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Kung Fu Beyond the World 34 Chapter 34 - Breaking the Bottleneck

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Zhu Xiaoyu wiped her body, dressed, and sat at the dinner table. Zhu Zhenxing had already helped her bring out the braised pork and rice, saying:

"I'm almost going to be your nanny, can you make your own meals."

Zhu Xiaoyu coquettishly said: "I was wearing clothes just now, my brother is best to me."

After taking the plate, Zhu Xiaoyu couldn't wait to take a bite of braised pork and then satisfied: "Brother, your cooking skill has improved again, it is fat but not greasy, delicious!"

Zhu Zhenxing pretended to be disgusted: "I've seen through your routine, don't let me cook for you next time."

Zhu Xiaoyu put out her tongue out playfully and began to eat.

Although she wanted to say something, she was too hungry now, so she had to eat first.

Zhu Zhenxing sat opposite her, looking at her sister strangely.

Because he obviously felt that after Zhu Xiaoyu came out of the bathroom, he felt very different from before.


Seems white?

Zhu Zhenxing asked: "Sister, you seem a little whiter?"

"Really ?!" Zhu Xiaoyu asked with surprise, "Brother, do you think I'm whiter?"

Zhu Zhenxing knew that her skin color was a pain in her sister's heart, so he nodded seriously: "Yes, I really think you're a little whiter."

After a pause, he exclaimed: "Is it due to the medicated bath ?!"

Zhu Xiaoyu nodded and rolled up her sleeves, and exposed the long scar on her right arm, saying, "You see, not only is it whiter, the scar even seems to have faded!"

Zhu Zhenxing was extremely surprised. He knew that his sister would never let others see the scar on her arm, let alone him, not even his mother!

Now she took the initiative to expose the scar ...

Zhu Zhenxing took a closer look and smiled bitterly: "Sister, you have hidden this scar so deep before, brother can't remember what it looks like. However, you can take a picture with your phone and take the medicated bath tomorrow, maybe you will know by comparison. "

Zhu Xiaoyu nodded again and again and didn't eat. She went to take a cell phone, and said coquettishly, "Brother, come and take a photo for me!"

"Don't worry, you can take pictures at any time, you eat quickly! By the way, how does this medicated bath feel?"


Zhu Xiaoyu shocked the fat man with a word.

Because he knew that his younger sister, who had grown up in a medicated bath since she was a child, could let her say "good" medicated bath ... This is the first time!

Looking at Zhu Zhenxing's shocked expression, Zhu Xiaoyu put down his chopsticks and said earnestly: "Brother, what I said is serious, I have never tried such a good medicated bath, but I don't feel tired after soaking it, Including the fatigue accumulated before, all disappeared! "

"Really ?!"

Zhu Zhenxing stood up in surprise!

He certainly knew what Zhu Xiaoyu's words meant.

It is not a simple matter to quickly recover from fatigue. At least, if you rely on medicated baths ... he has not heard of any medicated baths that have such effects.

Fatigue is the enemy of practitioners, especially under high-intensity practice, which can cause damage to the muscles and tendons of the body.

This damage accumulates over time and eventually accumulates to a certain degree. It is very dangerous, for example, the bottleneck that Zhu Xiaoyu said before. In fact, the bottlenecks encountered by most people during practice are due to the accumulation of body fatigue.

This fatigue has made the body unbearable, so the body's self-protection system and the brain's central system have begun to reject and resist this high-intensity exercise-this is one of the reasons for the bottleneck.

And it is one of the most probable causes.

And long before the integration of the two worlds and the rejuvenation of energy, many athletes were suffering from such accumulated fatigue injuries, and finally had to bid farewell to sports.

In modern times, science and technology are more developed, and the study of the human body is more in-depth. Those rich families often recover fatigue through a series of methods.

Such as medicated bath plus acupuncture, massage and even weak current stimulation, and hypnosis-of course, drugs, ointments and other materials made from precious materials from Different World.

These series of matching methods can be combined to achieve the effect of restoring fatigue and injuries and keeping the body at its peak.

But he has never heard of any kind of medicated bath, which can completely eliminate fatigue.

If there is such a medicated bath ...

People who learn Kung Fu are probably going crazy!

Zhu Zhenxing said earnestly: "Xiao Yu, this is not a joke!"

Zhu Xiaoyu also shook her head seriously: "Brother, I didn't really joke with you. I now feel energetic. It seems like I've been sleeping for three days and three nights, and my body's fatigue and my heart's fatigue are all swept away!"

She looked at Zhu Zhenxing seriously and said, "Moreover, my skin also seems to have become a little whiter, and the scars on my arms seem to be lighter. This medicated bath can not only restore fatigue but also whiten the skin and eliminate the scars. Brother, are you sure this medicine bath bag was prepared by Yihan himself? "

Zhu Zhenxing understood what she meant. This medicated bath can have such an effect, just using a "value" is not enough to describe.

Moreover, this medicated bath bag was prepared by Zhong Yihan himself!

This means that Zhong Yihan is now holding a hen who can lay golden eggs in his hand!

Zhu Zhenxing subconsciously lowered his voice: "Sister, do you think, how much can this medicated bath bag sell?"

"It's hard to say, but the one I used, a bag of five thousand yuan, I feel completely incomparable with this one!" Zhu Xiaoyu said, "If I have used this medicine bath bag to assist in practice since childhood, now the vitality is uncertain ...… No, it must exceed 2! "

In other words, this medicated bath package can sell at least 5,000 yuan per pack!

"My sister, you must keep this secret first!"
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Zhu Xiaoyu nodded knowingly. Once such a magic medicated bath bag appears, it will have a huge impact on the market.

She knew the Zhong Yihan's family situation, with his current social status, this magical medicated bath formula could not be protected at all, but it would bring disaster to his family.

"So, brother, you will ask Yihan tomorrow about the yield of this medicated bath bag and his psychological price. Then I will try the effect of this medicated bath tomorrow. After all, the results from a single medicated bath are also too arbitrary. And I will go to the hospital to check if there is any hormone in this medicine bath bag. If not ... "

Zhu Zhenxing nodded forcefully: "I understand!"

After a pause, he suddenly laughed: "It seems my brother is finally about to success!"

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