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Kung Fu Beyond the World 325 Chapter 325 - Trust You with Life

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Everyone understands at this time, this is the purpose of Wu Sikong and others to venture into this college entrance examination.

Wu Sikong laughed and continued: "You people are the top talents this time, and the" spirituality "inherent will not be less. And you can go to this step today and become one of the best. In addition to his spirituality, his pride in heaven also has 'luck'! "

"The will of the earth, you can call it" the heavenly way "," Gaia consciousness ". It is an ignorant will born of a wise planet. This will naturally benefit and avoid harm. When an outsider attacks, it will find a way to defend itself. "

"So, you, the best among human beings. Each one is an existence that is concerned and favored by the will of the earth. This is the so-called 'power of luck'! Of course, you are still weak now, everyone's power of luck is not much. The care of the earth's will for you is just a process of spreading the net. "

"As you become stronger and stronger in the future, the strength of your power of luck will become more and more intense, and will be more and more favored by the will of the earth, so that eventually someone-of course, may not be among you-but there is such a person who will get most of the blessing of luck and become a true 'son of the chosen'! "

"Well, this thing is too far away for you, but I mean, the power of luck in each of you now is not a small amount. And these powers of luck are better than ' Spirituality 'will consume the planet's original power! "

"So, wipe out all of you and sacrifice to the evil god! The 'spirituality' and 'luck' in your body will be obtained by the evil god."

"In this way, the great Cayumi can extract the power of these earth's origins and disguise himself in a mirror image, thereby bypassing the protection of the earth's space barrier and descending directly into this world!"

"Although the earth source you provided is not enough for the great demon to come in. But it is enough to come in an avatar!"

Speaking of this, Wu Sikong fiercely slashed his sword and shouted, "Zhong Yihan, these are all the truth! So, what you are doing now is not only to save these people, but also the entire planet!"

"Haha, glorious ?! Come out with all your skills and fight with me!"

"Defeat me! You have temporarily saved the planet!"

Looking at Wu Sikong, who was standing there giggling, Zhong Yihan immediately felt great pressure.

This is not a simple battle between life and death, nor is it just a battle involving the survival of more than a hundred talented students on the island.

It's more about the layout of an evil god, the earth...

Well, it is a bit exaggerated to say that it is related to the survival of the entire planet.

After all, the space crack on the earth is not just Qinggang City. Even if the gods come down, it is impossible to destroy the entire earth.

After all, there are saints on earth to protect.

If their plan is successful, it is tantamount to tearing a hole in the hinterland. From then on, barbarians and beasts invade the earth, and the entire country will be dragged into the continuous war.

In particular, Qinggang City is very close to Anping County, it is more than one hundred kilometers.

Once Qinggang City falls, the entire Anping County, the hometown of Zhong Yihan, will become a ruin!
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Zhong Yihan took a deep breath.

All his previous battles were fighting for himself.

But this time the battle was really different. What he shouldered was too heavy!

At this time, Ying Nanyan suddenly said loudly: "Yihan, don't think about it so much. I support you, we all support you, you can win!"

Yan Yan also responded and said loudly, "Yes, Zhong Yihan, I and Ying Nanyan both support you! You don't care about us, you can play your normal strength, you win!"

Shentu Xuan and others also cheered for him, even Bai Hao, said at the moment: "Yihan, I believe you can win!"

Everyone started to encourage. Instead of not feeling less pressure, Zhong Yihan feels that the pressure is getting stronger!

At this moment, a person suddenly spoke.

"Brother Zhong, this time it was our fault that we didn't take your warnings to heart. But it has come to an end and remorse is useless. The only thing that can save this situation now is you."

Zhong Yihan looked around, and suddenly found that it was the champion Xu Chuzhou who spoke!

Xu Chuzhou looked serious and said, "But you don't need to have any pressure. You can do your best. Even if you lose, it's just that we die, which is what my contemporary fighters' duty."

"Of course, we definitely want you to win. After all, this is related to the lives of all of us, and the future of our country and humanity."

"Where the righteousness lies, we trust you with life!" With this, Xu Chuzhou bent down deeply, "Please!"

Zhong Yihan felt suddenly shaken.

At this time, Yu Zheng lying beside him also bent down: "Please!"



Other people around also bent over, including the students who were tied up in the pit and couldn't speak, all also bent over to salute, which also represented the trust and expectation of Zhong Yihan.

The atmosphere in the field was completely calm.

Wu Sikong watched everyone salute Zhong Yihan, and a complex light flashed in his eyes.

He chuckled with a strange smile: "Zhong Yihan, how does it feel to bear everyone's willingness? You should thank me because I gave you such a chance, but ..."

He suddenly yelled, "You have no chance to win! I will kill you and sacrifice to the evil god!"

As soon as the voice fell, black energy surged out of him. For a moment, even the surrounding temperature seemed to drop a lot.

He gave a loud scream, pulled his hand over his body, and tore off his coat completely, exposing his scaly upper body.

The fine black scales covered every part of his skin.

The scales continued to expand, from his arms all the way down to his wrists, and finally connected to the long knife in his right hand.

His face is also full of scales, his eyes have become erect pupils like lizards, the original whites of the eyes have also become black, and it looks strange.

Of course, this process of change is extremely fast, but in just two breaths, Wu Sikong has become such an appearance.

Wu Sikong laughed, and his voice became sharp and unpleasant, just like the sound of sandpaper scratching on the glass.

Zhong Yihan raised the knife, and the whole person's momentum was very different from before.

At this point, his abdominal injury was almost healed, although there was some faint pain, there was not much negative impact.

Looking at the monster in front of him, Zhong Yihan raised his knife and shouted:

"Go to hell!"

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