicated bath bag."

"Let me guess," Zhong Yihan sneered. "She must haven't accepted it, right?"

Zhu Zhenxing gave him a white look, and said, "Is that called principled, okay? Such girls are rare now, okay?"

Zhong Yihan sneered: "ok, ok."

At this time, a girl suddenly ran over from behind and found Zhu Zhenxing, and said, "Fat, fat, how is the effect of your medicated bath bag? Or you can send it to me, I will try it for you first. If it works well, I can recommend it to Xinyu! "

Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing both looked at the girl with speechless faces.

The girl's name is Zhang Li, Li Xinyu's girlfriend, but her reputation in the class is particularly poor, because she especially likes to take advantage of the small cheap, and she likes to gossip, almost all boys who pursue Li Xinyu, but the conditions are not so good, she has mocked.

So this Zhang Li has a nickname-dirty fox.

This is the fox that hiding behind the tiger.

Although Zhu Zhenxing had an inadequate IQ in front of his crush, he had already regained the high ground.

He looked at Zhang Li and said politely: "No, Xinyu doesn't want it, I will keep it for myself."

Zhang Li didn't expect that he would refuse, and said immediately unhappy: "Stingy, hum, I don't think it will be a good thing. How could she use someone else's private things like a medicated bath bag? Who knows what you put in the pack? "
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Zhu Zhenxing had been pursuing Li Xinyu for a while before, but at that time he was always ridiculed by Zhang Li. When she saw that she couldn't get anything, she turned her face and sneered: "What does it have to do with you? If you think something is bad, don't run over and ask! I have never seen you so greedy and cheap!"

Zhang Li's face suddenly became very ugly.

She is greedy and cheap.

Because she is Li Xinyu's best girlfriend, many people who want to pursue Li Xinyu will secretly give her some benefits, such as giving her gifts, inviting her to eat and so on.

In addition, she did occasionally hint at asking these boys who are pursuing Li Xinyu to give her something to give her a gift or something to help them send love letters and gifts.

Of course, Li Xinyu basically did not receive those gifts, most of them were swallowed by Zhang Li herself.

Therefore, many people know she is greedy, but the fat man is so straightforward to speak out, so it is too embarrassing.

Zhang Li was angry, pointing at Zhu Zhenxing and saying, "You remember to me what you just said! Don't think that I don't know. Just the two of you that day said that Xinyu was 'the prodigal girl'. I have told Xinyu about this! You want to pursue Xinyu? I tell you to stop dreaming!"

The fat man was stunned first, then became furious, and raised his hand to slap.

At this time, his arm was stopped, but it was their Kung Fu teacher, Zhang Shou.

Zhang Shou stared coldly at the fat man and said, "Why, in my class, do you still want to fight?"

The fat man immediately persuaded and muttered, "Teacher, she scolded me."

"Get angry with a girl, are you ashamed?" Zhang Shou scolded, "Go away! Do fifty push-ups!"

The fat man didn't dare to fight against Zhang Shou, who was already a Kung Fu fighter and had to walk to the side sloppily, humming and started doing push-ups, and he didn't dare to refute the words.

Zhang Li said with excitement: "Thank you!"

Zhang Shou looked at her coldly, and said coldly, "I saw everything here just now, and he wanted to hit you in my class, so I punished him. But you picked this up, so, you, also go there and do fifty push-ups as well! "

Zhang Li's face immediately turned pale and pale, and she aggrieved and shouted, "Teacher ..."


Zhang Li gritted her teeth resentfully but did not dare to against Zhang Shou. She went to the side and started to do push-ups.

"It is good!"

Suddenly someone shouted "good" at this time, it was Zhong Yihan.

He was not only speaking loudly but also applauded vigorously.

Zhang Shou glared at him, and Zhong Yihan immediately stopped.

Zhang Li also turned to stare at him fiercely, but Zhong Yihan was not polite to her, and stared back fiercely, also secretly drawing a middle finger.

Because he doesn't like this Zhang Li at all,

"Okay," Zhang Shou loudly said, "Don't watch it, enter the hall now! Find your own track according to the previous ranking! Today we will check if anyone has not improved compared to the results of a month ago, All fifty push-ups! "

There was a moment of sorrow in the whole class, and good students were confident, but the poor students were sorrowful.

Zhang Shou took the list and looked at it loudly: "Everyone can stand in front of your own arrows, test together for three and three, and wait till I say your names!"

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