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Kung Fu Beyond the World 323 Chapter 323 - The Battle of Fate

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After Zhong Yihan killed Qian Hansong, he turned around and attacked Wang Li.

But at this moment, a figure flew over and fell in front of him-it was Shentu Xuan!

The corners of Shentu Xuan's mouth were blood, and the difficult way was: "Yihan, I can't hold it, then it's up to you!"

Zhong Yihan looked at Wu Sikong and found that Bai Hao was grasped by Wu Sikong. Wu Sikong lifted the knife and was about to chop it on his neck.


Zhong Yihan had no time to consider Wang Li and rushed to save people.

Wu Sikong looked at Zhong Yihan who rushed over, his mouth slightly tilted, and smashed Bai Hao in his hand.

Zhong Yihan just caught Bai Hao and suddenly felt abdominal pain.

It turned out that Wu Sikong took advantage of the opportunity to throw Bai Hao over, leaned forward, turned his left hand into a sharp claw, and pierced his belly directly!

Zhong Yihan's sight was blocked just now, and he was attacked by this blow.

Zhong Yihan smashed Wu Sikong's chest with a punch and took a few steps backward. Then he put Bai Hao down and quickly checked his injuries.

A large piece of blood in the abdomen was stained with red clothes, but fortunately, he noticed a crisis, and instinctively stepped back a half step, and this was not broken.

Moreover, the recovery fruit he had eaten before also played a role at this time. Although he could not see it from the outside, Zhong Yihan could feel itching in the wound site, and the wound had begun to recover.

Although his resilience is far less than those of fallen, he must be able to recover as before in about half an hour.

Wu Sikong took a lick of the blood on his sharp claws, and a pair of vertical pupils became flushed and looked strangely strange: "Zhong Yihan, you really have hidden strength. Your real vitality should be almost 6 now?" "

Zhong Yihan calmed his face, but nodded,

There was a riot around.

Even Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng looked at Zhong Yihan in shock.

It was one thing to guess in their minds, but Zhong Yihan admits that it is another.

Not to mention, Wu Sikong asked him if his vitality was approaching 6, and Zhong Yihan admitted it!

The vitality broke 3.1, which just reached the score of the Top Four admissions. It is indeed a genius among ordinary people. There are only about 150 people in the province.

Then the vitality breaking 4 is the category of super genius.

And the vitality of breaking 5 is the peerless genius, and there are only three people in the province!

But the vitality broke 6 or reached about 6 ...

According to Xu Chuzhou's knowledge, this time the college entrance examination has a vitality of 6, and there are only four people in the country together, and all of them are super-famous and their talents are even superior. Even he has to convince!

Wu Sikong now has 6 vitality, which is quite normal, because he is blessed by the power of evil gods.

But Zhong Yihan ...

Well, listening to the conversation between the two, his vitality does not seem to have broken 6, but it is not far behind.

At this moment, Xu Chuzhou and Yu Zheng are very envious of Chen Haiming who is unconscious-at least he is now in a coma and does not need to be hit by such a severe psychological shock.

Wu Sikong laughed and said, "It really deserves to be my most valued enemy. I know that this time, you are the biggest obstacle. Others... are shit!"

That being said, Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng are embarrassed, but they have to admit that ... the performance of some of them this time is indeed bad.

At this time, Wang Li stumbled to Wu Sikong and mourned: "help me!"

His arms were cut off, and although he could recover, such a serious injury required a lot of energy and a long time.

But now, where is the time for him to recover?

But they also have cards in their hands, that is, Li Hanguo has accumulated a lot of energy of evil gods too early, and let Wu Sikong bring in-just like a camel can hide food and water in the hump, these energies are also Hidden in Wu Sikong's body for him to call in critical times.

It can also be used by others.
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But Wu Sikong gave a scornful glance at Wang Li, and suddenly shot a knife, splitting Wang Li in half!

Wang Li's upper body fell to the ground, his eyes were full of suspicion and unbelievable. He never expected that Wu Sikong would suddenly kill him!

Wu Sikong looked at Wang Li's body and sneered: "What kind of waste are you qualified to waste precious energy? Your original value was only small. Now that your mission has been completed, you can go to death! "

After that, Wu Sikong stepped forward and broke Wang Li's head with one foot!

The crowd next to them exclaimed, Zhong Yihan's eyes narrowed for a moment, not sad or happy.

Wu Sikong turned his head back and spread his hands: "these guys are really waste. They believed in evil god earlier than me, but in the end, they were overtaken by me. And these guys, although they have broken 5, the talents are too poor. There are flaws in the actual battle and it is really useless. It is really a waste of God's efforts and cultivation of them. "

He looked at Zhong Yihan: "Of course, there is a more important reason ..."

"Now I'm the only one left on my side. As long as you defeat me, the barbarians behind you are not important. And on your side, as long as you lose, the rest will not be my opponents. So, this is our destiny battle! And how can I allow Wang Li, such waste, to share this glory? "

Zhong Yihan laughed: "I didn't expect the meaning of fighting with me, so important in your heart?"

"That is of course!" Wu Sikong raised his head. "I have never lost in my life. The only time I lost was in your hands! From that day on, I have always regarded you as my greatest enemy. It 's a lifelong enemy! Even if I win them, it can't compare with the sense of accomplishment after winning you! "

He sneered: "It just so happened that this battle determined our victory and defeat this time, as well as the fate of this genius as a whole! Such a scene as an accessory to our battle really made me intoxicated! "

Zhong Yihan felt that the abdominal injury was slowly recovering. He knew that it was better for him to delay time now. The longer it was, the better it was for himself.

So he said, "According to your words, I also feel that the battle is extraordinarily glorious. Before the battle, can you answer the doubts in my heart? Otherwise, whether you die or I die, I don't know these secrets anymore. "

Wu Sikong raised his head proudly, "You ask!"

"First of all, I know there must be something wrong with Li Hanguo, and I also know that the two stupidities in the previous No.3 high school must have been sent by Li Han. But there is a problem I am curious about ... that is you, and Li Hanguo, why did you pass the DNA test? "

Wu Sikong laughed with a smile: "This, naturally, is the power of my god Lazili ..."

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