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Kung Fu Beyond the World 326 Chapter 326 - Warming Up

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The two fought in an instant.

Just listening to the "Ding-Dong" sound, but in a short time, the two had dozens of tricks.

But in the eyes of ordinary students, they can't even see how the two played against each other. They only saw the shadows of the sword, and the figures of the two were constantly changing. They only saw two dark shadows, which was not clear at all.

The students who were thrown in the big pit couldn't help sighing. Although their mouths were blocked and they couldn't speak, there was a huge wave in their hearts.

Is that human being? !!

Everyone is a student. Why can you do this?

Xu Chuzhou and Yu Zheng looked at each other with a look of horror.

They are already the best of the students, but they did not expect to become a frog at the bottom of the well.

Wu Sikong is nothing more. After all, he has gained the power of evil gods and cannot be measured by common sense.

But how can this Zhong Yihan be so strong? !!

There is also a student in the pit, and his face is also ugly at this time.

It was the captain of Tai'an No. 2 High School, Tang Xiao, who had previously failed to find the leak in the three-city competition before but failed.

Tang Xiao naturally hated Zhong Yihan.

Because if it was not Zhong Yihan at that time, he had already become the final champion of the three cities competition, even if he bears some infamy?

However, Zhong Yihan turned everything, what he did was a joke!

In the next month before the end of the three cities competition, before the college entrance examination, Tang Xiao could be described as suffering, and his strength would not advance.

Fortunately, his foundation is relatively good, and finally, he reached the Top Four admission lines.

He also knew that he was in the wrong state, so he made up his mind. After being admitted to the Top Four, he must work hard. One day, he must step on Zhong Yihan!

However, after he saw the battle between Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong with his own eyes ...

Tang Xiao is almost autistic!

Zhong Yihan a month ago, but just broke 4, how can he be so strong now?

He is progressing at such a speed, and he still wants to one day find revenge on him?

Dreaming? !!

Just when Tang Xiao was cold and sweaty.



A crisp sound.

The two fighting figures staggered and then separated.

Wu Sikong laughed and laughed: "good! This is really the most enjoyable game I have ever played! Zhong Yihan, I really did not read you wrong. The four wastes of Yunchao, when added together, are weaker than you! "

Zhong Yihan frowned: "Don't compare the four wastes to me."

"Ah, it's my fault." Wu Sikong even apologized and laughed. "The four waste woods thought that they could do whatever they want with the power of the evil god. But in fact, their foundation is too poor and their qualifications are poor. The level of effort ... is just average. So they can only bully ordinary people by virtue of their vitality, but in fact, they are far worse than a real fighter with similar vitality! "

Zhong Yihan nodded in agreement, saying: "I just fought with Wang Li and Qian Hansong, and found that their level of play is only 60% to 70% of their vitality."

Wu Sikong laughed: "So waste is waste. Even if they have the power of the evil god, they are still waste!"

"So ... how about you? You also have the power, but you have completely turned this power into your own?"

"It's not easy to turn this power into my own. Power is really a kind of something that is particularly enchanting, especially when you have powerful power all at once, that feeling ... oh, it's too easy to get addicted! But my concentration is much stronger than those four wastes. "

Wu Sikong continued: "They are all coveting the power given by the evil god, and I think about how to turn this external power into a power that I can control! I cannot completely reject this power, but I cannot allow myself to sink into this thrill of gaining extra strength, in which case I will completely become a slave to the power of the evil god! "

Zhong Yihan's heart moved.

This idea of Wu Sikong coincided with him!

He had been reluctant to rely too much on the four-dimensional fruit produced by the system mall because the power brought by the four-dimensional fruit came too fast and too simple.

It is not that he did not trust the system he obtained, because, without this system, he may still be a waste of vitality just broken 1.
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But, as Wu Sikong said.

He cannot be indulged in this blessing of external power. He must practice by his own efforts to truly control the power of growth in his own hands and control his own body.

That is his true power!

But what do Wu Sikong's words mean?

Did he show it up, says it by accident, or did he find out?

At this time, Wu Sikong twisted his neck and said, "Okay, this is the end of the chat. The warm-up just now is almost warm. Now, continue to fight!"

The two battled together again, this time the speed of the move, even faster than before.

But this time, the battle between Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong was fiercer than before.

From time to time, the sound of weapon collisions and the yelling of the two people were heard.

The closest Shentu Xuan suddenly felt something was splashing on his face, he reached out his hand subconsciously ... it was blood!

There are people injured?

Or ... are both injured?

Five minutes later.

There was another crisp knife slamming, and the two figures were separated again.

Everyone can see clearly now.

Both of them are in very bad condition.

Zhong Yihan's combat suit on the upper body was broken at this time. There were bloody wounds on his left shoulder, right arm, and abdomen.

Wu Sikong has more wounds than Zhong Yihan, especially a huge wound on his left arm.

And the vital parts of his chest and abdomen are constantly exuding blood in many places, just because his defense ability and recovery ability are far stronger than Zhong Yihan, so although he is more seriously injured, he is better than Zhong Yihan.

Both were panting in a big mouth and stopped there to recover.

Someone immediately felt that the situation was not good.

Because Wu Sikong is a fallen, the fallen's ability to recover is far beyond what humans can compare. If he goes on like this, he can consume Zhong Yihan and make him die!

Zhong Yihan was also the first time to have suffered such a serious injury. If it had not been the fruits of King Kong and recovery that had been eaten continuously, he can no longer bear it now.

He also has to admit that Wu Sikong's strength is really very strong!

In fact, he did not have much chance of winning.

Of course, he was not afraid.

There is still a cure in the system mall. If it doesn't work, he can still take medicine!

But at this moment, Wu Sikong suddenly said: "Zhong Yihan, I have strong recovery ability, so this play is not fair to you."

"No more nonsense." Zhong Yihan stood upright again. "You haven't won yet!"

Wu Sikong laughed: "It is indeed my enemy that I valued! However, I have a better proposal."


"Remember the last knife we played last time?" Wu Sikong exclaimed, "I was defeated by your knife momentum at that time, your knife completely changed my life! So, where did I fall, I will get up! "

"Zhong Yihan, I won't bully you, how about it? It's the same as last time, one knife decides on the outcome!"

"But this time, we raise a bet, This final knife will not only determine the outcome but also our life and death!"

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