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Kung Fu Beyond the World 35 Chapter 35 - Medicated Bath Business

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It's daybreak.

Zhong Yihan shuttled back to his room from Different World and fell to the bed, panting.

A large piece of his armor broke, and there were two obvious blood marks on his skin.

Sure enough, hunting tooth canine beasts was not so simple. This time he was obviously careful enough, but he was still ambushed by five beasts.

If Xia Ling hadn't warned him in advance, maybe he would really die in the Different World.

But even so, Zhong Yihan was badly injured.

Two bloodstains stretched from the ribs all the way to the stomach. Although they only hurt the skin, because the wound was too long, the blood flow continued.

This is because of the armor protection, otherwise, he is not only bleeding, it is estimated that he has been already opened his stomach.

"Master, you're not going to die, are you?"

Xia Ling saw Zhong Yihan panting and looking pale, anxiously concerned.

"Don't worry, I won't die."

Zhong Yihan gave Xia Ling a glance, took off his armor with some effort, then took out a medicine bath bag from the desk drawer, stumbled but carefully entered the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Zhong Yihan was soaked into the bathtub weakly, feeling the itchiness of the wound site, knowing that under the effect of the medicine bath bag, his wound began to recover slowly.

Xia Ling's medicated bath bag is not powerful enough to heal any wounds. At present, it can only treat some simple injuries and minor trauma.

Zhong Yihan was already injured a little heavily this time, so the recovery process took a long time.

However, this time Zhong Yihan was not completely unrewarded. The battle between life and death increased his spirit to 1.1, and even his agility increased from 0.85 to 0.9.

Basic archery proficiency has also reached 473, which only needs 27 points to reach half of all current proficiency.

As for the system points, including the original 8 points and the newly added 23 points, it reached 31 points.

He can redeem a strength fruit by adding another 20 points this evening.

By that time, Zhong Yihan's vitality had completely entered the 1.

Vitality 1 is really exciting when you think about it, this is the "small goal" of countless people's lives, and Zhong Yihan is no exception.

"Yun Chao, you wait, I'll be over you soon!"

Zhong Yihan was so arrogant that he fisted hard.

But this time it touched the wound on the stomach, and suddenly he sat back with his teeth grinned.

Perhaps Xia Ling was frightened by the fighting just now, and she had been sitting on the bed obediently after coming back. It looked like an ancient wife who was ready to serve her husband at any time.

It was just too late to let Xia Ling massage. To wait for the wound to heal, Zhong Yihan spent too much time on the medicated bath.

Even so, he still had two obvious scars on his abdomen.

He can only wait to recover slowly with the medicated bath.

After changing school uniforms, Zhong Yihan hurried to the school.



"You said you want to buy a medicated bath bag?"

At noon, Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan talked about buying medicated bath bags while eating.

Zhong Yihan was a bit surprised. He never thought about selling medicated bath bags, and Zhu Zhenxing helped him so much that it was not appropriate to sell to the other party.

"If you think it's useful, I can give you a few more bags, but I don't have too much now, I can only wait for this week to make some more for you."

"No, I have to buy this time, you are my friend, but business is business. I can't always take you for nothing. In fact, the three bags of medicated bath bags you sent me last time were taken by my sister. She likes them so she wants to buy some from you. "
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Zhu Zhenxing's attitude is very firm.

Based on his knowledge of Zhong Yihan, the other party must be embarrassed to receive his money, so he must show a business attitude.

After a pause, Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yihan, wouldn't you still know the effect and value of this medicated bath bag?"

"Of course I know the effect, but the value ..."

Zhu Zhenxing didn't wait for him to finish, he rushed and said, "The two of us are brothers for so many years, so there are some things that I would definitely not say to others, but I will tell you the truth. The effect of this medicine bath bag can be described as sky-high. You know that just recovering from fatigue quickly will attract countless people to buy it, and they will be willing to spend as much money as possible, do you understand? "

Zhong Yihan nodded, seemingly understanding.

He has tasted the benefits of fast recovery in the past few days. Whenever he practices and kills beasts, he is so tired that he takes a medicated bath and Xia Ling's massage, and he will be able to recover energy immediately, and then he can continue practice...

Zhu Zhenxing looked at him, and he seemed to understand, but he didn't seem to understand it so thoroughly.

So he said patiently: "The first thing you need to know is that whether it is a billionaire or a civilian, there are only 24 hours a day, but generally speaking, a person practices for about four hours a day with high intensity. It is already the limit. If more, the body will be damaged. "

Zhong Yihan nodded, of course, he knew this. In fact, many ordinary people are easily caught in a strange circle. The harder they work, the less effective they are.

In fact, it is because you have worked harder, but your body is unable to recover, and you cannot get effective recovery. There is an injury in the body. So the more you work hard, the more serious the injury, and the body 's growth will become slower and slower.

Zhu Zhenxing continued: "Yes, although everyone's time is the same, the rich people can spend a variety of medicines, massage recovery and other ways to spend money to double the daily training time, that is, again add three or four hours ... Do you understand what time means? "

Zhong Yihan continued to nod.

He naturally knew this.

Don't underestimate these three or four hours. Over time, two people with the same qualifications and the same hard work. In one year, the time of the rich one will be nearly twice as long as the one without the money!

This double practice time continues. After a few years, the difference in strength between the two is not a little bit!

Not to mention the rich people's nutritional intake, potential development, and private higher education, etc., are far from ordinary people.

Of course, most of the rich people do not regard ordinary people as competitors, and their goals are "kinds" that are as family, talented, and hard-working as themselves.

Zhu Zhenxing continued: "In this situation, the conditions of the rich people are almost equal. You can practice for seven or eight hours a day, and I can also practice for seven or eight hours. Other supplies and education are also provided. It 's all about the same. Everyone fights with understanding and talent. This thing is innate. There is no way. "

"However, if in this case, a medicated bath bag suddenly appears, soak for an hour, you can recover from the fatigue of the day, and then you can continue to practice…If you really dare to work hard, you can practice for ten or twenty hours a day!"

Having said that, Zhu Fatzi took a deep look at Zhong Yihan and said:

"Do you understand what this means?"

Zhong Yihan suddenly realized: "You mean, spend money on buying practice time ?!"

Zhu Zhenxing nodded earnestly: "The most expensive thing in the world is always time, and you don't think that the rich people are all like me, or they are not motivated. In fact, there are no less than five rich people who are richer than my family and who work harder than you on weekdays! "

"These people, like my sister, are the ones who only want to be admitted to the "Top Four", but no one is sure enough, so say ..."

Zhu Zhenxing smiled slyly, saying, "I don't ask you how much this medicated bath bag costs, I just look at the effect, so ... I want to do business with you."

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