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Kung Fu Beyond the World 327 Chapter 327 - Duel

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"Not only determine the outcome, but also our life and death!"

Instead, Zhong Yihan stopped.

Where does Wu Sikong have so much confidence?

According to the results of the fighting just now, he should be very clear that his strength and Zhong Yihan's strength is almost the same. Therefore, the most secure way is to fight protractedly, relying on the ability of metamorphosis to recover until the end of the battle.

If final knife decides the outcome, the uncertainty in it will be too great!

Wu Sikong, why does he have such confidence and dare to make such a proposal?

Does he still have a hole card?

But for Zhong Yihan, it seems that he has no choice.

Because of this proposal, it is profitable for him.

Zhong Yihan looked at Wu Sikong seriously: "Are you sure you want to do this? Are you serious?"

Wu Sikong laughed: "What do you seem to have misunderstood? Haha, Zhong Yihan, you don't seem to know me, you don't know how long I waited for this day! To get back up where I fell, I want everyone to know ... I, Wu Sikong, is the strongest! "

Zhong Yihan wiped the blood on his face, stood up and raised his knife, and said, "Since you are so confident, then ok!"

"Ha ha haha! Come and eat this trick I prepared for you-Shadow Blade, Infernal Hell!"

Wu Sikong yelled loudly, and his black body skyrocketed.

He was full of dark air, and there seemed to be countless grudges, then turned into the knife.

Everyone around him was shocked by his knife.

This knife's momentum is really scary.

Looking at Zhong Yihan again, he also held the knife in both hands to make a strange starting gesture, all around him, as if there were wind and thunder roaring!

His momentum is definitely not much smaller than Wu Sikong!

Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng knew more, their eyes were about to stare out.

At this time, Chen Haiming, who was previously stunned by Wu Sikong, was also awakened by the momentum of these two knives. He opened his eyes leisurely and saw the scene in front of him.

"Use Kung Fu Skill to fight?!"

Chen Haiming is going crazy.

This spirit and energy are united so that there is a vision of warfare. There is an official title called Kung Fu Skill!

This is a very advanced and difficult-to-understand combat skill.

Kung Fu learners, don't even think about it, and even among the fighters, less than 30% of those who can master "Kung Fu Skill"!

Even if they are big Kung Fu fighters, they dare not say that they must have mastered a Kung Fu Skill.

If you want to master "Kung Fu Skill", you must first practice a set of basic skills to great success, and master its core elements.

For example, you must master the "knife momentum" when using a knife, you must understand the "sword intention" with a sword, you must understand the "arrow heart", and so on ...

And it's not enough just to realize it. It must be enough to "control"!

In order to reach the point of "going with your heart, go straight to heart".

In other words, it must be large enough, not to say 100%, but at least 90% must be grasped, you can drive "knife momentum", "sword intention", etc. in the battle at will. Meet the prerequisites for mastering "Kung Fu Skill"!

Therefore, the threshold for this entry is extremely high, let alone a fighter. Some big fighters who rely on resources and have weak combat talents may not be able to do so.

And even if the above conditions are met, it is not enough.

If you want to give birth to such high-end skills, ordinary knife method, swordsmanship, etc. cannot be done at all!

It must be a set of Kung Fu method that has been refined, and has its spiritual connotation, in order to master the core elements and achieve the birth of "Kung Fu Skill".

It is also a set of knife method or swordsmanship. Two different people practice and the "Kung Fu Skill" they have learned cannot be exactly the same. It can only be said that the spiritual core is the same.

But the power of "Kung Fu Skill", the specific method of display, and so on, but there are a thousand readers, there are a thousand Hamlet.

Xu Chuzhou, Chen Haiming, and Yu Zheng all have mastered the "sword intention" and "knife momentum", and they are also called the true pride of heaven.

But they knew in their hearts that they still had a long way to go to master their own "Kung Fu Skill".

Being in control of Kung Fu Skill before being promoted to the big fighter is an unexpected delight!

But who can think that these two people are in control of their "Kung Fu Skill".

This is simply incredible.

Three geniuses, for the first time, felt the deep maliciousness brought to them by this world!

It seems to pass a long time, but in fact, whether it's Wu Sikong or Zhong Yihan, it only takes a few seconds.

Then the two yelled at the same time and performed Seems to pass a long time.


The last two duel was a knife momentum duel.
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And this time the two men face-off, it is a Kung Fu Skill time duel.


A loud noise.

A huge airwave erupted around the collision of the two people.

The surrounding human beings and barbarians were distorted by this wave of air.

The wave of air has no power, far from the shock wave like a bomb explosion when the masters fight in the TV show up.

However, many barbarians fell down in pain, and the students felt severe pain in their heads as if a hammer with a handle struck the back of the head.

Xu Chuzhou and others understand.

This is the momentum fluctuation caused when the two Kung Fu Skill collided and the two spirits and energy collided together.

These barbarians have no intelligence, so their mental strength is very weak, so they are immediately overwhelmed by this momentum, but for the gifted students present, it is not a big deal, just a headache in their heads.

But now is not the time to get into this.

The crowd hurriedly looked at the place where the two were fighting, where the dust filled the two figures and covered them.

But don't know who won? !!

Everyone held their breath, the atmosphere did not dare to pant, staring at the dusty place.

Finally, the two figures showed their silhouettes in the dust.

But one of them was standing with a knife, and still kept the chopping posture.

The other figure was split in half and fell to the ground.

The silhouette gradually became clear.

See it!

The person standing naked, with many pieces of clothing hanging on his body, a long black knife in his hand, and blood dripping from his body!

He is...

Zhong Yihan!

It was like a cannon.

A long-depressed shout of cheer broke out in the mountains!

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