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Kung Fu Beyond the World 322 Chapter 322 - The Death of Qian Hansong

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But this task now seems to be a bit difficult. Shentu Xuan, who has always been very confident in his defense, took a hit from Wu Sikong across the shield and felt that his internal organs were moving.

There is no way, Wu Sikong's vitality is almost twice that of Shentu Xuan. The gap in strength is so large that it cannot be made up of simple skills.

But this sentence can also be applied to Zhong Yihan and Wang Li on the other side.

Although the vitality gap between the two is not so outrageous, Wang Li is only 5.2 and Zhong Yihan is 5.9!

Coupled with Zhong Yihan's first move, pressing step by step. After the wind and thunder knife technique is completed, each blade can affect the enemy's mind invisibly.
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In addition, the thunder potential originally has the property of "breaking evil", and for the fallen, there is a certain spiritual suppression.

So although Wang Li tried his best to resist, he retreated back and forth.

Qian Hansong came up to help quickly, but Zhong Yihan was in a posture of "I must kill you today", chasing after Wang Li.

Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng could not help but exchange a wink, and both looked surprised.

With his eyesight, it is natural to see Zhong Yihan's extraordinary set of footwork and even knife method. What's more shocking is that from the strength and speed of Zhong Yihan's knife, his strength obviously exceeded the threshold of the fighter.

Doesn't it mean that his vitality is only 4.6?

Two people can be sure that Zhong Yihan's vitality is definitely more than 4.6, and he has definitely crossed the threshold of the fighter, and even exceeded a lot!

They both saw the deep embarrassment from each other's eyes.

Can it be embarrassing?

Before the game, Zhong Yihan reminded them to be careful of the fallen. They didn't believe it, and even their attitude was not very good.

Now that his words have been fulfilled, Zhong Yihan has also shown his powerful strength over them.

What is embarrassing?

This is called embarrassing!

If there is a seam, both of them can't wait to pierce directly into and never look up again!

Zhong Yihan naturally did not know the current psychological activities of them, and could not care about it at all.

Zhong Yihan seized an opportunity, drank loudly, and slashed across.

Wang Li quickly dodged, but it was too late, the entire right arm was cut off with shoulders!

Had it not been for his alienation and transformation of the body by the power of the evil god, which greatly reduced his pain, this injury would have made him unbearable.

Ying Nanyan shouted: "Yihan, cut the arm is useless, he will grow up again!"

Zhong Yihan also knows that the regenerative ability of the fallen is very strong, but they want to grow a brand new arm in an instant, they have not the ability.

He picked up his sword and fell off, cutting Wang Li's other arm.

Feeling the apparent killing intention of Zhong Yihan, Wang Li shouted, "Qian Hansong, help me!"

Of course, Qian Hansong couldn't watch Zhong Yihan kill Wang Li, but he was turned around by Zhong Yihan's footwork. There was no effective method.

Hearing Wang Li crying for help, Qian Hansong couldn't help but throw the steel knife in his hand, the nails of his hands grew rapidly, and the two hands became like a pair of sharp claws towards Zhong Yihan. Caught the past.

After all, he is just learning new exercises for this set of shadow knives. Although the knives are good, they can't exert the original power in his hands.

Might as well use his own best moves.

After all, he practiced it for many years, deep into every muscle, Qian Hansong changed his moves, and finally broke through Zhong Yihan's defense. When Zhong Yihan cut Wang Li's left arm, he had already come Behind the opponent, aim at Zhong Yihan's back and stab it severely.

But Zhong Yihan waited for this.

Zhong Yihan's proficiency in small moving steps is full. Although the farthest movement distance is limited, within a small range, he can control the body to make many movements that seem unreasonable to others.

For example, now that Qian Hansong's attack has not succeeded, Zhong Yihan has already come to his side one step at a time. With a stab, Qian Hansong's outstretched hands are cut off at the same time!

In the eyes of others, it seems like Qian Hansong reached out to let Zhong Yihan chop.

The pain of the broken arm made Qian Hansong scream.

Zhong Yihan chased after him fiercely and slashed directly with a knife, and Qian Hansong's head was about to be cut off.

Qian Hansong, who had lost his hands, could not have been blocked, but it was weird that he actually lifted one leg up at a weird angle, and kicked it directly to Zhong Yihan's face.

If change people, maybe he has already won.

Unfortunately, his opponent is Zhong Yihan.

A small moving step, Zhong Yihan avoided this move, and then ...


With Wang Li's scream, Zhong Hanhan's head was chopped down by Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan raised his hand, chopped Qian Hansong into several sections!

In this way, Qian Hansong became a few parts directly, and death was extremely miserable.

The students around were also amazed.

Broken arm, cut leg, cut back and cut off ... Zhong Yihan's fighting style is bloody and violent. Compared with Xu Chuzhou and other fighting methods that seek a one-shot kill, it is completely different.

Even when Xu Chuzhou and Chen Haiming faced a losing situation, they still wanted to pierce the opponent's heart and cut off the opponent 's head. In short, the goal was always the opponent's key, and they never thought of cutting their arms first and abolishing the opponent's action.

The result was that although Yu Zheng had pierced Geng Yueguang's chest with the advantage of exercises, he was directly wounded by Geng Yueguang.

Although Xu Chuzhou reacted, his consistent sword path had been finalized and it was difficult to change.

And Zhong Yihan's performance at this time, many of the moves or actions in Xu Chuzhou's eyes are completely redundant, in addition to fierce, can not see any beauty at all.

Compared to Xu Chuzhou's hundreds of years of inheritance, Zhong Yihan's fighting method is indeed very effective.

Zhong Yihan has rich experience in fighting with other beasts and barbarians. He knows that if he wants to kill barbarians, he must be tougher and cruel.

Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan were the first time Zhong Yihan had seen such a serious fight.

Plasma and organs flew across, and blood splashed on Zhong Yihan's face and body, but he himself was cold as if he was killing an animal, his expression remained unchanged.

They are accustomed to the point-to-point fighting style on campus. This fighting style has a huge impact on them!

This is the experience of the Different World, and the general fighting style of the three cities competition is not a grade at all.

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