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Kung Fu Beyond the World 328 Chapter 328 - Double-Sided Wu Sikong

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"Long live Zhong Yihan !!"



In the mountains, everyone cheered wildly, and even the students whose mouths were blocked were excitedly inexplicable.

Zhong Yihan looked at Wu Sikong, who was split in half by his waist.

The powerful vitality of the fallen made Wu Sikong still not dead, but his face did not have any painful expression, but a relief.


Zhong Yihan asked suddenly.

Wu Sikong glanced at him and said nothing.

Zhong Yihan rushed forward, grabbed his shoulder, and said loudly, "Why ?! You can't lie to me with that knife! I can feel that there is no trace of killing in this knife at all! What the hell is this? What do you want to do ?! "

The cheering crowd stopped immediately, and everyone looked at Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong inexplicably.

Wu Sikong still ignored him, but slammed his fingers and exclaimed: "In the name of my god, all the barbarians, all leave the totem pole, and then kill all the kind you see!"

A black scent appeared on his fingers, and the scent quickly spread.

Then the hundreds of barbarians around, all struggling, but they couldn't seem to violate this order.

They all went to the side one by one, smashing each other's heads with stones, and also using fists to smash other barbarians ...

In short, these barbarians suddenly seemed crazy and began to kill each other.

Suddenly, the corpse was running wild!

Everyone froze watching this scene, everyone had an incredible look on his face.

Then they all looked at Wu Sikong.

No one understands why Wu Sikong made such an order.

Until the last barbarian fell to the ground.

Wu Sikong squeezed out a smiley and said, "Zhong Yihan, you won."

"Wu Sikong, what the hell are you doing ?!"

"I didn't want to do anything, I just wanted to fight with you." Wu Sikong said lightly. "Your progress has surpassed my imagination, and I can't win you. Although I didn't mean to kill you, I did my best. So, you did win. "

Zhong Yihan stunned: "You haven't fallen! No, you accepted the power of evil gods, the purpose is to fight me? But you did not intend to help them complete the plan, right?"

While vomiting blood, Wu Sikong laughed: "Hey, I am also a human being. From childhood to age, I have been trained by countless human society resources. How could it be possible to make trouble for those evil gods? But Li Hanguo came to me at the time I have no room to refuse. If I refused then, he would have killed me long ago! "

Then he looked at Zhong Yihan: "But I did feel at the time that I had a glimmer of hope, that is, to be able to fight you again!"

He vomited blood and laughed: "Unfortunately, I still lost to you. But I was also very happy and finally relieved. And the top one in the province was defeated by me. In my life, I haven't lived in vain! "

Xu Chuzhou smiled bitterly and shook his head secretly.

Zhong Yihan was speechless.

Wu Sikong, in order to fight against himself, made such a big noise.

Wu Sikong's breath became weaker and weaker, he vomited blood and said, "Anyway, my body has become alienated, and I am no longer a human. But I really didn't want to help them, I really didn't ... If you didn't resist the last move, you can only be regarded as bad luck, but I will also commit suicide and won't let the evil god's plot succeed. The reason why I promised Li Han, in addition to wanting to fight you, I also think that if I don't come by myself, Li Hanguo may come in person. His strength is so powerful that you have no hope at all ... "

"Well, don't talk!" Zhong Yihan said quickly, "I know, I testify for you, you have not fallen, you are a hero!"

"A hero? Hey, hero, I ... hmm! Not good, kill me soon! Li Hanguo found..."

Wu Sikong's face turned abrupt, suddenly holding his head in a frenzy, and desperately bumping his head to the ground.
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All of a sudden, everyone was shocked.

Even Zhong Yihan released him subconsciously, alert with a knife.

Wu Sikong banged on the ground for more than a dozen times, and his head was bleeding wildly. Just when Zhong Yihan wanted to hold him, he stopped suddenly, but his expression on his face became very strange.

"Oh!" "Wu Sikong" gave weird laughter, and his voice became thick. "This boy dared to betray me, but fortunately I kept it!"

Zhong Yihan stunned and then said, "Li Hanguo!"

"Yes, it's me!" "Wu Sikong" smiled gloomily, "Zhong Yihan, I never expected that the son of a taxi driver could reach such a point today, almost ruining my plan. But that's it for now! "

Zhong Yihan sank in his heart, apparently, Li Hanguo used some methods to control Wu Sikong's body.

But he didn't hesitate at this time, but pulled out the knife, and thundered with a thunder knife to split Wu Sikong's upper body from the middle into two halves again!

But it's too late.

Several black veils of mist emerged from Wu Sikong's corpse, and then condensed into a mass in the sky, turning into a weird human face.

The face laughed: "It's late! It's too late! Zhong Yihan, you are truly amazing. You almost ruined my plan for many years, but since it was arranged for many years, how could I not leave a backhand, Would I fully believe that Wu Sikong? "

Zhong Yihan said, "What on earth do you want?"

"What? Wu Sikong should have told you all before, right? I want to sacrifice all of you to my God!"

"It's up to you?" Zhong Yihan sneered. "Although I don't know what your group of black things are, they just want to come and be just a mass of energy. With this mass of energy, you can kill us all. Yet?"

"Of course not, but here is in Different World! I can sacrifice this mass of energy to temporarily open a gap for my god. Please let my god's thoughts come down! Hahahaha, I really can't bring you all to sacrifices, but I can ask my God to come and take your lives! "

At this moment, a thunder rang out of nowhere, and the sky was covered with clouds, accompanied by a howling wind, and a desolate, long-lasting, majestic breath was suppressed from the sky.

The dark clouds overwhelm the city, and the dark clouds in the sky seem to fall at any time, making people breathless.

The black energy laughed a few times, suddenly burst out, and turned into a black mist into a totem pole.

In an instant, a thunderous masterpiece in the sky, thick lightning flashed like a dragon in the dark clouds, as if a storm was about to fall.

Powerful coercion emanated from the dark clouds in the sky.

A red pupil with a flash of red light appeared in the dark clouds!

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